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WhatsApp for Android Now Lets You Hide when Your Last Connection was! The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is no longer news.

WhatsApp for Android Now Lets You Hide when Your Last Connection was!

In January 2014, it surprised us after reaching a record 450 million users and 469 two months later. That same month, specifically on 21 Jan, again reaching a new peak and this time messages sent in one day were 54,000 million. As if that were not enough, a month later, exactly on February 19, WhatsApp returned to headlines when it was bought by Facebook for 19,000 million.

After the first quarter, the application in March suffered a serious flaw that allowed hackers to access any user talks. Alarms jumped when Bas Bosschert, technology expert found the ‘security breach’ and made it public. According to information, the messages stored were exposed to hackers which is prejudicial not only to users of WhatsApp, but the entire ecosystem of Android applications. WhatsApp for Android Updated In this line, the new version also offers the option of leaving to see (or not) the profile picture and WhatsApp status. Other News. WhatsApp for Android Now Lets You Hide when Your Last Connection was! 5 Tips to Save Data Plan on Your Smartphone: Part 3. 10 Steps to Install Theme on Android. In order to give your Android a new look, the easiest and simplest way is to install a theme on your Android.

10 Steps to Install Theme on Android

A theme can change the whole look of you Android completely. 5 Tips to Wear Floral Prints. No matter how old you are, you can wear floral prints at any age as it looks great wherever you wear this great print.

5 Tips to Wear Floral Prints

The best thing about floral is that it never goes out of the fashion. You might have seen old women and young girls wearing the same print and this is what makes it most unique and valuable. If you have never tried floral but want, you might be wondering how you can try this. Well, there are various options which you can adopt. 1: Casual Outings If you are going for casual outings, you can put on a skirt in black and a shirt with pink roses. A Brief Guide for Modern Office Wardrobe for Working Women. There is one word that you should consider when you choose your outfit for going to the office and it is adequate.

A Brief Guide for Modern Office Wardrobe for Working Women

This word means many things should be appropriate to your personality, your type of work, dress code of the company, the planned agenda for the day and the image you want to project to your colleagues, bosses and clients. This does not imply that you must have a wardrobe the size of the Titanic as your budget would have the same end. The important thing is to have the basic garments and accessories. Your wallet will sigh with relief and will always remain impeccable. With a pair of black pants, white shirt, a black jacket and a classic dress in a neutral color, you can accomplish miracles with little expense. Tips to Hide Wide Hips with Clothing. Balancing volume, going for leggings and tunics and highlight your front are some resources to make your hips look more stylized.

Tips to Hide Wide Hips with Clothing

If you have an hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian, learn these tricks of style and know the rules to help you hide wide hips, sticking out the most of your figure. A dark blazer, which reaches just below the hip, is your best friend when it comes to hide your hips since it is able to neutralize the effects of a tight dress in a very curvy figure. If you have slender legs and want to show them off with all the glory, this look is for you, and if you want to make them look even longer, change the sandals of ankle straps to a pair of low cut shoes. The big secret to hide the problem areas of hips is to go for the dark, opaque shades. Strategic Business Essay Writing Services worldwide. We as a whole have gone through the phase of being a student once in our lifetime.

Strategic Business Essay Writing Services worldwide

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Best Academic Writing Service provider

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Admission Essays Writing Services By

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Plagiarism free Biology Research Paper Writing Service

Have totally no considerations on the theme of your Biology Research Paper Writing? Need to join your employment with concentrating on? Best Case Study Essay Writing Service Online. A specialist author has experience, abilities and information for Case study essay writing. Our essayists are among the best local English talking scholars accessible on the web. We are proud to offer you a portion of the best advantages of utilizing our online Case study essay writing service: You have the chance to pick your essayist.You can have open correspondence with your author all through the whole written work process.Our writers just compose custom contextual analyses, began sans preparation at the purpose of procurement.

They are never duplicated and stuck from different sources and are never exchanged to any other individual.Our composing is dependably blunder free and on time.You can appreciate email conveyance – the speediest and best method for conveyance. We remain by our assurance that you will be totally fulfilled, even charmed when you purchase a contextual investigation or other sort of article from our top level journalists. Environment Pollution Essays are quite complicated. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review. Those who have gone through bad experience of using useless weight loss programs will surely be afraid of using any other such program because of the disappointing results. Therefore, it is necessary to read online reviews before you buy any program for weight loss, muscles building, etc.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet System Shaun Hadsall and Dan Long has been introduced to help people lose weight. Keep on reading this Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review to decide if you it is any good or worthless program like many others available in the market. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program. Manifestation Miracle Review. Most of us are always complaining about success in life and this is because there is a lot of competition out there and when tries to come out of the crowd, he or she has to face great resistance from others. However, you might have seen some people around you who are always happy and satisfied with their lives and this is because whatever they do, success kisses them. Now what’s the difference between you and those successful people?

Are they smarter? Are they luckier? Do they do more hard work? Person behind Creation of Manifestation Miracle The creator of Manifestation Miracle Program is Heather Mathew who once was a woman with lots of complaints about her life as she used to work too hard yet at the end of the month, she used to have nothing in her hands. Manifestation Miracle Review. Manifestation Miracle Review. The Hypothyroidism Revolution Review.

Hypothyroidism which is also known as underactive thyroid ailment has become a very common disorder and the number of people who get affected with this disorder every year is also increasing. When someone suffers from hypothyroidism, his or her thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient amount of thyroid hormone and they start having problems. Though, different treatment options are available, majority of the people prefer to opt natural treatment methods and this is the reason why Hypothyroidism Resolution has become a popular option. Person behind Creation of Hypothyroidism Resolution Tom Brimeyer, creator of Hypothyroidism Resolution was once a hypothyroid sufferer himself and he had to go through real troubles of this disease which led him to find a natural solution as the doctors were failed to give him permanent relief form the symptoms.

Tom has also written a lot of informative stuff about hormones and nutrients. The Hypothyroidism Revolution Review. Fibroids Miracle Review. Uterine Fibroid are great terrible for the women who find themselves at the corner of the world when they are told that they have no-cancerous growth of tumor in their uterus. Some Dos & Don’ts of Job Interviews. Common Mistakes in Job Interviews Not listening to the questions well enough and not thinking properly before responding.Talking negatively about previous employers, colleagues or clientsExaggerating own achievements and behaving arrogantly or over-confidently.No supporting the statements with examples.Checking the CV during interview causing the impression that you do not know your profile, achievements and previous experience yourselfNot being pleasant with all staff of the company.Asking about salary, vacation, schedule, moving, etc. in the first interview when the recruiter has not yet decided that he/she is interested in choosing you.

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