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Comp�tence num�rique recit. 10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School - Best of 2016. As I usually do during this week, I'm taking some time off to relax, ski, and work on some long-term projects for the next year. This week I will be re-publishing the most popular posts of 2016. On Tuesday morning I published a video about how to use Adobe's new creative suite called Adobe Spark. That video was focused on how to use the three parts of Adobe Spark; post, page, and video. If you haven't seen the video, it is embedded below. Now that we know how the tools work, let's take a look at some ways that teachers and students can use Adobe Spark.

Post: Post is the part of the Adobe Spark that lets you create graphics like posters, announcements, and Internet memes. Page: Page is the tool for creating simple web pages to showcase pictures, posters, videos, text, and links. Create an event invitation page. Adobe Spark works in your web browser including on Chromebooks. Après la lecture : Garder des traces et partager ses découvertes! - École branchée.

Pourquoi ne pas tirer profit des possibilités du numérique pour allonger la vie d’une lecture, qu’elle soit traditionnelle ou papier? Que ce soit en consignant sa démarche dans un portfolio numérique ou en partageant ses productions à l’extérieur de la classe, voici quelques idées qui sauront motiver les élèves. Garder des traces de ses lectures dans un portfolio numérique Afin d’avoir un suivi dans le temps, de conserver les capsules vidéos, les différentes productions en lien avec la lecture ainsi que de partager les enregistrements aux parents, le journal d’apprentissage et portfolio numérique Seesaw (pour iPad, Android et Chromebook) constitue un outil fort utile.

Il permet à l’élève et à l’enseignant de conserver des traces des apprentissages et des réalisations de façon simple et efficace. Ces traces peuvent être des photos, des vidéos, des dessins, des productions enregistrées dans la pellicule du iPad, des PDF, des notes, des hyperliens et même des annotations commentées. 8 of The Best Audio Recording Apps for Teachers and Students. February 2, 2017 Below is a collection of some of our favourite audio recording apps for iPad.

Whether you want to capture an idea or thought on the go or you want to create to-do lists and memos, these apps will definitely make a difference in your audio recording experience. They are also ideal for recording lectures and audio notes, a feature which students might find useful. Some of these apps also provide speech transcription so you can have a written script of your audio recording. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page. 1-Audio Memos ‘Audio Memos is a professionally made audio recorder. 2- Notes ‘Perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Debriefings, Brainstorming, Quick notes, To-Do Lists, Planning, and more…Type, record, or type while recording/playing, also add in photographs and capture everything…Super Note helps you create notes very rapidly and make voice recordings during, as well as add photos. 3- Recorder Plus. Get students learning by MAKING quizzes instead of TAKING quizzes. – EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS.

QuizPedia is a fun and engaging learning tool that can be used in primary education and onwards. And it’s free! How is it different to a typical quiz making tool? Quizzes aren’t new to the classroom but QuizPedia’s approach is. We flip the tables and transfer the task of making quizzes from teachers to students. Tests and quizzes are traditionally made and administered by teachers or schools to test student performance and development.

However when the teacher asks the class to make quizzes for each other, they transfer some of the power over what goes on in the classroom to the pupils. Instead of learning from taking a quiz, they learn from making a quiz. This makes them co-creators of knowledge; it strengthens their ICT skills and scaffolds their learning. Why quizzes? In order to create their own multi-modal quizzes students must be able to research, evaluate and validate information and they must distil their knowledge down to a few key questions. What do I know about this? Like this: 8 Educational Apps To Create Digital Portfolios. 12 Educational Apps To Create Digital Portfolios by Jennifer Rita Nichols Digital portfolios are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms across North America.

School administration, teachers, parents, and students are all recognizing the benefits of this amazing tool. Digital portfolios have the ability to impact education and student learning in ways that we simply have not been able to do before technology evolved to the level it is at today. Many educators are eager and willing to incorporate digital portfolios into their curriculum. 1. Platform: iOS Price: $1.99 This app is very easy to use for both teachers and students. Easy Portfolios allows the user to share items in the portfolio via email or upload to a Dropbox account. 2.

Platform: Android and iOS Price: Free Evernote has become a very popular app to use for digital portfolios in classrooms. 3. Platform: iOs Price:Free VoiceThread is yet another app that has become very popular for use in classrooms as a digital portfolio tool. 16 Practical Strategies to Differentiate Your Instruction. 12 augmented reality apps students can use today. Peterson summarized a list of some of his favorite augmented reality apps. To see a full list of his resources organized by subject, visit his website. 1. Cyberchase 3D Builder: This geometry game is used for learning different geometric shapes. 2.

The Brain AR App: Examines the layers of the head from skin, muscle and skull down to the inner areas of the brain. 3. Popar World Map: Explores famous landmarks, various animals, different cultures, and other world features 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 20 Great iPad Apps to Help Learners Explore Their Creativity. February 15, 2017 Here is a list of some useful iPad apps students can use to unleash their creative thinking and engage in hand-son learning activities. The apps, curated from iTunes App Store's collection called 'Explore Your Creativity', will enable students to create short movies, edit and share visuals and photos, tell stories using a wide variety of multimedia materials, create and learn about music, and draw beautiful sketches to share with others.

We have also visualized the list in the infographic below which you can download for free from this link. Enjoy Make a movie1- Stop Motion Studio ‘Create beautiful stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No computer needed. 2- Animoto Video Slideshow Maker ‘Make fun videos wherever you are, with photos and video clips from your Camera Roll. 3- iMovie 4- Magisto Video Editor Create Music1- GarageBand 2- Beatwave ‘Beatwave lets you make amazing music simply by tapping. 18 Incredible Digital Citizenship Web Resources for Teachers. Every teacher can benefit from having some good digital citizenship Web resources available to share with students. We like the kinds of tools that will help you help them learn about appropriate and exemplary behaviors in any online environment.

