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Modes A crash course in acoustics in Modes. This is by no means complete, but it should serve as a good starting point for someone looking to learn about acoustics. Great for someone building a home or professional studio, or looking to correct problems for their home theater system. Modes
Follow the Acoustics & Sound Transmission Links on the Home Page, and read the articles. Consider downloading the USG Construction Handbook, which contains info on fire ratings, as well as sound ratings, for gypsum partitions and building assemblies. Return to Top Acoustics Design Ideas Acoustics Design Ideas
Small Room Acoustics (Sound Theory) Last updated on 7/08/10 (simplified, expanded, errors corrected) The most commonly overlooked aspects of a recording studio is the acoustics. Acoustics is the behavior of sound. Sound refers to waves of compression/decompression travelling through any medium. Without good acoustics, it is almost impossible to get a good recording, mix or master. Small Room Acoustics Small Room Acoustics