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Coverage of Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference - Coverage of Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference - Backstage at Apple Town Hall (via mrvideobba) Apple today is holding its iPhone 4 press conference where it is expected to address issues with the device's cellular signal reception. The event is scheduled to kick off at Apple's Cupertino headquarters at 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time, or just about one hour from now. Apple will not be providing live video or audio coverage of the event, and thus observers will have to rely primarily on text and photo updates coming out of the event. Live Web/Twitter Coverage

Blog, The Ultimate 6-Week Startup Crash Course Blog, The Ultimate 6-Week Startup Crash Course I met another young man today who is en route to a world class MBA program to fill in the gaps in his knowledge prior to starting his life in a startup. I gave him the same metaphor I have given droves of others. If you wanted to be a world-class cyclist and told me you were going to spend the next 2 years rock climbing in Nepal, I would advise that, sure, you would probably return in shape and with stronger lungs, but you would probably be a better cyclist if you spent the next 2 years cycling.
16 Brilliant Insights From Steve Jobs Keynote Circa 1997 16 Brilliant Insights From Steve Jobs Keynote Circa 1997 16 Brilliant Insights From Steve Jobs Keynote Circa 1997 Like millions of others, I'm a big fan of Steve Jobs. He's a genius and an exceptional communicator. I came across this old video recently of Jobs doing a keynote at the Apple WWDC in 1997 (yes, I know that was 14 years ago). I found many of the insights he had at the time still relevant.
e-sens est un site de contenu depuis 2001. Il informe ses lecteurs des enjeux économiques et sociétaux du Web. Par son mode de production d’un véritable savoir Web, e-sens constitue une source d’information fiable dans le domaine de la e-communication et de la veille technologique. e-sens est une création des partenaires - participants, formateurs, invités - de nos formations : DAS en Stratégie Marketing, Communication & e-business CAS en Stratégie Marketing Leroy Merlin passe à la sémantique Leroy Merlin passe à la sémantique
Skype is being criticized for terminating employees immediately prior to the closing of the Microsoft acquisition, and people are assuming they’re doing this to keep the value of those employees stock options. Skype’s response boils down to saying that the employees were fired because they weren’t good employees, and that the value of the stock is negligible and didn’t affect the decision making process. Ok. But it gets worse. Skype’s Worthless Employee Stock Option Plan: Here’s Why They Did It Skype’s Worthless Employee Stock Option Plan: Here’s Why They Did It
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Check Out This Beautiful Presentation About How Media Companies Can Act More Like Startups Check Out This Beautiful Presentation About How Media Companies Can Act More Like Startups There's a lot that big media companies can learn from nimble tech startups. We've just come across this new presentation deck from Activate, the strategy and consulting firm founded by Michael Wolf (former MTV President) and Anil Dash (blogging hero and Internet expert). It seems to be a pitch on how media companies can find growth by thinking and acting more like a startup. It's worth flipping through.
From Craft Coffee to Fashism, these websites are models to learn from. May 16, 2011 According to a recent report, small businesses are putting an increased focus on improving their websites this year. With the slew of Web design mistakes that small businesses are notorious for making, there is room for improvement. For small businesses looking to clean up their websites, here are six quick tips for improvement: Provide a succinct product description and purchasing instructions.Choose a Web design that enhances content, rather than distracts from it.If you're asking users to interact with content, opt for a simple call-to-action prompt.Make sure the site is easy to navigate.Drive conversation by choosing engaging topics and asking interesting questions via a corporate blog.Put your service at the forefront. 6 Small Business Websites To Learn From 6 Small Business Websites To Learn From
A Partnership Is Not a Purchase Order - Ben Gomes-Casseres - The Conversation A Partnership Is Not a Purchase Order - Ben Gomes-Casseres - The Conversation by Ben Gomes-Casseres | 8:36 AM May 16, 2011 This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Making Collaboration Work. Scott McNealy, ex-CEO of Sun Microsystems, tweeted this message last month:
"What is it about the world that you know is true that everyone else doesn't understand?" This is reportedly the key question Peter Thiel asks people before deciding to work with them. It's also perhaps the best encapsulation of his worldview. Peter Thiel made big money by making big bets against consensus. He's lost some bets. PETER THIEL: Winning Big By Betting Against Everyone PETER THIEL: Winning Big By Betting Against Everyone
Making Money | Small Business Advice from Jason Fried of
When It Is Time To Leave Your Job | TheJobBored Regardless of how unhappy they are, people are always afraid to move jobs. Though the odds of success may be higher at another company, it is the uncertainty that clouds their judgment. I have seen candidates wait out an impending lay-off just to keep some glimmer of hope that it may not come. If you work hard enough and become very good at what you do, you should feel comfortable moving to another company. When It Is Time To Leave Your Job | TheJobBored
Events Module Let your fans know when and where they can catch you next by displaying upcoming events, shows or tour dates on your Fan Page. Link to external sites for more info or ticket purchases. Integrated Partner Apps Damntheradio - Social Media Tools for Bands and Brands
Lessons on Going Viral - Audio & Photos
Peter Thiel Explains Why Dropping Out Is Cool Facebook billionaire Peter Thiel gave a talk at Berkeley on his Thiel Fellowship that pays 20 young people under 20 to stop out of school and pursue entrepreneurial projects. He also spoke about Facebook. He made the two following interesting points: He's not against college and would do it again, but he thinks people don't think about it enough. It's not that college is wrong, it's the assumption that everyone should go to college that is wrong. Furthermore, he argues, it's the crushing debt load of college that is awful.Facebook was not an accident.
This Man Wants To Beat LinkedIn In All The Places That Matter * UPDATE: LinkedIn disputed some of the assertions in this interview that Viadeo is "bigger" than LinkedIn in emerging countries, citing the following ComScore numbers:For Viadeo’s properties in Brazil, including Unyk, they had a combined 95,000 unique visitors, while LinkedIn had 2.6 million unique visitors.For Viadeo’s properties in India, including Apna Circle, they had a combined 140,000 unique visitors, while LinkedIn had 4.3 million unique visitors.For Viadeo’s combined properties for all of Europe, they had three million unique visitors, while LinkedIn had 24.6 million unique visitors. Viadeo CEO Dan Serfaty responds with the following claims and clarifications: "We are by very far the leaders in China with 6 million members under our Tianji brand."
"I don't know where I'll be in five years, but within a year, I hope to land several high-profile clients." OK, I'm not a professional Human Resources kinda guy, but if I was, please don't answer that way. It smacks of "I don't know how to answer that question, so I'll answer a different one." Honestly, I wouldn't even answer it in professional/career terms. The Best Ways to Answer "Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?" - Lifehacker
Since the beginning, we've been having a problem with Square, the hot startup that makes a dongle you plug into your iPhone that lets you take credit card payments super easily. It seems the company has everything it takes to succeed. It has an amazing team: it was founded by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey and its COO is Keith Rabois, a top Silicon Valley angel and previously a top exec at PayPal, LinkedIn and Slide. Hey Square --- DITCH THE DONGLE
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