Products used in this How To: This How To process will walk you through step by step the procedure for making a two piece mold squish mold. First we will start with an original that requires a two piece mold that will require male and female mold halves. This car works perfectly to demonstrate this because the exterior side will act as our female half of the mold (think of it upside down) and the male (squish) half of the mold will nestle down into the female side to give us the proper part thickness. How to squish mold How to squish mold
The Graffiti Creator Welcome to The Graffiti Creator The Graffiti Creator© allow you to design your own name or logotype in graffiti-style. You have several different font styles to choose from and the program has an array of cool tools to further enhance your logotype to look like the real thing. Go ahead and explore the possibilities! Please remember and respect the artist behind this work. You're free to use The Graffiti Creator© and publish your designs for personal use only. (The Graffiti Creator© is not available for licensing or hosting)

The Graffiti Creator

Earthbag Building: Sandbag shelters of Nader Khalili Earthbag Building: Sandbag shelters of Nader Khalili I will show you what to me, is an exellent way to made architecture, how we can make, with few and natural resources, great space design, and at the same time, solve differents social problems, one of the principal motives and preocupations of modern architecture. I love this structural-design-solution. I have no words to describe it, besides, my English is very poor... I try to do my best! The global need for housing includes millions of refugees and displaced persons - victims of natural disasters and wars. Iranian architect Nader Khalili believes that this need can be addressed only by using the potential of earth construction.
Dug’s Automata Tips : Cabaret Mechanical Theatre Browse > Home / Archive by category 'Dug's Automata Tips' Brass is a metal that looks good with wood, is easy to work, and can be soldered. You can use it for specific parts or create entire automaton with it! If you are going to use brass, probably the first thing you’ll want to do is cut some. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Dug’s Automata Tips : Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
How To / DIY : Make a Centrifugal Pump, easy drafts and working principles


bonjour, voila je voudrais apprendre de maniere concrete l'electronique... en fait j'ai fait un dut Genie electrique, puis une maitrise en ingenierie audiovisuelle , tout cela il y a quelques années... je n'ai pas du tout pratiqué depuis ma sortie de fac, mais j'aimerais bien m'y remettre... en fait , j'ai donc quelques connaissances de base, certaines choses plus compliquées seront certainement a ma portée avec un peu d'acharnement, mais mon probleme principal est d'aborder l'electronique de maniere concrete et surtout autrement que les methodes enseignées a l'ecole... en gros, c'est bien beau de savoir faire des beaux calculs, d'appliquer les theoreme de thevenin, de faire des quadripoles equivalent ou que sais je encore, ca n'amene a rien, puisque je ne comprend rien !! Savoir Tout Faire : Comment apprendre l'electronique ? Savoir Tout Faire : Comment apprendre l'electronique ?
L'initiative est sympa et les illustrations utiles mais... L'éponge c'est pour les amateurs (sans moquerie de ma part) l'idéal, et de ne JAMAIS utilisé d'éponge et surtout pas de l'eau, car le métal chaud n'aime pas être refroidi d'un coup, sinon il se "Crackèle" ce qui donne de micro fissures qui au final tue la pane du fer à souder! TUTO : Apprendre à souder [debutant] TUTO : Apprendre à souder [debutant]