As a teacher, you’re in the perfect position to be the best source of digital citizenship development any student could hope for. You’re not alone, either—we’ve gathered a list of digital citizenship Web resources from people who are just like you. The list we’re presenting you with today has 18 of the best digital citizenship Web resources available. There are many reputable and respectable organizations whose life’s work is to develop digital citizenship resources to instill its values in educators and students worldwide.

Respect for self: Having respect for yourself is about being aware of how you portray yourself with your online persona. We all know the world is different now. Don’t be worried, be overjoyed—especially if you’re a teacher. 7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching. February , 2017 As you probably all know by now, the old version of Google Drive template gallery is going away very soon and only the new version will be available. New template galleries embed a wide range of interesting and professionally designed templates users can utilize to create different kinds of content in Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms. We have already reviewed some samples of good Google Docs templates teachers can use in their instruction (i.e., for creating lesson plans, designing brochures and newspapers, making project proposals and many more).

In today’s post, we are sharing with you this selected collection of Google Forms templates to use for a variety of educational purposes. More specifically, you can use them to create forms for : event registration, event feedback, exit ticket, worksheet, course evaluation, assessment, and contact information. 1- Exit Ticket This is a great template for creating exit tickets. 2- Assessment 3- Worksheet 4- Course Evaluation. Serimedis : la banque d'images de l'Inserm. WDL, le projet fou d'une bibliothèque numérique mondiale.

La World Digital Library est un cadeau pour tous les amoureux de la culture et de la connaissance. Une bibliothèque numérique mondiale présentant des milliers de documents historiques inestimables en haute définition. Je suis content de commencer cette année 2015 par cette ressource dans laquelle on peut plonger sans retenue pendant des heures. Un excellent exemple de ce que le numérique peut nous apporter de mieux. Qui n’a pas rêvé d’avoir accès aux milliers de trésors conservés précieusement dans les grandes bibliothèques à travers le monde ?

C’est l’idée de cette bibliothèque numérique mondiale. La Wdl, pour Wolrld Digital Library, héberge plus de 10 000 documents et images issues des plus grandes collections historiques à travers le monde. Le projet encyclopédique ne vise pas l’exhaustivité ou la quantité de documents présentés mais plutôt la qualité. Pour faciliter la découverte, la page d’accueil de la Bibliothèque contient une carte du monde et un index chronologique. Vizir. Créer de magnifiques questionnaires en ligne. Vizir est un outil en ligne nouvelle génération qui permet de créer très facilement de magnifiques questionnaires en ligne. Ils vous permettront de sonder vos élèves ou apprenants et au-delà de mener tout type d’enquêtes en ligne. Vizir arrive sur un marché très encombré d’outils en ligne de toute sorte, j’en ai présenté plusieurs ici même. Il a cependant quelques atouts en poche qui selon moi devraient lui permettre de se démarquer et de s’installer durablement aux premières places.

Et tout d’abord celui de produire des questionnaires qui sont beaux. Très beaux même. Graphisme au top et expérience utilisateur particulièrement réussie. Créer un questionnaire avec Vizir est très simple. Un soin tout particulier est porté à l’habillage graphique de chaque question. 10 types de questions différentes vous sont proposées pour répondre à tous les besoins. Le nombre de réponses est illimité, des réponses qui vont venir s’afficher sur votre tableau de bord de résultats en temps réel. Intentions pédagogiques by Alexandre Gagné | ZEEF.

Typing Competition. Online Typing Competition You can create your own typing contest with, just create or login to your account, select the typing language you wish to type in and you can create a typing championship that will last for 24 hours. The test works the same as the typing test, it runs for one minute and the faster you type, the higher your score and therefore the higher you will rank on the tournament highscore list. There is one important difference though: Once you created the competition the words will stay the same, so the more often you do the competition, the better your score will get. You can repeat the competition as often as you like, only your best result will count, so if one of your friends just beat your amazin result, try again and take back the first place.

Compete with your friends After creating the speedtest competition you should invite your friends and fight for the victory or you can just create a public contest and compete against everyone on the site. The Ultimate Lesson Builder » Edynco.


À ANALYSER. Enseignement primaire. ENSEIGNEMENT SECONDAIRE. Mes préférences... Partage FEEPTIC octobre 2014. Media. OUTILS. THÉORIE - PRINCIPE @ PRATIQUE. RESSOURCES. Visites virtuelles. IMPACT visuel. Varia - utile pour Tout le MONDE. LECTURE. VDO. PÉDAGOGIE TIC. MÉDIAS SOCIAUX. EASSESSMENT - ÉVALUATION ÉLECTRONIQUE. Réseau CRE@TIVE - Cartographies des outils TICE. Le réseau CRE@TIVE (Cellules de Ressources et d'Appui aux Technologies, aux Innovations et à la Veille Educative) a mis sur pied un outil de cartographie interactive dans le but de faciliter et développer l'accès des enseignants aux potentialités pédagogiques des outils TICE. Cet outil est construit sur trois approches pédagogiques complémentaires qui permettent de s'orienter à travers une grande liste d'outils. On trouvera la version interactive de cet outil sur le site de la GEV, et cette page fourni quelques schémas et résumés de ces cartographies, ainsi que des documents réalisés par le réseau CRE@TIVE.

Catégories technico-pédagogiques Cette première cartographie permet de comprendre et découvrir "À quoi servent les outils TICE" grâce à un classement en 7 fonctions technico-pédagogiques. Un document PDF détaillant cette taxonomie est disponible au téléchargement au bas de cette page. Activités et pratiques pédagogiques Situations pédagogiques Sources et références.

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