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7 Public Speaking Tips From World-Class TED Presenters. Who wouldn’t want to get a crowd jumping up and down like Tony Robbins, or inspire an entire audience like Barack Obama?

7 Public Speaking Tips From World-Class TED Presenters

You’d never know it, but most of these world-class TED speakers were made, not born. As with learning any new skill, you need to go to the best and model their path. Here we have compiled the best public speaking tips from world-class TED speakers. Study these tips, and you could be the next world-class public speaker. 1. It’s not uncommon to see speakers get up on stage solely to sell their products or books. We make it easy to recover heavy vehicle accident data reconstruction. Edgertronic. Professional Publications Inc. PhotoMaps by nearmap. People Turn a Blind Eye to a Hit-and-Run Victim in the Middle of the Road. Tamrac Anvil Slim 15 Pro Camera Backpack - Free Shipping - TAMRAC. Accident Reconstruction Experts. Pixel Sunscreen™ V2.0. Hiring Steps - Reach every popular job board in one click! Pro Light RedBee-210 BP for 2 Bodies w/lens or body w/400mm.

Pro Light RedBee-210 BP for 2 Bodies w/lens or body w/400mm. Fire resistant clothes. HitFilm 4 Pro - Video editing, VFX & 3D software - Exposing the Seedy Underbellies of BMWs, Motorcycles, and Locomotives. Everyone’s seen motorcycles.

Exposing the Seedy Underbellies of BMWs, Motorcycles, and Locomotives

And cars. And locomotives. But few have seen them from Yasena Popova’s perspective—looking up from below. It’s a whole lot cooler than you’d think. Popova, an architect in Sofia, Bulgaria, who got into photography five years ago, takes richly detailed images of the undersides of things. The ongoing series Urban Insects grew from her first experiments with the unusual perspective—photographing people lying on glass tables, from beneath the table. Her subjects grew increasingly large as she graduated to a motorcycle, automobiles, construction equipment, and, most recently, a locomotive. Once she’s got the machine overhead, Popova grabs her Nikon D5200 and crawls underneath. Popova’s photographed 11 vehicles so far, and her next one might seem a bit… understated. She photographed the train in September at the Bulgarian Railway Station in Plovdiv and finished stitching the images together last month.

Go Back to Top. Synology DiskStation DS1515+ 5-bay,4xGigaLAN,4xUSB3.0,2GB, DS1515+ (5-bay,4xGigaLAN,4xUSB3.0,2GB 2,4GHz QuadCore,3,5HDD): Computers & Accessories. Hire A Professional - Association of Medical Illustrators. Post a job Potential employers and clients can post job announcements by completing this form.

Hire A Professional - Association of Medical Illustrators

Job descriptions are emailed to our 800+ membership and posted in our online member community. Hire an expert Search portfolios in illustration, photography, and animations from professional artists at They have the scientific training and knowledge to understand your challenge, your choice of media and your audience. Client Guide to working with a medical illustrator You have something important to communicate. Working with a medical illustrator and purchasing illustrations, animations, or multimedia may be a new experience for you. What is a medical illustrator? Medical illustrators are highly specialized interdisciplinary professionals who have earned advanced degrees from universities affiliated with medical schools. Emily Evans Medical Illustration – Medical and Scientific Image Creation.

Expert Analysis, Expert Testimony, Expert Instruction. The Right Kind of Stress Can Bond Your Team Together. This past fall, I did a documentary with HBO, directed by Peter Berg and produced by Michael Strahan, called State of Play: Happiness.

The Right Kind of Stress Can Bond Your Team Together

In the film, we explored how to create a positive culture in organizations where the culture or conditions make it difficult to talk about “happiness.” During the first half of the documentary, we examined the NFL to see how people create happiness in an organization where the average career is 3.3 years, where there’s a high potential for injury, where the competition is high, and where there’s a perceived culture of being too tough to talk about emotions. In the second half, we counterposed the NFL with the military, specifically the Navy SEALs. The conclusions that we drew from these case studies may surprise you. One of those conclusions was that stress actually made people feel more bonded to their organizations. You read that right: Stress made people want to stay with their organizations. Sortimo Globelyst - Sortimo International GmbH. Ford Transit Connect Gallery with Ranger Design equipment. Why 5 hr workday boosts productivity. A five hour workday can boost the productivity of a company in great ways!

Why 5 hr workday boosts productivity

Want to know why? Well read this article to find out. Not only is a five hour workday stress relieving, employees are able to produce and put out better quality of work. Read to find out more reasons as to the benefits of a five hour workday and its ability of boost a company’s productivity standards. Business Finance. Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger. Compatibility Canon, Sony and Nikon version available.

Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger

Canon Version includes shutter cables for: C6: EOS 30/33/50/60D/300/300D/350D/400D/450D/500D/550D/600D/650D/1000D/1100D/60D C8: EOS 20D/30D/40D/50D/5D/6D/7D/ 5D MKII/5D MKIII/1D/1Ds MKIII/1DX Nikon Version includes shutter cables for: N6: D70s/D80 N8: N90s/F5/F6/F100/F90/F90X/D1/D1H/D1X/D2/D3/D2H/D2Hs/D2X/D2Xs/D3/D3X/D200/D300/D300s/D700 N10: D90/ D3100/D3200/D5000/D5100/D5200/D7000/D7100/D7200 Sony Version includes shutter cables for: S6: α900/ α850/ α700/ α580/ α560/ α550/ α500/ α450/ α350/ α300/ α200/ α100/ α77/ α65/ α57/ α55/ α37/ α35/ α33 * On compatible flashes and cameras Please note: The Sony HVL-F42AM Flash will work on the Strato Transmitter but not on the Strato Receiver as the HVL-F42AM has no Manual Mode, only TTL mode.

Pricing. Email Signature Rescue. LumoPro’s LightSwitch Is A Flash Case That Turns Into a Lighting Modifier. Uk.businessinsider. ScenePro – Features & Benefits. The below table highlights the principal ‘features and benefits’ of the ScenePro Digital Forensics CI 200 System.

ScenePro – Features & Benefits

The table has been produced in a simple list format as many of the individual features produce several of the listed benefits – this list is not exhaustive. Features Benefits. About Us - Why We're Different - Business Backer. The Business Backer is re-inventing relationship-based business financing for the 21st century.

About Us - Why We're Different - Business Backer

The Business Backer was established in 2007 to provide an honest and transparent funding source to help small businesses get the capital they need to survive and thrive. We believe that by replacing distrust with trust, adding the customer story to the data, honoring the potential for transformation, and valuing relationships over automation, we are building a better way, where small business owners can trust the financing process and easily access the best solutions, from bank loans to alternatives, at the best price.

3D Stuff

Drones. Office Software. Photogrammetry. Rollover. Scanning. Surveyors. Pro Roller x200 AW Camera bags, backpacks and rolling cases. Smooth rolling is the new X200 AW's best feature.

Pro Roller x200 AW Camera bags, backpacks and rolling cases

The handle is substantial, making the X200 AW great for navigating through airports. The wheels are large and don't stick in small cracks, like with elevators and concrete sidewalks. I also like the new one-piece top. My old Lowe Pro has a two-piece top. (I think the thinner top design will be easier on the zipper, which is what failed on my older roller and put it out of use.) Professional Roller Bag 70 MB MP-RL-70BB - Rolling Bags. ScanSnap SV600 - Document and Contactless Scanner Features. A $2 Change May Have Made Guardrails More Deadly. Trinity Industries manufactures guardrails used on highways in nearly every U.S. state.

A $2 Change May Have Made Guardrails More Deadly

But in the past nine months, Nevada, Missouri, and Massachusetts have all banned the company's products, claiming that the company's ET-Plus guardrails are unsafe due to a money-saving design change that was made after the rails were crash-tested and approved. That design change is said to save Trinity Industries a mere $2 per rail—but it could be causing the rails to impale cars in head-on collisions. READ MORE: How to reduce the odds of getting a ticket when you get pulled over After the rails were approved, Trinity tweaked the design, narrowing a steel channel behind the guardrail cap from five inches to four. Officials say that instead of the guardrail crumpling and folding out of the way in a head-on collision, the mechanism can jam, turning the guardrail into a giant skewer.

The company never disclosed the change to the Federal Highway Administration. Login - SAE Digital Library. 24mm F1.8 EX DG ASP Macro. Wide Angle, Unique View Typical Photography: Landscape, Wedding & Events, Specialty Large aperture wide angle lensMinimum focus distance of 7.1Carrying case, lens hood, front & rear caps DGDG for Digital Designed to deliver the ultimate in performance on full-frame digital SLRs, Sigma DG lenses also bring out the best in 35mm SLR film cameras and APS-C size DLSRs. ASPAspherical The aspherical lens complex allows freedom of design, improved performance, a reduced number of component lenses and a compact size. EXEX Lens. 20mm F1.8 EX DG ASP RF. Highly Creative Lens Typical Photography: Landscape, Wedding & Events, Specialty Fastest wide angle prime available on the marketRear focusing system technologyCarrying case, lens hood, front & rear caps DGDG for Digital Designed to deliver the ultimate in performance on full-frame digital SLRs, Sigma DG lenses also bring out the best in 35mm SLR film cameras and APS-C size DLSRs.

