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2015: Our Favorite Codrops Resources. Création de site web gratuit. Emmet Documentation. Cheat Sheet. Sign into the Best Browser Testing Tool. Destroy Your Competition With These 3 Free Recruitment Hacks - Adrian Tan. How many recruiters do you think are currently using LinkedIN for recruitment?

Destroy Your Competition With These 3 Free Recruitment Hacks - Adrian Tan

I just did a search for recruiters on LinkedIN and a filter to the ones that are based in Singapore reveals 7,636 results. I’m pretty sure there are way more since I’m not using any premium account. With 1.5 million local users and growing, LinkedIN has become the first place to start when you get a new hiring mandate. It is easy to use and the long list would very likely be more current and better than anywhere else you can source from. It is all good for recruiters. But is it so for job seekers? Having stepped away from active recruitment, I have been getting many InMails and connections. Although I am active on LinkedIN, clearing a dozen of invites and Inmails daily would easily spiral into an annoyance. A Complete Guide to Flexbox.

Background The Flexbox Layout (Flexible Box) module (currently a W3C Last Call Working Draft) aims at providing a more efficient way to lay out, align and distribute space among items in a container, even when their size is unknown and/or dynamic (thus the word "flex").

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

The main idea behind the flex layout is to give the container the ability to alter its items' width/height (and order) to best fill the available space (mostly to accommodate to all kind of display devices and screen sizes). A flex container expands items to fill available free space, or shrinks them to prevent overflow. Most importantly, the flexbox layout is direction-agnostic as opposed to the regular layouts (block which is vertically-based and inline which is horizontally-based).

While those work well for pages, they lack flexibility (no pun intended) to support large or complex applications (especially when it comes to orientation changing, resizing, stretching, shrinking, etc.). X-ray. Structure any website var Xray = require'x-ray'; var x = Xray; x' ''


Web Data Platform & Free Web Scraping Tool. Git Upgrade ! by Sonia Prévost. Budicon. Design Patterns on CodePen. Front-end Handbook. Formspree. UI colors, tools & trends all in one place. Build a Website. Fontello - icon fonts generator. Forms Done Awesomely. 23 of The Best Tools to Hack Your Startup Growth (Starting Today) — STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING — Medium. For meaningful growth, startups must completely change the rules of traditional marketing and innovate outside of those growth channels.

23 of The Best Tools to Hack Your Startup Growth (Starting Today) — STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING — Medium

You should be thinking growth when building your app. Companies like Dropbox, Mint and the recently sensational Slack incorporated sharing into their functionalities. Mailbox used the waiting list to their advantage and it worked. Lot of startups now look beyond AdWords, SEO or popular marketing strategies to find users. These are a collection of products, tools and apps to grow your startup or new business. 1/ Crayon — The most comprehensive collection of marketing designs. 2/ Pablo by Buffer — Create engaging images for your social media posts in 30s. 3/ Hey Press — Free searchable database finds journalists for your startup. Wonder. ISOBAR Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices.

Introduction◊ This document contains the guidelines and best practices for the front-end web development team at Isobar.

ISOBAR Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices

Each item here represents either: A reminder to follow existing standards or industry conventions,guidance on what constitutes professional patterns and organization, or a decision we've made favoring one method over its alternatives. For a Good Strftime - Easy Skeezy Ruby Date/Time Formatting. How I Rapidly Prototype Websites. (Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr) Treehouse students will often ask me which mockup tool I use to prototype websites, and my response is almost always the same: pencil and paper.

How I Rapidly Prototype Websites

I feel like when I give this answer, there’s a small sigh of disappointment. I think it’s because people are hoping for a better way to simplify the complexities of creative problem-solving. Even though my answer might not be very flashy, building a website with a prototype is often much faster than skipping the prototype phase. Bookstck - A curated bookshelf made by entrepreneurs. IconStore - Free icons by first-class designers. Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives. What The FlexBox?! CSS Buttons. The website is unknown - How DNS works. Equinusocio/material-theme. Forms Done Awesomely. What are some things you can say during a product manager interview that will really blow the interviewer away? - Quora. 54 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager. MockUPhone - One Click to Wrap App Screenshots in Device Mockup! Sébastien Saunier - CTO at Le Wagon - Startup Technical Coach. GitHub public key authentication - Sébastien Saunier.

