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Utopies Monétaires Internationales (expo)

William Thomas Stead. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

William Thomas Stead

William Thomas Stead William T. Key governance documents - The Rhodes Trust. Governance documents The Rhodes Scholarships were established under the will of Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902).

Key governance documents - The Rhodes Trust

The terms of the will and its codicils were subsequently changed on four separate occasions: the Rhodes Estate Act of of 1916 (formally abolishing the German Scholarships during World War I), the Rhodes Trust Act of 1929 (which granted greater discretionary powers to the Trustees), the Rhodes Trust Act of 1946 (which formalised the incorporation of the Trustees), and the Rhodes Trust (Modification) Order of 1976 (which, at the initiative of the Trustees, opened the Scholarships to women for the first time).

The Rhodes community consultation on governance led to the Rhodes Trustees in March 2010 adopting Governance Protocols providing for such matters as composition of the Trustees, a nomination process and term limits, and expanded Trustee committees on Governance, the Rhodes Scholarship, Finance and Investment, and Development.