En janvier 2012, NetPublic.fr informait de la sortie du logiciel libre de PAO Scribus 1.4. Scribus constitue une alternative sérieuse aux logiciels propriétaires de publication assistée par ordinateur Adobe InDesign et QuarkXPress. Voici des guides pour apprendre à utiliser Scribus 1.4 et ainsi faciliter la prise en main de cette application libre pour mettre en page un journal, une brochure, un dépliant, une carte postale… Les possibilités à explorer sont multiples pour peu que l’on maîtrise le logiciel à minima :

Scribus : 13 guides pour apprendre à utiliser le logiciel libre de PAO

Scribus : 13 guides pour apprendre à utiliser le logiciel libre de PAO
Learn how to use the Scribus open source page layout application to create PDF documents, and then how to add interactive elements to those PDFs. The ability to create PDF forms that end users can fill out (without having to print) can be a real boon to making your business efficient. With these documents, users can download them, fill them out, save them, and send them back to you. No more scanning and faxing. The problem is creating these documents typically requires the purchase of costly Adobe software. Create interactive PDF documents with Scribus Create interactive PDF documents with Scribus
After almost 4 years of intensive work, the Scribus Team (www.scribus.net) has released the new stable version 1.4.0 of the Open Source desktop publishing program Scribus. Given this is the first major stable release in some time, this document outlines improvements over the last number of versions, rather than since just the last one. The idea is to form a general comparison between this and the last stable release. In summary, more than 2000 feature requests and bugs have been resolved since the development of this new version started. Major changes and improvements in comparison to the last stable version are: 1.4.0 Release 1.4.0 Release
2012-04-18 : PRESENTATION Scribus le monde merveilleux de la PAO - Cenabumiki Un article de Cenabumiki. Contenu 2h30 pour décortiquer Scribus dans sa version 1.4.0 Durant cette session, nous aborderons : Comment s'organiser avant de commencer De la pratique avec la création d'un Triptyque Création du document de base Gestion du texte Gestion des illustration Impression 2012-04-18 : PRESENTATION Scribus le monde merveilleux de la PAO - Cenabumiki
Kingthings homepage Kingthings homepage I have been avoiding a photo, though some strange souls have asked - unfortunately, my Southpark Mini -Me somewhat lets the screaming feline out of the old clothy container - what you see is what you end up with... I often don't smile, but I tend to giggle when lightly pressed. I hope that you enjoy using my site and if you do, tell everyone... in the World. Thank you.
Scribus 01 : réaliser une brochure A4 en PDF | Freenambule Scribus 01 : réaliser une brochure A4 en PDF | Freenambule Premier tutoriel sur Scribus. Après avoir hésité à présenter l’interface, j’ai choisi de passer directement à la pratique. Deux choses à noter d’emblée : 1/ ce tutoriel est long , 2/ ce tutoriel s’appuie sur la version (1.3.x fonctionnera). Cette dernière précision a son importance, car une version 1.4 se trouve actuellement en « RC », Release Candidate, dernier stade avant la version stable.
Roadmap - Mantis Issue Tracker for Scribus Roadmap - Mantis Issue Tracker for Scribus Scribus - RoadmapScribus - 1.5.1svn (Scheduled For Release 11-09-01) [ View Issues ] =================================================== - 0011927: [User Interface] Useless, missing and ugly tooltip(s) in the Colours and Fills dialog, as wll as the PP (jghali) - closed. 1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%).Scribus - 1.5 milestone (Scheduled For Release 12-08-31) [ View Issues ] ========================================================
Scribus - Google+ Scribus - Google+ Scribus Scripting with Python Sunday, January 6th 201314:00 - 18:00 Grafiklabor, ZurichCreativ Design, Rennes+ Online participation One of the nice features of Scribus, is that you can write simplePython scripts and create new features or automate repetitive tasks. During this workshop we will discover the new Scripter engine Henningand Jain have been working on, over the last few years.
Scribus is an incredibly powerful Desktop Publishing program similar to Microsoft Publisher and Pagemaker. Unfortunately, it’s power can seem a bit confusing and obfuscated to the novice user. In this series of audio / video screen captures, I create a newsletter for the Friends of the Majestic Maple Library from draft to PDF distribution. In this series, you’ll learn how to use text and image areas, as well as stylesheets, and the powerful story editor. Craig Maloney » Scribus Tutorial

Craig Maloney » Scribus Tutorial

Créer une table des matières Créer une table des matières Ouvrir un nouveau document Insérer trois cadres de texte, un de ces cadres contiendra la table des matières : dans cet exemple, la table des matières sera générée dans le cadre "Texte 1" Ouvrir Fichier > Réglage du document * Sélectionner Réglage du document dans la colonne de droite * Dans le tableau, écrire TOC dans le champ "NOM" et valider Fichier > Réglage du document > Table des Matières * Cliquer sur "Ajouter" * sélectionner "TOC" dans le menu déroulant "NOM DE l'ATTRIBUT" * sélectionner "Texte 1" dans le menu déroulant "CADRE DE DESTINATION" * Valider
Support Scribus is supported by a group of dedicated and friendly people highly knowledgeable about Desktop Publishing. This group consists of core Scribus Team and an enthusiastic and friendly Scribus community that assists beginner and pro alike. You can find help or take part in the greater Scribus community in many ways: To download/install Scribus go to our SourceForge downloads page and choose the appropriate file for your system.To learn how to use Scribus read Online documentation This is our official documentation site with information from Scribus Help and Scribus Manual, plus some additional information.Read the Frequently Asked Questions. It's likely somebody already encountered this problem.Browse the wiki.
This category is the main Contents (Table of Contents, TOC) page for the Scribus wiki. News and Publications Scribus Times and Gazette Category:Contents
Scribus is an Open Source program that brings professional page layout to Linux, BSD UNIX, Solaris, OpenIndiana, GNU/Hurd, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation, Haiku and Windows desktops with a combination of press-ready output and new approaches to page design. Underneath a modern and user-friendly interface, Scribus supports professional publishing features, such as color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management, and versatile PDF creation.


Get Started with Scribus Introduction The following beginner's tutorial on the use of Scribus for page layout and PDF creation is based on Get Started With Scribus by Niyam Bhushan which has been published in April 2004. In July 2006, a bunch of experienced Scribus users and Scribus Wiki authors (contributors, as we call ourselves) decided to update and extend the old tutorial. Our goal is to adjust the valuable texts, designs, and images by Niyam Bushan to Scribus's current capabilities. While we intend to keep to the original spirit of Niyam's tutorial, this work is not going to be its mere continuation, but will finally go its own way with respect to content and concepts. Start here: What Can You Do With Scribus
1 juin 2011 NA Albiser Damien A partager sans retenue ... Je vais passer en revue la ou plutôt devrais-je dire les barres de menu de Scribus. En effet celle-ci est par défaut composée de 4 palettes que l’on peut positionner à notre guise dans l’interface de travail, utilisant le même principe que la suite bureautique OpenOffice. La palette fichier composée de 7 outils : Ouvrir un nouveau document, ouvrir un document existant, enregistrer le document courant, fermer le document courant et imprimer pas grand chose à ajouter à ces premiers outils puisqu’ils sont disponibles sur tous les logiciels. L’outil suivant permet de vérifier la bonne résolution des images, la taille des cadres de texte en fonction de leur contenu, etc. La boite à outils de Scribus » Tutoriaux Crea-Multimedia
Scribus : la PAO pour tous