After creating a GitHub account, you need to setup your computer so that you can git push.

GitHub public key authentication - Sébastien Saunier

When cloning a project, you chose SSH or HTTPS. I like to clone my projects in SSH as it will use my keys. SSH Authentication Scenario Here's a diagram explaining how those keys are used when you want to git push your code. In this SSH authentication scenario, we can view the private key as a vault. What you need to know You generated, on your computer, both a public and private key. Real Time Web Analytics.

Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors click. Empowering designers to build great websites. Departure. Functional HTML forms. You do not need a database for your contact form - Sébastien Saunier. Edit (Dec 22th, 2014): Brace forms closed and open sourced their product, thanks!

You do not need a database for your contact form - Sébastien Saunier

The article has been update to reflect those changes. I love static websites. They are simple and fast. Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups - BetaList. GreenSock. Online regex tester and debugger: JavaScript, Python, PHP, and PCRE. Free stock photos · Pexels. Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives. The 10 Commandments of Good Form Design on the Web – Mono. 1.

The 10 Commandments of Good Form Design on the Web – Mono

Thou shalt provide clear, always visible labels for each field There is a trend in web design to show form labels only when a field is focussed. This can be cool on a simple form like a username/password form, but for anything longer it is probably a bad idea. When you have the space to show labels, do so. Famous: JavaScript Library for Animations & Interfaces. Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS. All of the code samples on this site show how to solve a particular design problem with Flexbox.

Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS

They show just the code that's needed to make the demos work in a spec-compliant browser. Some browsers do not fully comply with the latest version of the spec, so sadly, a few workarounds were necessary. Workarounds for non-compliant browsers are not shown in the code samples, but if you're curious about those implementation details, you can check out the source files. Each demo links to its source, and all browser-specific workarounds are well-documented, so don't be afraid to take a look. The vendor prefixing and translating of current flex properties to their legacy equivalents is all handled by autoprefixer. The class naming convention used in the code samples and source files is taken from SUIT CSS, which is based on BEM methodologies. Ai/autoprefixer-rails. Flow Chart Maker & Online Diagram Software. Web Design Tools by Robin Good. Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects. All Hover.css effects make use of a single element (with the help of some pseudo-elements where necessary), are self contained so you can easily copy and paste them, and come in CSS, Sass, and LESS flavours.

For best results, hover effects use a couple of "hacks" (undesirable but usually necessary lines of code). For more information on these hacks and whether you need them, please read the FAQ. Many effects use CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms and animations. Old browsers that don't support these features may need some extra attention to be certain a fallback hover effect is still in place. License Hover.css is open source, and made available under a MIT License. Placing author information in your stylesheet, credits page or humans.txt is much appreciated.

Hover.css is now available as an Eager App Quickly and easily install Hover.css on your WordPress site or via an embed code with Eager app. Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle. Website change detection, monitoring and alerts. 3. Understanding Performance and Scale - Heroku: Up and Running. Chapter 3. Understanding Performance and Scale When talking about performance in apps, two factors affect your users: speed and throughput. Speed is how fast your application can take a request and return a single response.

Performance, when most people talk about it, refers to raw speed. Throughput is how many simultaneous requests can be handled at the same time. Speed and throughput are closely related. Unsplash It. {placekitten} Awesome Ruby. Calltoidea. Nitrous Pro. For Teams Work collaboratively on applications and private repos. Leverage Nitrous's cutting-edge cloud IDE to stay productive wherever you are. Learn more. Stamplia builder. Device Metrics - Google Design. Product Hunt. Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups - BetaList. Startup Stash - Curated resources and tools for startups. Web Design Tools by Robin Good.