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Alpaca Products, Weaving Looms. Wood knitting looms, knitting boards, loom. Home > Wood Looms > Hat Looms > Hat Looms Regular Gauge (RG) The regular gauge (RG) hat knitting looms are perfect to be used with 2 strands of WW 4-ply yarn and knit the double stitch, providing you with a tight stitch. Note: 5 Different hat sizes available: Adult-recommended for males. Youth-recommended for adult females youth. Child: toddlers Baby: recommended for 3 mos to 1 year old Infant: Newborn All items come with basic set of instructions. 1/2 inch spacing from center to center of peg (approx) Browse for more products in the same category as this item: Wood Looms > Hat Looms Share your knowledge of this product with other customers... Company Info | Advertising | Product Index | Category Index | Help | Terms of Use Copyright © 2011 Decor Accents.

Authentic Knitting board - Adjustable Knitting Boards, patterns, FREE PATTERNS for the Authentic Knitting Boards.

Authentic Knitting board - Adjustable Knitting Boards, patterns,

Click on the links ABOVE to view patterns by category. All of our patterns are in PDF format. Download Adobe Reader Get NEW Free Patterns and NEW video patterns before they go live,get discount coupons and new product announcements.Sign up quick by email for announcements about new FREE patterns! Yes please! Pattern Submissions:We are looking for Pattern Designers! We offer a very visible, professional place to show your work to a large, well-connected audience. Proud hoster of Iris' Knitting Loom and Knitti. Rake Knitting Pattern, make your own knitting loom, loom project. "Make your own knitting rakes" This is a rake knitting pattern I am working on for this home made knitting loom.

Rake Knitting Pattern, make your own knitting loom, loom project

It is a hoodie for a doll. Sometimes we want to use a smaller loom than the Knifty Knitter loom and this is what we came up with. Knitting looms Most small gauge knitting looms can be rather expensive so my son in law threw this one together for me. The finished one is still to come. Po' Folks Loom Size I call this my “Po' Folks Loom”. The board is about 12 inches long. As you can see the pegs are not in a straight row, but they are evenly spaced at 3/8 inch.

Loom projects I used 4 ply yarn on this doll hoodie. The Lost Art of Knitting Nancies. THE LOST ART OF KNITTING NANCYS Pictures and instructions on how to make and use them (Viewed best in Internet Explorer. Some other browsrs may not be able to open the image files. Click on main site to browse 70 other topics ranging from exotic kaleidoscope designs to the strange world of lucid dreaming. NEW!!! Jump down to the Innovations knitting machine review.) Whether you call them Knitting Nancys, Bizzy Lizzys, knitting mushrooms, knitting spools, corkers, peg knitters, knitting nobbys (or knitting noddys) or knitting knobbys, these knitting devices all owe their existence to the medieval lucet. It's used by threading yarn through the hole then in a figure eight around the prongs. Knitting Nancys are four-prong variants of the lucet. Versions like the one pictured above used to be made out of wooden thread spools, something difficult to do in these modern times since thread spools are now plastic.

Yarn is fed down through the hole and left to hang. Knifty Knitter Loom Clips. Authentic Knitting board - Adjustable Knitting Boards, patterns, Making your own loom. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get into looming.

making your own loom

Round looms can be built easily from tin cans and rakes and knitting boards can be make from 2x2. Simply use nails or cotter pins for the pegs. The gauge of the loom is determined by the distance between the pegs, measured from the center of the pegs. Use the table below to help you create the gauge loom that you are interested in: Have fun building your loom and good luck! A spool knitter is a small round loom that can be used to create a knitted fabric. How to make your own loom from a tin can. Created by Odette Riley, this blueprint will get you on your way to making your own fine gauge adjustable loom. Created by Dick Robinson, these instructions will guide you through making a knitting board. His site is no longer available but you can access it from The Wayback Machine. All I had was a verbal description, 20" long with nails 1/2" apart and a 1" hole (gap) in the middle. How to Make an Easy Knitting Loom (Tutorial) This tutorial is now available in PDF format.

How to Make an Easy Knitting Loom (Tutorial)

The Most Versatile Portable and Easy to Use Knitting Loom Ever NOTE: I have put together a starter kit with 16-64 pegs, rubberbands and spacer beads. Just email me at the address is in my profile for details. If you want to try making a knitting board, I can throw in some wooden dowels and more rubberbands. You'll need the following to create your own flexible loom: - Pegs Any of the following will work: Pick-up Sticks (fine - small gauge)Swizzel/cocktail stirring sticks (medium - large)Pencils or Ball-point Pen barrels (large - extra large)