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An Angry Teacher Speaks | The Tattooed Teacher. Community Violence: Effects on Children and Teens. Welcome to the City of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Philadelphia magazine. Norris Square is both lovely and out of place—a park interrupting trash-strewn streets and dirty concrete with a sudden surprising burst of green. Elegant decaying townhomes surround the square and convey the neighborhood’s history—its prosperous origins and decades spent waiting for rescue. Momentum generated by new construction and an influx of new residents in nearby Northern Liberties and Fishtown s­uggest that Norris Square, which sits just 3.5 miles from City Hall, might be reborn.

And by all the principles of urban development, it should be—the homes restored, the park filled with families slurping ice cream, young couples picnicking, musicians strumming guitars. But something is wrong. There’s a toxic quality to the surrounding streets, made real by the boys on the corners, bristling and edgy, who serve up dope and other drugs to the customers streaming in from wealthier neighborhoods on the nearby El trains.

“I grew up around gangs,” he says. The kids nod glumly. EJ913024. Children who survive urban warfare suffer from PTSD, too. Tierra Turner's older brother was shot and killed on a busy Bayview street last summer. By the time Tierra, 11, arrived at the scene with her mother, a yellow tarp covered 18-year-old Anthony Brooks' body. Nearby, a second tarp covered his friend, Monte Frierson. Standing outside the police tape, Tierra broke down, her small body heaving with sobs. Two weeks later, Tierra started the sixth grade. Along with a Tinker Bell backpack and pink Princess cell phone, she carried the deaths with her to Visitacion Valley Middle School each day, absentmindedly writing "RIP Ant and Monte" on the cover of her notebooks and in sidewalk chalk on the playground.

At her school, the principal and staff see the signs and symptoms of trauma-related stress in many of their students - the hostile outbursts, the sliding grades, the poor test scores or the inability to pay attention. The violence, layers of it overlapping year after year, can eventually take up residence in the children's minds. Now he knows. Children%20and%20PTSD%20%20%20What%20Classroom%20Teachers%20Need%20to%20Know. Teachers in Tough Schools Suffer From PTSD, Experts Say. PTSD For Teachers. It is a jungle out there for teachers. Whether I am a substitute or a full-time staffer, the tension that can pull a teacher apart can take its toll. "The Horror! The Horror! " Well, as far as teaching is concerned, I chose the difficulties, I chose to stick it through one last time.

What is it all coming to for us? Bad students get worse, in part because they know that no one is going to do anything about what they are doing. The inherent conflict of teaching and discipline, and having no power to do either, is a very trying mix. Why was it so traumatic? It was not the guerrilla sniping of the bad students, the unpredictability of the lessons. The real hardship lay in that it was predictably unmanageable. How many of our men and women have come back from the front, damaged by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? That's what happened to me. No one had a chance of getting anything done in these classes, it was such a terrible joke. I would walk into a classroom, and I had no idea what to expect. Teachers assaulted by students at school often show symptoms of PTSD.

July 02, 2012|By Joel Hood, Chicago Tribune reporter Norma Brown was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the Chicago Public Schools teacher was kicked and punched by a group of students in 2006. (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune) Six years ago, Norma Brown, a Chicago Public Schools teacher for more than 30 years, took a stand against a fourth-grader who refused to remove his baseball hat in the school's lunchroom. A fight ensued. "I knew that if I fell to the ground they would stomp on me," she said recently. What happened to Brown may be extreme, but police records show reports of violent attacks against teachers and school staff have risen sharply in Illinois over the past decade. In the difficult months after her attack, Brown was diagnosed withpost-traumatic stress disorder, an affliction more commonly associated with emergency responders and soldiers returning from battle.

Like all victims of trauma, teachers can experience symptoms of PTSD in different ways. I Have PTSD From Teaching At An Inner-City School. What she said was irrelevant. It could have been anything: c#*ksucker, motherfu#*ker, fat whore -- in my seven years as an inner-city middle school English teacher, I’ve heard them all. Thirteen-year-old Brenda screamed at top volume, across the class: “Mamajuevo!”

(translation: ballsucker) My face burned, my throat tightened, and things spun, but in a calm, stern voice, I got the class back on track. Maybe it was because another teacher witnessed it, happening to walk into my room at that exact time. Maybe I held it together because it was Brenda who said it, a volatile, rebellious, yet passionate adolescent girl who is a joy to work with. I talked to Maria, our union rep, who told me to file a sexual harassment complaint. I viewed my thick skin as a strength, because I loved what I was doing with my life that much.

I dealt with all that and more because this job fulfilled me in a way I hadn’t thought possible. As a middle school English teacher to inner city kids, I figured it out. Does U.N.’s Agenda 21 Education Mandate Push Common Core in USA? What Does Common Core Have To Do With the U.N.’s Agenda 21 ? –And Why Should You Care?

There’s an interesting article about Obama’s call for the U.S. to pay for education of the world. It’s “A Global Fund for Education: Achieving Education for All” that you can read in full here: Its summary states: “In order to realize the world’s commitment to ensuring education for all by 2015, important innovations and reforms will be needed in the governance and financing of global education. In 2008, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama committed to making sure that every child has the chance to learn by creating a Global Fund for Education.

