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Genomera. Heal the world. EAT, MOVE, SLEEP. Skincare, Acne Treatments, Anti-Aging, Sunscreen. Zygote Body. Zygote Body. Connexion. Strava. Class Sequences. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Class Sequences Click on any of the links to see full class notes containing full yoga class sequences.

Class Sequences

I try to put up a new class every couple of weeks, so check back frequently for updates. If you find these yoga class sequences useful, consider donating to support future additions. User Login. Chakras: Chakra Opening and Healing. Do chakras really exist?

Chakras: Chakra Opening and Healing

Are they simply the flights of fancy or do they have some real substance in them? How to know? What do you think? What do the culture and the tradition tell us about it? Do the splits in six weeks, learn all the secrets that you need. Suppose you wanted to do the front splits right down to the floor in perfect form and not only that but you wanted to do it in double quick time.

Do the splits in six weeks, learn all the secrets that you need

Well hear is the good news, if you follow the advice of the (6 week program) you will almost certainly be able to do achieve this goal in, yes you guessed it! 6 weeks, regardless of whether you have stretched before, your present flexibility or your age. It is still possible to do the splits in 6 weeks if you are capable of passing one simple test; you are in good health and most importantly dedicated to the task at hand.

So first let’s get the splits test out of the way and don’t worry, it’s so easy I have never known anybody fail it. The test, CrossFit Havoc’s WOD.