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Gray Beach Towels With Simple Stripes. Oatmeal with Chocolate Brown Print, Beach Towel. Cornflower Blue Bath Towels - Deck Towel. Alfons Striped Beach Towel - Deck Towel. Linen Bath Towels – Deck Towel. Luxury Bath Towels. How Linen is Made – Deck Towel. Technically, linen is a vegetable.

How Linen is Made – Deck Towel

Linen fabric is made from the cellulose fibers that grow inside of the stalks of the flax plant, or Linum usitatissimum, one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. Flax is an annual plant, which means it only lives for one growing season. From seed-planting, it is ready to be harvested in about a hundred days. Unless the weather is particularly warm and dry, flax requires little watering or attention during this time. It grows to about three or four feet tall, with glossy bluish-green leaves and pale blue flowers, though on rare occasions, the flowers bloom red. Flax is cultivated around the world not only for its fine, strong fibers, but also for its seeds, which are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Introduction to the History of Linen. The history of textiles production spans cultures and millenia.

Introduction to the History of Linen

From the silkworms of ancient China to the cotton bolls of pre-Incan Peru, art and artifacts from prehistoric sites across the globe hint at the stories of early man’s first clever triumphs over nature. Radiocarbon dating of trace textile fibers found at prehistoric sites range from four to as many as thirty-four thousand years before present! But the oldest textile of them all—and the only one to inspire papal edicts and elaborate Roman courtroom antics—is linen. Flax Fiber Varieties Affect the Feel of Linen There are two varieties of flax fibers: shorter tow fibers used for coarser fabrics and line fibers used for finer fabrics. Are You Ruining Your Bath Towels? Bath towels stand as the most neglected piece of cloth in your house.

Are You Ruining Your Bath Towels?

They are easy to toss and once tossed, most people tend to forget they exist until the next use. 5 Most Spectacular Beaches across the World. A hard-core traveler can never skip beaches because it is a place that soothes, relaxes, and makes one realize about the real life by giving an opportunity to get one to one with nature.

5 Most Spectacular Beaches across the World

However, in this world, there are very few people who understand the magical lure of the beaches. If you are one of them and planning to go for a beach vacation, check out the list below to explore five most spectacular beaches, every bred-in-the-bone traveler should visit once in a lifetime. Maldives - Sri Lanka Being a beach lover, if you have a dream to be on a beach trip to spend pampered nights in a grand resort or swimming among tropical fish deep 80 feet underwater, visit Maldives, Sri Lanka.

How to Choose a Perfect Beach Towel? 4 Ways You are Ruining your Towel and You Don't Even Know! Though one of the most essential, bath towels are the most neglected piece of cloth in a home.

4 Ways You are Ruining your Towel and You Don't Even Know!

Tossed, again and again, bath towels are easily neglected when it comes to taking care of them. Often left wet, several times they become home to harmful bacteria as well as microbes. Here we tell you five ways through which you are ruining your towels. Using Too Much Detergent. Are You Ruining Your Bath Towels? Products – Tagged "medium weight" – Towel. 5 Picnic Etiquettes You Must Know. The holiday season has finally arrived.

5 Picnic Etiquettes You Must Know

It’s time to savor the freshly baked cakes and meals, pack and unpack the gifts, and have unlimited fun. Picnics are a great way of celebrating the holiday season. Going outdoors and enjoying a day full of mirth and laughter with the family or friends is never a bad idea. Did you know that picnicking has its own set of rules? Well, maybe not rules that will bar you from enjoying your day off, but rather guidelines that add to the experience. Here are 5 picnic guidelines you should know: Dress accordingly A picnic is all about having fun in comfortable surroundings. Relaxed music Listening to music while you are on a picnic is a great idea. Eye on kids Kids enjoy picnics and why shouldn’t they? Don’t leave a mess Littering over the picnic area is bad form after the picnic.

Keep a picnic blanket Keeping a large enough picnic blanket will not just prevent litter to spread, it will also keep you and your family off the grass and the ants. Share this post. Don’t Forget These Six Picnic Essentials to Pack. While packing a picnic basket, most people think only about food and forget other essentials for the joyful day.

Don’t Forget These Six Picnic Essentials to Pack

It seems an easy affair to them — just pack food and march on. However, when they arrive at the destination, there are several things they start looking for like tableware, glassware, a comfortable rug to sit on and so on. The list is quite long, so let us prepare a checklist what you need to pack in a picnic basket. A Picnic Blanket A jubilant picnic is incomplete without a picnic blanket. Tableware Eating directly out of the food storage is not only uncomfortable but also lacks hygiene, especially if you are serving pasta or salad. Utensils. Noemie; Oatmeal with Chocolate Brown Print, Beach Towel. The Elio: Floral Beach Towel. Editors’ Picks: 5 Beach Towels We Adore. There is something about the beaches that make us go bonkers thinking about the unlimited fun and relaxation.

Editors’ Picks: 5 Beach Towels We Adore

Talking about beaches, we can’t ignore the value of beach towels. Luxury Towels, Linen Beach Towels & Blankets on Sale Online – Deck Towel.