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EVE Agents - EVE-Online Agent finder. Invention - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki. Invention is based on taking a blueprint copy for a lower tech item, adding certain specialized equipment, and attempting to create a blueprint copy for a higher tech item.

Invention - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki

How Invention Works What you must have to engage in invention: A single blueprint copy of the Tech I item Two types of specific datacores One data interface of a particular type The required skills to invent An available invention slot Optional Additions: An actual named Tech I item of the type being researched A decryptor of a particular type Invention jobs use lab slots, not factory slots. The time it takes to complete the invention job depends on where it takes place and the blueprint Class. Advanced Mobile Lab Portable laboratory facilities, anchorable within control tower fields. 3 copy slots (0.65 job time bonus) 2 ME slots (0.75 job time bonus) 2 Invention slots (0.5 job time bonus) Mobile Lab Portable laboratory facilities, anchorable within control tower fields. Datacores Data Interfaces Decryptors and Tech I Items.

Strategic Cruisers. Strategic Cruisers are Tech 3 Cruisers, introduced in the Apocrypha expansion.

Strategic Cruisers

Their modular nature makes them uniquely configurable and optimizable. Various components of these ships are recovered through Reverse Engineering components found in wormhole space. Each Strategic Cruiser is composed of a ship hull, and a set of 5 subsystems: offensive, defensive, propulsion, engineering, and electronic. The ship hull itself has 3 upgrade hardpoints, but no fitting slots. The subsystems chosen provide the fitting slots. Each race has a different hull, and (presumably) different modules that work with that hull. Dying in a Strategic Cruiser Unlike all other ships, there is a symbiotic attachment between the pilot and the ship that a clone cannot preserve. It is only one level of one skill, but the higher the skill is trained, the more it will hurt. Ore Table for EVE Online. EVE - Invention Chance. Eve Online - Science and Industry Guide by GC13. High-End PVP: Combat Boosters In EVE Online. This article is the second in a series dealing with ways to trick yourself out for PVP, beyond simply using modules and skills.

High-End PVP: Combat Boosters In EVE Online

EVE has a thousand and one ways to micro-manage success in combat. Combat Boosters are one such method, and among the most neglected, even by long-time players. Most casual players probably haven't even heard of them, and long-term players probably don't see the benefit as worth the cost. Hopefully, this article will inform the former and persuade the latter. Tell Me About These "Combat Boosters" Combat boosters are basically drugs that your pilot takes to gain a temporary benefit. There are varying degrees of quality of each drug, with the "synth" line imparting a +3% bonus to their particular statistic, the standard with a +10% bonus (usually), and then the improved and strong versions offer even more powerful benefits. Booster Legality. Varius Arcturus' Overview Guide - UniWiki. The Overview Guide is a step-by-step guide, designed to teach new players how to set up their own overviews in EVE Online.

The guide contains a full walk-through of how to set up a complete overview from start to finish, with the following presets: PvP PvP + Drones PvP Travel PvP Travel without neutrals Missions Mining Looting Pod Saver Wormhole Setting up your overview is compulsory for Uni fleets. It is very important to have your overview set up properly. Your overview presets are your eyes in EVE Online. What is the overview? In EVE Online, the overview is the only practical way to organize and view items in space. Newbie Tips Hold down the Control key on your keyboard, and left click once with your mouse on an item in your overview to lock it.

Double click an item on your overview to approach it. Organizing your screen layout Screen Layout Sample Before you even touch the overview itself, however, you should organize the rest of your interface. High Sec Alliance POS Usage Problem AND Troubleshoo. Posted - 2009.05.04 14:51:00 - [1] Ok. To set this up. I have: Corp A - has 7+ standings with Caldari, has one member, CEO.Corp B - has one member, CEO, with Research skills and scientific networking.Both Corps have offices in high sec system where POS is.Corp B owns several BPOs, all of which are in Corp hangar in highsec office. So, I did these things in this order: 1. Now, my problem is, I can start ME jobs as Corp A CEO. . - The POS is setup for alliance use. . - The ME I'm doing is on a Capital Armor Rep I. . - It lets me (Corp B CEO) pick the installation (from Corp A's POS), lets me select the BPO from Corp B office hangar, and when I click go, it starts to give me a quote, and errors out with the above error.

Now, the acceptance of Corp B into the alliance just took efect this downtime, but it SHOULD be effective already. EVE Survival. The pages are still on the old host and stable.

EVE Survival

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