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Heavy Rain

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Bandes annonces - Heavy Rain - Présentation japonaise. Heavy Rain - Official E3 Trailer. Heavy Rain looks like a video game breakthrough. The plot to Heavy Rain - a serial killer sets in motion a tense drama - may not sound that different compared with other offerings at the local theater.

Heavy Rain looks like a video game breakthrough

But the twist is that Heavy Rain is a video game, one that is blurring the lines between movies and games and aspires to take the interactive entertainment industry to new artistic and emotional heights. The PlayStation 3 title, which goes on sale Tuesday, invites players to step inside a beautifully crafted interactive movie, playing four characters as they grapple with moral and emotional choices that spill out from the story. There are no points, gunbattles or traditional challenges found in video games. Instead there is a propulsive story with clear consequences to every action, including death for any of the main characters. The game embodies the ambitions of an industry trying to evolve creatively and find more acceptance with mainstream audiences. Heavy Rain is hardly the first game with movie aspirations. Uses cinematic tools. Heavy Rain for PS3 - Heavy Rain Playstation 3 - Heavy Rain PS3 G. The Observer. Video games have long been in thrall to Hollywood – an obsession with turning virtual playthings into "interactive movies" that has cursed countless releases.

The Observer

The dichotomy of the two mediums – that films are for watching, and games for playing – is too powerful to overcome: cinematic creations sacrifice their power in allowing interaction and games lose their focus when the narrative leaves the players' control. A dead end, leading, at best, to brave failure and, at worst, ignominious farce.

Until now. Until Heavy Rain. A slick neo-noir, this is the most intense crime drama seen on any games machine of any era, intelligent and mature when its contemporaries are simply "adult". Essentially, Heavy Rain places destiny in players' hands – letting you affect the decisions and actions that ultimately determine how the game unfolds. Along with the plot's breathless pacing a sumptuous score is delivered with skill, and the game is beautifully shot. Heavy Rain's David Cage Interview. Eurogamer: The first reviews of Heavy Rain have appeared now.

Heavy Rain's David Cage Interview

How do you feel about the critical reaction to the game so far? David Cage: I think they're very positive, I'm really pleased with most of the things I've read. I was expecting more polarised reactions and probably with a different ratio, I was expecting some kind of 50/50 between the people believing this is great, and the people saying "why doesn't the hero have a gun". And in fact this is absolutely not what I got, I got 90/10 if I had to estimate, with an average score of 9 out of 10, which I'm really pleased with... I believe that it's a game that allows journalists to be very good, also, in how they write... Eurogamer: Well, it is nice for us to have something different to write about. David Cage: Exactly.

Eurogamer: What's been your favourite response to the game so far? David Cage: Honestly, there are many. Eurogamer: Is there a particular scene in the game that you're most proud of? David Cage: It was. That was a bet. Un film interactif dont vous êtes le héros. Plongé dans “Heavy Rain”, tu ne sors pas indemne - Nouvelles tec. On a squatté le tapis rouge d'Heavy Rain - Ykio. Heavy Rain.