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Tricky. The Aerial. The Hives. Hello dear, dear person, Do you think that the "Rock Band Of The Year" should be a band that actually plays rock music? Do you miss the sound of cheap guitar amps being captured by expensive microphones? Do you want goosebumps from hearing 5 single-minded men with a telepathic connection slamming their instruments against each other and the floor? Have you been to a concert by the latest saviours of music and been thoroughly underwhelmed by the performance and showmanship? Are you interested in music built out of blood, guts and will-power, and not ones and zeros?

Does this make you think of The Hives? Are you wondering what they have been up to the last couple of years? By all means, read on… Do you hear a swooping sound? Yes, little reader, the world's wisest musical council and international rock sensation, The Hives, are back! Chiselled into the melted wax cake 33 1/3 long-player, Lex Hives will be released on The Hives' own label Disques Hives. Louder. This is THE LAW. Tristan's projeqt \ The Ting Tings. The Coathangers New Album Out April 7, 2009. Suck My Shirt is the The Coathangers’ fourth full-length. The title refers to an incident involving the salvaging of spilled tequila during the recording session for the album. While the title implies that little has changed with regards to the band’s celebratory mission statement, even just a cursory listen of their latest album demonstrates that there have indeed been changes in The Coathangers’ camp.

First off, the quartet was reduced to a trio for the latest record, with keyboardist Bebe Coathanger (Candice Jones) stepping down from her duties. But the absence of keyboards isn’t nearly as noticeable of a difference as the band’s refined songwriting approach. Refinement is an attribute we expect to see in any group that has a career spanning more than a couple of years, but the extent to which The Coathangers have honed their trade with each successive album dwarfs most bands’ maturation. Tour Dates:SAT JAN 25 - Atlanta GA, Star Bar - Benefit for Susan G. tUnE-YarDs - w h o k i l l. TUNE-YARDS MySpace. tUnE-yArDs - 'Bizness' Total Babes. This Many Boyfriends. Tori Amos. Tori Amos MySpace. Tori Amos - Smells like teen spirit (HQ)

Theoretical Girl. Bio: OUT NOW! Strictly LIMITED vinyl release. Extra track, cut out TG doll, embroidered postcard and all sorts. Click on the link below picture to buy. Photo by Rick Pushinsky My album DIVIDED is OUT NOW! Click on one of the shops below to buy a copy Some album reviews..... Q Magazine - " album as intimate as it is tuneful.... " - 4/5 Clash Magazine - .... " Wears The Trousers - "....a gifted songwriter with an ear for traditional, high-art pop that she tweaks and customises into something delectably her own..... " - 4/5 Uncut - "...Turnnidge is able to house her well-observed tales of heartbreak, loss and jealousy in beguiling chamber-pop arrangements, all the stronger for being so understated..... " - 3/5 NME - ".....the Southend songwriter has managed to build her own distinct and powerfully pretty white picket fence of sound.....

" - 8/10 musicOMH - ".....dark, deep, mournful and rich while still managing to be a beautiful pop album... " - 4/5 THEORETICAL GIRL -