ASPAspherical The aspherical lens complex allows freedom of design, improved performance, a reduced number of component lenses and a compact size. Interchangeable Lens Style Camera - ILCE-QX1 Review. Products - InRoad Toys. 803-CP ±0.0001” English Invar Kits for Photogrammetry. The 803-CP is designed as a calibration reference or scaling kit for three-dimensional measuring systems using photogrammetric or related technologies. They can also be used in the construction of monuments or artifacts for “leapfrogging”, providing stable transfer points and retroreflective targets. Included are four retroreflective targets which have been 100% inspected at the factory using photogrammetric measurement techniques.

The target mounts are unique to this kit and fit only the supplied target holders. Invar tubing is great for metrology because it has such a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which effectively eliminates changes in length due to handling or environmental changes. The Invar tubing in the 803-CP is manufactured to its stated length within ±0.0001″. Individual components may be assembled to produce lengths from 2″ to 112″, in 5″ increments. Hyde 43510 Painter's Pyramid - 10 Pack - House Paint - Virtual phone system is powerful, reliable, & dependable. Start With Why. Custom Mementos: Lucites, Plaques, Unique Crystal Awards, Deal Gifts, Trophies, Tombstones, and Embedments. SECO - Surveying and Site Prep Equipment. Total Stations - NIVO™ C SERIES. Survey Pro software onboard Windows CE touch-screen High quality Nikon optics 1", 2", 3" and 5" angle accuracies Prism and reflectorless measurements Easy-to-use 2nd face keypad Hot swappable batteries Compact, rugged, and lightweight Cable-free Bluetooth® Optional laser plummet Nikon's next generation total station is the Nivo™ Total Station, available in two exciting lines: the Nivo C Series and Nivo M Series.

Both of the Nivo series are the absolute leaders for go anywhere measurement tools. Compact in size and lightweight, they are convenient to carry over long distances. All Nivo models are supported with legendary Nikon high clarity optics, allowing clearer images in bright and low light conditions, making measurements easy and reducing eye stress.

The fast, long range EDM measures in both prism and reflectorless modes. The Nivo C Series is designed with a feature-packed Windows® CE touch-screen interface. Cygnus Reflectorless Total Station - 2LS Group. Laser Scanner Accessories. How to recover deleted photos from a memory card. "Uh oh. " Those are probably the first two words you'll utter when you realise your photos have disappeared. If you've accidentally formatted your card or you suspect it has become corrupted, there are ways to recover your images. Here's how to get started. You will need a card reader, a computer, the memory card in question and nerves of steel. Step 1: Don't do anything to your memory card once you realise photos have been deleted.

Step 2: Select a recovery suite. Bear in mind that there are plenty of other options out there, and you may already have one that was included with your memory card, it was from vendors such as Lexar or SanDisk. Step 3: Install and set up the software on your PC or Mac. Step 4: Let's start with Recuva first. Click through the menu until you reach the screen telling you in which location to look. For PhotoRec, the process looks a little more complicated, as it's a command-line interface rather than a graphical one.

Liberty Lake Office Space For Lease. 3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking Roll 983-10 ES White, 67827. 3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking Roll 983-10 ES White, 67826. 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 and 3M™ Flexible Prismatic Conspicuity Markings Series 963 are highly reflective and are pre-coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive for application to most clean, dry, wax-free, non-corroded, weather resistant surfaces. The adhesive is protected by an easy-release liner. 3M™ conspicuity markings are intended to be applied to the side and rear perimeter of vehicles in a continuous stripe to enhance visibility and recognition by motorists. Markings can be applied to flat surfaces (with and without rivets) and non-compound curved surfaces with a radius greater than 5 inches.

For application to corrugated vehicles, apply the marking to the bottom and top rails or between corrugations if adequate flat surface is available. 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape, Silver, 03456C - 3M Auto. Commercial Graphics: 3M™ Scotchlite™ Removable Reflective Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive IJ680CR-10 White, 48 in x 50 yd3M Graphic Solutions Products US. How to Properly Fire a Team Member. How to Properly Fire a Team Member As a business owner or leader, it's one of the toughest calls you'll ever make. With one decision, you're affecting someone's livelihood, family and future. But sometimes, you simply have to let someone go. Although it's never easy for anyone involved, there is a way you can fire someone that will cause the least amount of damage.