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Partenariat & Innovation

PRO INNO Europe® - Firefox for e-Buro. During 2006-2012, the PRO INNO Europe® initiative has been the focal point for innovation policy analysis and policy cooperation in Europe, aimed at learning from the best and contributing to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe.

PRO INNO Europe® - Firefox for e-Buro

The ultimate objective was to help European enterprises to innovate better and faster and to optimise and leverage complementarities between the various innovation support measures in Europe, be it at regional, national or European level. To achieve this, PRO INNO Europe® has given a prominent role to national and regional innovation policy and innovation support actors. The initiative comprises 5 building blocks that provide an integrated policy approach to develop new and better innovation policies. Together they provide analysis, benchmarking and development tools and activities to enhance the performance of innovation policy and support measures and to further cooperation between innovation policy makers across Europe. 1.

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