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Micro-paiement internet et paiement mobile. Solutions de micropaiement web et mobile. Flattr - Social micropayments. Micro-paiement: quelle realite aujourd'hui? Allopass 2009. HOW TO: Give Back With Social MicroFunding in 2009. Leslie Poston is a writer, social media guide and tech junkie, as well as the founder of Uptown Uncorked.

HOW TO: Give Back With Social MicroFunding in 2009

This is part of her Real World Change 2.0 series. If you've been watching the web the last few weeks, especially Twitter, you've seen a rapid rise in a new trend: microfunding for charities and causes. The last few weeks have seen charities leveraging microdrives on a global scale via social networks like Twitter using third party donation tools. This is nothing new, Beth Kanter has been tapping the social media universe for charity for some time on behalf of organizations like the Sharing Foundation, and Mashable's own Pete Cashmore led the "well that Twitter built" campaign not too long ago. ChipIn.