I have to ask three questions as I read this: Since when do nations collectively finance global education? So Obama created a global education fund, using U.S. taxpayer money. And Hilary Clinton is misusing the word “inclusiveness” to now mean “no more independent sovereignty for anyone.” In 36.10: Agenda 21 | Conservative Teachers of America. 1Share By Karen Schroeder, President of Advocates for Academic Freedom Common Core Standards are a federal program in which the federal government will define the curricula and the academic standards for each subject taught in the every school setting. These Federal Standards will basically eliminate local control of schools and provide unfettered access to curricula by the Federal Government and by the United Nations eventually. To date, 46 states have adopted Common Core Standards. The cost for implementing these standards may require a new method of taxation that is more accommodating for federal control of the educational system.

President Obama’s federal program Race to the Top provides bonus points to states that institute common learning goals. Common Core Standards represent about $16 billion in new unfunded mandates. Common Core Standards have been written for math and English and are currently being written for social studies curricula. Common Core – Kid Size Agenda 21. By: TLB Contributor, Lucille Femine. In recent months, I’ve been talking to many people about Agenda 21 and Common Core State Standards, very intelligent and aware people, and most of them didn’t have a clue what they are or worse, they had the idea they were good and beneficial programs the government so graciously created for us. That’s totally understandable since most of us want to think the best of the rest of humanity, especially those we consider our leaders. Still, this lack of savvy always startles me, as if they didn’t notice an elephant in the room.

But actually I don’t believe that is the case for most of these people; I believe the government puts a black cloak over the elephant while they work ceaselessly at presenting these programs under the guise of helping humanity. I’m going to assume you people who are reading this right now are aware of these two suppressive forces making their way, insidiously or not, into every aspect of our lives. Please watch this video – Dr. DEMOCRATS  AGAINST  U. N.  AGENDA  21 - OK, So what is Agenda 21? And why should I care? Part 1.

GeorgiaAgenda21. Agenda 21 - Chapter 25 Children and Youth in Sustainable Development, Earth Summit, 1992. UN_Agenda_21-Debbie_Niwa-2012-265pgs-GOV-POL. Agenda 21 - Chapter 36 Promoting Education, Public Awareness and Training, Earth Summit, 1992. Educators Expose Dangers of Common Core National Education. A hard-hitting video just released by FreedomProject Education (FPE) exposes some of the myriad dangers to liberty and education stemming from Common Core, a deeply controversial scheme to nationalize education standards being pushed by the Obama administration and a coalition of its establishment allies. While only a little over an hour long, the presentation, led by two education experts, offers a concise explanation of the threat and is sure to outrage parents, regardless of political affiliation.

Elements of Common Core are already in place across America, and the picture is not pretty. From the start, leaders at FPE, an online K-12 school offering classical education rooted in Judeo-Christian values, have expressed strong opposition to Common Core and the federalization of schooling. The school boasts of its independence from government — and especially the radical effort to standardize all education by federal authorities and establishment-minded billionaires like Bill Gates. Dr. Frequently Asked Questions. The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Common Core State Standards, from how they were developed to what they mean for states and local communities. Overview What are educational standards? Educational standards are the learning goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Educational standards help teachers ensure their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, while also helping parents understand what is expected of their children.

What is the Common Core? State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Who led the development of the Common Core State Standards? Were teachers involved in the creation of the standards? Yes. Why are the Common Core State Standards important? Process Implementation and Future Work No. A ridiculous Common Core test for first graders. Why are some kids crying when they do homework these days? Here’s why, from award-winning Principal Carol Burris of South Side High School in New York. Burris has for more than a year chronicled on this blog the many problems with the test-driven reform in New York (here, and here and here and here, for example).

She was named New York’s 2013 High School Principal of the Year by the School Administrators Association of New York and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and in 2010, tapped as the 2010 New York State Outstanding Educator by the School Administrators Association of New York State. She is the co-author of the New York Principals letter of concern regarding the evaluation of teachers by student test scores.

It has been signed by more than 1,535 New York principals and more than 6,500 teachers, parents, professors, administrators and citizens. By Carol Burris My speech teacher came to see me. Then there is Question No. 12. How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child | mrsmomblog. A Letter to Commissioner King and the New York State Education Department: I have played your game for the past two years. As an educator, I have created my teaching portfolio with enough evidence so I can prove that I am doing my job over the course of the school year. I am testing my students on material that they haven’t yet learned in September, and then re-testing them midway through the year, and then again at the end of the year to track and show their growth.

Between those tests, I am giving formative assessments. I am taking pictures of myself at community events within my district to prove that I support my school district and the community. I am teaching using the state-generated modules that you have created and assumed would work on all students, despite learning style, learning ability, or native language.

I am effectively proving that I am worthy of keeping my job and that my bachelors and masters degrees weren’t for naught. Today, things got really personal. Sincerely, Fourth graders taught about ‘pimps’ and ‘mobstaz’ in Louisiana. Photo of homework worksheet listing contextual examples of the word "twist. " Example 3 reads, "Carl Terrell Mitchell, better known by his stage name Twista, was born in 1972. Nineteen years later Mitchell's first album, "Runnin' Off at da Mouth," debuted. In 1997, after appearing on Do or Die's hit "Po Pimp," Twista was signed to Atlantic Records. Under that label he released "Adrenaline Rush" and formed the group Speedknot Mobstaz in 1998. His 2004 album Kamikaze went to number-one on the U.S.

Fourth grade students in Vermilion Parish, La. were given a homework assignment that included words like “Po Pimp” and “mobstaz,” but school officials said the worksheet was age appropriate based on an education website affiliated with Common Core education standards. “I try to instill values in my son,” parent Brittney Badeaux told Fox News. Badeaux was helping her 9-year-old son with his homework when she heard him say the words “Po Pimp” and “mobstaz.” Arizonans Against Common Core.