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Elementary > LEGO Education WeDo > LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set. Elementary > LEGO Education WeDo > LEGO Education WeDo Software v1.2 and Activity Pack. Elementary > STEM > Amazing Mechanisms WeDo Extension Activity Pack. An Accurate Lego Orrery. Built by Don Rogerson The red 42-tooth old-style gear represents the Sun.

An Accurate Lego Orrery

The blue 15-tooth gear is the Earth, and the white 14-tooth the Moon. The Earth rotates on its axis and also orbits the Sun. The Moon is stationary on its axis, and orbits the Earth. The orrery is powered by one technic electric motor driving the Earth orbit gear train. There are three gear trains. The gear train rotates the Earth 364.59 times for each rotation around the sun. The Moon drive produces one lunar orbit per 27.777 Earth rotations. Open Sesame Apriti Sesamo. Damien Kee - Home. Damien Kee - Home. LEGO Cylindrical Cam (How to Make) How Lego Is Constructing the Next Generation of Engineers. Let Children’s Play (with Technology) Be Their Work in Education. The importance of play as part of a child’s development has been the focus of educational specialists and research for decades.

Let Children’s Play (with Technology) Be Their Work in Education

Piaget and Montessori have emphasized that a child’s play is his or her work. Play activities are essential to healthy development for children and adolescents. Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth. The activities engaged in by children both stimulate and influence the pattern of the connections made between the nerve cells.

This process influences the development of fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability. Tips for Lego GBC making. Article created by Parda, member of HispaLUG and admin of Technic Delicatessen, and translated by Yiharua, member of HispaLUG and admin of Yiharuablog.

Tips for Lego GBC making

You only need one thing to design your own Lego GBC: 1. Have an idea… or… 2. Lego Minifigures - Both Stock and Custom Laser Engraved Minifigures, Accessories and Displays. Philip Verbeek. Welcome at How to modify a LEGO pneumatic switch for optimal air flow by Transparent LEGO chandelier by tobias tostesen. Apr 10, 2013 transparent LEGO chandelier by tobias tostesen the form was composed by hand image © gert skærlund supported by the kolding school of design, the transparent LEGO chandelier was presented at ‘tube exhibition concept’ during milan design week 2013.

transparent LEGO chandelier by tobias tostesen

‘transparent LEGO chandelier’ by tobias tostesenimage courtesy of tobias toestesen view of the 8000 hand-stacked bricks image courtesy of tobias toestesen detail of the blocks image courtesy of tobias toestesen delivery view image courtesy of tobias toestesen modules supercede their standard shape image © gert skærlund in process viewimage © gert skærlund the curved form in light capturing image © gert skærlund schematic drawings reveal an encompassing, light-reflecting chandelier image © gert skærlund working view image © gert skærlund designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

Stefan's Robots. Lego WeDo Cable Car. Stefan Bracher A cable car built and programmed in Lego Wedo.

Lego WeDo Cable Car

A part form manual control, the cable car can be operated in automatic mode. In this automatic mode, it switches direction whenever a gondola reaches the base station. Video Description. 10 Movie Characters and Scenes Built Out of Legos. This diorama looks deceptively simple, but the recreated rocky scene of the epic sword fight between Inigo Montoya and the Man in Black is actually fairly complex. The minifigures for the characters are quite believable. Wall-E is a popular character with Lego aficionados, but this one manages to capture the robot’s personality. This scene is not as large as some of the others, but it’s very detailed, from the smoke coming out of the volcano to the countless tiny aquamarine-colored Lego pieces that look like water.

REVIEW: Hands on with LEGO StoryStarter. One of my fourth grade students displays genius tendencies when it comes to building and tinkering but struggles with engagement during literacy activities.

REVIEW: Hands on with LEGO StoryStarter

He describes the problem as having too many ideas in his head and not being able to get them out. Pretty self aware for a nine-year-old! So when I mentioned to him that I was going to be meeting with the President of Lego Education at SXSWedu, his eyes lit up. I could tell he was imagining this glowing, Wizard of Oz-style man sitting in a room somewhere building the Legos he dreams of all day in school. Initially when Lego Education reached out, I told them I was not interested in hearing about Legos, but that I wanted a hands-on demo. Lego Education has a new product called StoryStarter, which is essentially a tool for teaching literacy and writing sequences. There is also a software program where students can upload photos of their creations and add text, but at first glance it didn’t seem like enough.

Most Insane Lego Machine Ever. Real People in LEGO. Photograph by Ochre Jelly. Depicting a person we all recognize takes talent when you use a pencil or paintbrush. Doing it with LEGO blocks takes a particular kind of talent because of the restrictions inherent in the medium. I am no art critic, just an art fan. Neither am I a LEGO expert -in fact, I have never owned a set of LEGO bricks! LEGO NXT.