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How To Sleep archives: Flickr slideshows with relaxing music. Password Strength Calculator and Strength Checker. Claire Thought She Knew. Thinkuknow - home. The CEOP Command’s Thinkuknow programme provides resources, training and support for professionals who work directly with children and young people.

Thinkuknow - home

Our films, learning activities and other resources are developed in response to intelligence from child protection experts within the CEOP Command. They are designed to help children and young people keep themselves safe from sexual abuse and exploitation by developing skills in identifying and avoiding risk, learning how best to protect themselves and their friends, and knowing how to get support and report abuse if they do encounter difficulties.

A wide range of resources for use with parents and carers are also available. All resources are downloadable for FREE once users have registered to the site. You can also download our new report on effective practice in prevention education, produced in partnership with the PSHE Association. Resources - UK films - Let's fight it together..cyberbullying. Think before you post..Sarah. How to Make an Interactive Powerpoint Including a Graded Quiz. Create, format, or delete a hyperlink. Microsoft Office Word creates a hyperlink for you when you press ENTER or the SPACEBAR after you type the address of an existing Web page, such as How to Create a Quiz in Excel (9 Steps) In inferential statistics, the t-test assesses whether two sets of data are different from each other, and compares their means.

How to Create a Quiz in Excel (9 Steps)

The t-test... Although Microsoft Excel is primarily used for business applications, it can also be used to make games. Free Tools For Teachers : Windows Movie Maker. The sights, sounds and action of a movie are a great way grab your students' attention and bring subjects to life.

Free Tools For Teachers : Windows Movie Maker

Create a hyperlink. In PowerPoint, a hyperlink can be a connection from one slide to another slide in the same presentation (such as a hyperlink to a custom show) or to a slide in another presentation, an e-mail address, a Web page, or a file. You can create a hyperlink from text or from an object, such as a picture, graph, shape, or WordArt. Create a hyperlink to: Cortometraje crescendo.


KEY resources of the day MICROSOFT. What the Heck Is Project-Based Learning? You know the hardest thing about teaching with project-based learning?

What the Heck Is Project-Based Learning?

Explaining it to someone. It seems to me that whenever I asked someone the definition of PBL, the description was always so complicated that my eyes would begin to glaze over immediately. The landscape of competency-based education: Enrollments, demographics, and affordability » AEI. Key Points Competency-based education (CBE), in which credit is provided on the basis of student learning rather than credit or clock hours, is starting to gain traction with educators and policymakers.CBE programs are often touted as a far more affordable route to college credit and a degree, but these claims often fail to account for assessment fees, differences in financial aid eligibility, and opportunity costs of time.Many questions about CBE remain to be answered before its wide adoption, including which students and degree programs are best suited for CBE, overall cost of CBE compared to more traditional programs, and how to lower out-of-pocket costs for students.

The landscape of competency-based education: Enrollments, demographics, and affordability » AEI

Read the PDF. Executive Summary Competency-based education (CBE), broadly defined as a form of higher education in which credit is provided on the basis of student learning rather than credit or clock hours, has begun to catch the attention of federal and state policymakers, foundations, and colleges. Read the full report. Taking Risks in Your Teaching. Often in workshops when I’m speaking about the process of implementing change—deciding what to change and how to change it or considering whether to add a new instructional strategy—the question of risk lurks in the choices being considered.

Taking Risks in Your Teaching

When attending a workshop or program that offers a range of instructional possibilities, teachers typically respond to some favorably. I see it—they write down the idea, nod, or maybe ask a follow-up question to be sure they understand the details. Not all the ideas presented get this favorable response. Occasionally, the response is overtly negative. But more often there is no response. When I ask participants to look over their notes (I love teaching faculty because they do take notes) and share what criteria they used to select the new ideas they’re considering implementing, the responses are pretty nonspecific: “I liked it.” Synonyms dictionary. Sustainability explained through animation. Sibilant Synonyms, Sibilant Antonyms. Planificacción - Lista de cotejo y escala de apreciación.

Tal como se vio en el módulo anterior, los instrumentos de evaluación admiten diferentes clasificaciones, según la orientación pedagógica y didáctica a que estén referidos.

Planificacción - Lista de cotejo y escala de apreciación

Nuevo estudio: Píldoras anticonceptivas dañan cerebro de la mujer. LOS ÁNGELES, 18 May. 15 / 07:26 am (ACI/EWTN Noticias).- Un nuevo estudio de la Universidad de California en Los Ángeles (Estados Unidos) ha revelado que la píldora anticonceptiva podría debilitar ciertas áreas del cerebro de la mujer y afectar su funcionamiento.

Nuevo estudio: Píldoras anticonceptivas dañan cerebro de la mujer

Publicado en la edición de abril de la revista científica Human Brain Mapping, el estudio midió el grosor cortical en el cerebro de 90 mujeres de las cuales 44 consumían anticonceptivos orales y 46 seguían el método natural del ciclo menstrual. La investigación arrojó que el uso de anticonceptivos orales se asoció significativamente a un adelgazamiento de dos áreas del cerebro: la corteza orbitofrontal lateral y la corteza cingulada posterior. Nearpod: Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices. MAN - Fataler Konsum, wir gestalten unsere eigene Welt. Lessons Worth Sharing.

How Should We Learn? Ignorance has been a fait accompli throughout the history of human society.

How Should We Learn?

There was never enough information about the world and how it functions, and even when we had it, few people had access. Whole branches of knowledge could be lost or simply stagnate, like much of science and mathematics in the European Dark Ages. The internet changed all that. Data is everywhere, and knowledge is accessible on almost any subject imaginable with just a few clicks. Suddenly, we went from people ignorant of our own ignorance to content consumers struggling to keep up with the information all around us. We will never stop being the deer in the headlights of knowledge. Cancel The Deluge When pundits describe data in the 21st century, they often resort to the flood metaphor, describing how we are “inundated” or “awash” with data.

The flood metaphor breaks down pretty quickly though upon deeper inspection. Yet, we still feel so overwhelmed by all of this. The Ignorance Gap. Classroom management - Week 1, Day 1. Award-winning learning management system for teachers and school administrators. Better-search.