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Massively : Eve Online. Eurogamer recent talked to CCP chief marketing guru David Reid about the company's place at the forefront of the fledgling virtual reality movement.

Massively : Eve Online

EVE Valkryie was the first title to be publicly played on both the Oculus Rift (PC) and Sony's Morpheus (PS4), which puts CCP in the driver's seat in terms of VR game development. "There aren't a lot of white papers and APIs and ways of doing these things yet," Reid explained. "We want to be a flagship game. We're on the cusp, potentially, of a really big transformation in how games are built and played, but we have to do our part to make sure that's worthwhile for everybody.

" Reid also talks up Valkryie's connection to the economies in DUST 514 and EVE Online as well as its "rock/scissors/paper" game mechanics. EVE Evolved: Five useful starbase configurations - Massively. Player housing is one of those features we love to see in an MMO but every game that has it seems to implement it differently.

EVE Evolved: Five useful starbase configurations - Massively

Sometimes it's limited to instanced rooms the player can decorate and sometimes it's a little more functional like shared guild halls. In EVE Online, the closest thing to widely-available player housing would be anchorable starbases, which can be configured to serve a variety of functional roles. Originally, their primary purpose was to mine moon minerals and react them to produce advanced materials for Tech 2 production. Starbases can be very useful as tactical staging points for PvP operations.

EVE Evolved: Five interesting combat tactics - Massively. Although EVE Online's combat isn't twitch-based, the outcome is often swayed by strong tactical and strategic influences.

EVE Evolved: Five interesting combat tactics - Massively

Whether you're running missions, battling Sleeper AI in a wormhole site or engaging other players in PvP, chances are you've pulled off a few fancy tactical maneuvers. Over the years, we learn these little tricks and teach them to each other. From mundane ways to avoid damage from NPCs to the cat and mouse games we play with other players, tactical maneuvers are a big part of EVE's gameplay. In this short article, I look at a few of the tips and tactics players use to gain an edge in combat. Video conveys scale of EVE Online ships - Massively. By James Egan on Jan 15th 2010 10:00AM Sci-Fi, Video, EVE Online One of the common gripes we seem to hear about EVE Online is that some gamers can't get used to the idea of a ship being their avatar.

Video conveys scale of EVE Online ships - Massively

In truth, whatever ship you're flying isn't really intended to be your avatar. You're the pilot floating in a fluid-filled capsule within, your mind interfaced with the vessel you're flying and supported by a (generally doomed) crew. EvE Online- Mondes Persistants. WikiMondesPersistants: GuideCosmosMinmatar. Cosmos Minmatar, Constelation Ani Nom de l'agent (level/qualité - faction - corporation) Barkrik Security Level : 0.6 Nefantar Ruins Stargate to HjoramoldMutama Czeik (4/20 - Minmatar - Republic Fleet)Thora Desto (4/20 - Minmatar - Republic Fleet)Makor Desto (4/20 - Minmatar - Republic Fleet) The CarnivalDagras Kutill (3/0 - Minmatar - Sebiestor)Mazed Karadom (4/0 - Amarr - Joint Harvesting)Rozor Mothrus (3/0 - Minmatar - Brutor) The Hyperbole NexusAkraun Mertigor (2/0 - Minmatar - Six Kin Development)Mwaku Ristiger (3/0 - Minmatar - Republic Parliament)Jippon Frain (4/0 - Minmatar - Sebeistor) Hjoramold Security Level : 0.5 Contested Mimater Legendary Stronghold Lord BastionAbotur Kverkinn (2/0 - Minmatar - Vherokior)Sungur Tyrfin (3/0 - Minmatar - Boundless Creation)Sydri Namian (4/0 - Amarr - Carthium Conglomerate) Machine HeadEkdit Spitek (2/0 - Minmatar - Urban Management)Nabur Verkort (3/0 - Minmatar - Brutor)Robikk Gurmurkur (4/0 - Minmatar - The Leisure Group) Sispur's Estate.

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Profitability of R&D Agents. * 2009-09-05 Connections skill bonus was removed from all agents who have no personal standings towards the character (all of RnD agents). It is in the patch notes, somewhere. Use this options to calc with old mode (not recommended). Wormhole Explorer. Guides. EVE Videos. Blogs EVE. PODDED Podcast. EVE Odessa. EVEWiki. EVE Online - Home. EVE Online Fanfest 2009 - New Doomsday Weapon. EVE Insider. Edited by: Philip Jones on 24/08/2007 02:06:30The Time of Science – A Spot of Relief Part 2 of 3[Courier 375m3] Jumps [4] Reward 30,000, Bonus 30,000 (38 minutes) The Time of Science – Shelter Part 3 of 3[Courier 400m3] Jumps [3] Reward 31,000, Bonus 30,000 (32 minutes) [0.5524% increase Gallente/ 0.1726% Minmater] Lanngisi 0.5.

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