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Hi! I’m Jefrin Dani, Tech Entrepreneur with an interest in digital marketing and researching the latest technologies such as blockchain, Ethereum, cloud computing, digital communication etc., I love to write about new technological things and digital marketing tips.

Redtie for Wineries : Blockchain In The Tasting Room. The Compelling Benefits of Texting. Redtie for Wineries : Blockchain In The Tasting Room. Times How would you like to have the contact information of partons who visit your tasting room?

Redtie for Wineries : Blockchain In The Tasting Room

On a busy day in the tasting room, people come in and people go out, some buy wine and some don’t. The Compelling Benefits of Texting. How Wineries Use SMS to Build Customer Loyalty. Increasing consumer loyalty by 5% can increase profitability by 25% or more.

How Wineries Use SMS to Build Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that return customers buy more over time, future purchases can be up to 10X the value of their first purchase. “It costs $75.00 to $150.00 to acquire a customer outside of the winery using e-commerce,” says Paul Mabray, CEO of data analytics company Emery. How Wineries Use SMS to Build Customer Loyalty. Digital footprint for Wine Industry matters more. Digital footprint for Wine Industry matters now more than ever The wine industry has become more competitive than ever before.

Digital footprint for Wine Industry matters more

Making a good wine alone is not enough any more. A well-developed marketing strategy can help you stand out among professional winemakers worldwide. With the right digital strategy and tactics, you will be able to enhance the overall marketing efforts of the brand. It requires carefully crafted and clearly executed campaigns that are tied to attain the goals. So, what’s the deal here? Redtie – Establish strong digital footprint Redtie uses a strong combination of communication tools that offer excellent reach and helps in business growth.

Creating a targeted campaigns(text, email, voice, social) that will remind your brand and ask customers for feedback which will tug some hearts in buying your wine. How Blockchain is useful for the food industry and restaurants? Guaranteeing Food Quality Trust is more important in the food and beverage industry because they directly deal with the physical and emotional state of people.

How Blockchain is useful for the food industry and restaurants?

Solutions provided by blockchain for food and beverage helps to ensure that this trust between food producers and customers does not get damaged. Farm-to-store tracking of food using blockchain helps to effectively eliminate food fraud. Food fraud is defined as the deliberate and intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation of food products for economic gain. In the process of Farm-to-store tracking of food using blockchain, all the data such as farm origination data, factory conditions, batch numbers, expiration dates, storage, and shipping data, etc., that involves in food manufacture can be added to a batch of food items.

Omni-channel Rewards Platform. Turning customers into brand loyalists is made easier with the Rewards driven Loyalty Programs.

Omni-channel Rewards Platform

Customers are driven by their own goals and will be loyal to the company that can fulfill them best. It doesn’t matter if they have a positive history with your brand, if a competitor puts a better offer on the table then the customer is going to take it. Adopt an omni-channel messaging platformBuild credibility through customer interactionsDeliver added valueShare positive customer experiencesReward your customers And that’s where customer Rewards Programs come in. What is Rewards Program? Simple, it is a marketing strategy that rewards loyal customers who frequently engage with a brand. Digital Transformation Trend 2020 - Put the Customer First.

There’s no denying that the motivating imperative driving every boardroom conversation is digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Trend 2020 - Put the Customer First

After all, we know from daily evidence that the promised digital disruption coming to every industry is already here, and it is accelerating faster than ever. It’s Simple: Put the Customer at the Center of Everything You Do On an annual basis, I put together a list of the top technology predictions and trends to watch for in the coming year. Text Messaging Software for Schools. At last, a text messaging service built for schools – Redtie What makes it unique?

Text Messaging Software for Schools

Ease of Connecting with Parents School administration and staff can reach out to parents as situation demands. Easily connect with parents for announcements, reminders, collect parent important information for that matter anything related to the school and student. It allows sending mass texts to all the parents, group texts, or manage individual one-on-one conversations. Engaging Students These days, every student has mobile in hand. 4 ways Educational Institutions are using Text Marketing. Mobile Application improves customer engagement. The mobile app improves customer engagement Mobile apps are not meant only for big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Unilever.

Mobile Application improves customer engagement

Nowadays midsize businesses are after mobile trends. Each business has its own dedicated mobile application. Redtie offers standard templates for creating mobile apps that can be branded to the organization. You can create iOS and Android mobile applications. Have a look at the top benefits of mobile application: Omni-channel Rewards Platform. What Are the Key Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Provider? Ephrontech. Cost Reduction Maintaining an in-house IT department is more expensive.

What Are the Key Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Provider? Ephrontech

By outsourcing your cloud managed services, you can effectively control and reduce network maintenance costs. Unlike on-premise servers, cloud managed services greatly lessen costs, as monthly payment needs to be made only for what has been used. Outsourcing to a cloud managed services provider can save you thousands each year on the cost of an internal IT department. Disaster Recovery With cloud managed services, your data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. Vendor interfacing When vendor-specific service issues arise, Cloud managed service providers, take care of contacting third-party vendors to resolve them. Customer Rewards Program For Restaurant.

Rewards programs have been given new recognition in recent years for several reasons.

Customer Rewards Program For Restaurant

Competition among restaurants is quite high and there are different types of restaurant establishments like a food truck, fine dining, casual dining, etc, but the common thing that all are striving for is, to retain customers. It’s always important to analyze the trends and plan ahead. Therefore, the right restaurant loyalty program can help you encourage and motivate the customers who are already likely to revisit you. Ethereum Application Development. Customer Acquisition - Strategies to Acquire New Customers. How Redtie helps to improve your Customer Acquisition? Every business needs new customers to grow and succeed, so whether you’re a company of five or 5,000. A solid customer acquisition strategy should be four things: sustainable, flexible, targeted, and diversified. Redtie, simply a Customer Messaging Platform helps to target all types of customers with various channels like Text, Email, Voice, Chat & Social.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: What is it?

Cloud Managed Service Provider

Redtie - Multi-Channel Messaging Platform. Text: Redtie’s Text Channel is to send text messages to one or tagged group of contacts. And it is possible to schedule SMS messages ahead of time up to one year in advance. Use text message channel to share promotions, coupons or discounts that will keep your business engaged with customers. Voice: Voice Channel is one of the natural forms of human communication that begins to play a major role in the development of the business.

Over the next decade, global firms will have to innovate in making their voice heard through voice marketing. Email: