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For more than two decades, JDM Pest Control has helped customers in the Greater Toronto Area solve their pest problems, providing ant control and pest control services in Richmond Hill, also catering to clients in Newmarket, Aurora, and Vaughan. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, JDM Pest Control is committed to eliminating pests with eco-friendly methods. Call now for a free in house pest assessment!

Controlling the Risk of Store Product Pests Infestation. You may be digging through your pantry for baking goods when you notice small insects running across your sack of flour.

Controlling the Risk of Store Product Pests Infestation

You could be wondering where they came from, especially if you like keeping your space nice and tidy. What might surprise you is that these insects may have gone home with you straight from the store. They can sneak into items stored in paper bags and unsealed packaging. Because of their disingenuous behaviour, it is often challenging to detect them until their population has exploded. What Are Stored Product Pests? Stored product pests is a collective term for insects, mostly beetles, and moths, that infest food and certain non-food products. These pests vary widely in food preferences. Stored product pests often infest products that have been opened. Top Tips to Keep Your Hotel Room Pest-Free.

Know Which Pests You May Be Dealing With By nature, hotels have to deal with extremely high levels of foot traffic — people coming in and out of the premises, food and material suppliers, and even staff members — which can unknowingly carry the pests into your building.

Top Tips to Keep Your Hotel Room Pest-Free

They have plenty of opportunities to access the hotel. The first step you need to take is to know which creepy crawlies pose a threat to your establishment. Bed Bugs <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6028" src=" alt="Bed bugs are the bane of the hospitality industry" width="1500" height="900" srcset=" 1500w, 300w, 1024w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1500px) 100vw, 1500px" />Bed bugs are arguably the worst pest the hospitality industry has to deal with. A Bed Bug Registry lists which houses, hotels, and apartments have had bed bug infestations. Handling Pest Control Issues After a Flood. Flood is a common and costly disaster.

Handling Pest Control Issues After a Flood

They may occur after a heavy and steady rainfall or when winter ice thaws. In Canada, the warming temperatures by spring carry heavier rainfalls and quicken the melting of ice, increasing the risk of flooding. It is a threat both to your property and your health. But while you may be focusing on rebuilding your home after the flood, there could be another issue brewing that may add to your troubles — unwanted pests. Just like humans, animals will flee their homes and search for drier and higher grounds during floods. 7 Habits That Might be Attracting Pests to Your Home. Every homeowner desires a place free of pests.

7 Habits That Might be Attracting Pests to Your Home

They are a nuisance and, if neglected, can inflict serious damage to your home and harm to your health. The sad reality, however, is that different types of pests infest homes every day, and they could be difficult to manage. There is a variety of reasons why your home seems to be quite attractive to pests. Some of which could be out of your control, such as the location of your home. Houses in the countryside near lakes and waterways may often be greeted by mosquitos and other blood-sucking insects, while those in the cities would likely encounter rodents.

Demystifying Pest Control Myths. A myth, when repeated often enough, may seem like a fact, but this does not make it true.

Demystifying Pest Control Myths

When it comes to pest control, being able to tell fact from fiction can be the difference between successfully preventing pests from entering the home, or welcoming an infestation. Below are some of the more common myths about pest control, demystified and debunked. There is no pest problem if you don’t see pests Remaining unseen is one of the best weapons of any pest. Just because there is no visible evidence of their presence does not mean they are not there. Cats are sufficient as pest control Domesticated cats often don’t see the need to hunt and don’t consider rodents as viable threats.

Cheese is effective mouse bait. 6 Pests Can Damage Your Landscaping. Having the right plants, trees, and shrubbery can enhance the beauty of your landscaping.

6 Pests Can Damage Your Landscaping

For this to work, being consistent on mowing, watering, and fertilizing is a must. 5 Worst Pest Disasters in History. It may be argued that pests have roles to play in sustaining the ecological balance of the world.

5 Worst Pest Disasters in History

However, they are more often known to cause destruction to a great extent. Here are some of the worst pest effects that have gone down in ancient and modern history. Insects of War Throughout history, aggressive insects were used in war. Evidence of this tactic is believed to start from ancient times going as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman era, when woven baskets were filled with scorpions and thrown at the enemy. When war machinery became more sophisticated, specifically allowing them to launch insect-heavy payloads, entomological warfare changed and heavily favoured the attacking force. The use of insects in wartime is not limited to the ancient times. The Black Plague Diseases threaten humans every day. Also known as the black death, the plague is one of the most widespread pandemics in recorded human history. 1875 Year of The Locust. Bee and Wasp Removal: All You Need to Know. Bees and wasps don’t only cause inconvenience; in some cases, they inflict a painful sting that can put your health at risk.

Bee and Wasp Removal: All You Need to Know

You need to be extra careful when you spot a bees or wasps’ nest in or around your property. Bee And Wasp Removal In Aurora. Because of the great value of bees have within our ecosystem, JDM Pest Control takes efforts to preserve these creatures with bee and wasp removal for Aurora homes and businesses.

Bee And Wasp Removal In Aurora

A number of pest control “services” will simply exterminate bees. With certain pests, this is a viable solution. However, when it comes to bees, spraying pesticide doesn’t always solve the problem, and can be bad for the environment. It is difficult for the average home or business owner to conduct their own bee and wasp removal in Aurora.

A hive has a complex structure, making it difficult to exterminate pests without professional help. JDM Pest Control. How Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Ants? Ants may be small, but they can cause big problems when they move into your home.

How Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Ants?

Ants can range from 1mm to 13mm, depending on the species. While many of these species are relatively harmless, some ant infestations can cause significant damage to your home. They can even become a health risk as they can carry harmful bacteria on the food they infest. Bacteria and viruses that ants can potentially transmit include E.coli, Streptococcus, Shigella, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. Apart from these health risks, having ants in your house can be a major source of irritation. Getting rid of ants is no easy feat, which is one of the reasons ant pest control is such a popular service.

How Pest Control Professional Deal With An Ant Infestation Like with most things involving pest control, it all begins by determining what kind of infestations you’re facing. Top 10 Misconceptions about Rats & Mice. Rats and mice are pretty common pests, but most homeowners may not know too much about them. Pop culture has given us some ideas about rodents (e.g. they like cheese and cats are a great way to get rid of them) that don’t always reflect how things are in reality. Know More About Us. JDM Pest Control has been servicing the GTA and surrounding areas for over 20 years because we continue to love our clients and we continue to ensure our clients are happy with our service long after we leave.

Whether you have a commercial building or residential building – for over 20 years we have been ensuring your pest problem is long gone long after we leave and that’s what customers love about us. Our company continues to stay committed to using Eco-Friendly Pest Control and Prevention that works and we guarantee it! Our objective has always been to make our customers love us by doing the job right every time and doing the job right with a friendly attitude and great price. Pest Control in Bradford, Vaughan & Newmarket. How to Deal with Wasps in Your Garden and at the Lake. During the late summer, the preferred food of wasps shifts from sugars to proteins. As a result, their behaviour changes. Once this occurs, wasps will swarm garbage collection areas, outdoor picnic spaces, and patios.

How to Combat Home and Garden Wasps. Summer brings wasps into your home or garden; as the heat wanes and we enter fall, they go a little berzerk, making their sting more of a concern. How do we combat these little buggers? Unless you have a major problem with a nearby nest (in which case, waste no time calling pest control experts), there are a few things you can do to dissuade them from bothering you.