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Just another WordPress site. (Erykah) BaduWorld : The portal to all things Erykah Badu. Bloc Party. (The) Black Seeds. Buzzcocks. BOLBEK - K - euh..une aventure rock en fait. Band of Skulls. Brigitte. Brigitte, c’est des gonzesses, des vraies, c’est une brune et une blonde, une femme souvent enceinte et une femme à lunettes, Brigitte c’est du rétro et des folles de hip hop, des hippies qui kiffent ABBA et Marilyn Monroe, c’est des histoires de gangsters et de filles faciles.


En 2008 dans un restaurant de falafels de la rue des rosiers, le meilleur de Paris, la blonde demande a la brune de se marier avec elle, et la brune dit oui, alors dans une salle a manger avec un ordinateur, quatre mains, une vielle guitare de 58 et une folk de 49, un glockenspiel, deux bouches, un tambourin, des enfants qui courent partout, des fleurs dans les cheveux, des robes a paillettes, deux voix, elles font des chansons. Et parce que Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Lahaye, Brigitte femme de flic, Brigitte ma voisine... Brigitte est née.

Members: Le Nouvel Âne Influences: Record Label: 3ème Bureau (Wagram)........


BORIS HEAVY ROCKS!!! Bachelorette. Bio: Bachelorette's new self-titled album will be out on Drag City (US), Souterrain Transmissions (UK, Europe), Mistletone (Aust) and Particle Tracks (NZ) on May 17th, 2011. Reviews of Bachelorette's 'My Electric Family' L.P. (2009): 4/5 stars, Mojo Magazine, Sept. 2009 "...

Annabel Alpers (is) a uniquely engaging oddity who captures NZ's sense of space and seclusion. Her debut, Isolation Loops, was just that, recorded in the company of vintage machinery over winter in a remote cottage, and though My Electric Family ropes in fellow musicians and feeds off warmer pop currents, it still sounds utterly removed. New York Times 'Playlist': Jon Pareles, July 1, 2009 "Annabel Alpers, the songwriter from New Zealand who’s behind the studio concoctions of Bachelorette, is fascinated by the way things work: cities, androids, relationships, life and death, “the neural pathways in my brain.”

U.S. Mindwarp - NPR Song of the Day, June 10, 2009 Bachelorette: Sounds Of Someplace Sandy Members: The Beatles.


The Black Keys. The Black Keys "Your Touch" The B-52's "Rock Lobster" B52's - Planet claire. Cantora Records. Download Bear Hand's "What A Drag" digital single for free from: ---- Dylan Rau started Bear Hands to spite a romantic rival.

Cantora Records

In disconnecting himself from the love triangle (and successfully copulating with several other humans) he was able to write about 70 new and exciting songs. Joining forces with fellow Wesleyan university alumnus Ted Feldman and iconoclast punk veterans Val Loper and TJ Orscher the band started to stomp live. Both other bands and people in the crowd were stomped regularly and definitively. Touring became a new way of life for Bear Hands after the 2007 release of their Golden EP. Following the success of their most-recent single "What A Drag" (Too Pure (UK) // Cantora US) Bear Hands delighted weekend warrior crowds at such iconic festivals as Reading, Leeds, Siren, Rockness, and Forecastle.

And now things are really starting to get heavy for Bear Hands. Bear Hands on Myspace. THE AERIAL - SITE OFFICIEL. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.