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The Future Of Learning Design. Sharebar If you are intrigued by the future of learning design, you won’t want to miss the second half of this interview with Karl Kapp. In case you missed the first half, see Games and Simulations. Coach: What types of challenges do newer technologies, such as mobile and podcast, present to the instructional designer? Karl: The biggest problem is that in the learning field we sometimes get seduced by the technology and forget the underlying learning need and, even more importantly, the underlying business need.

Organizations invest in learning initiatives because they have a business need; sell more product, keep employees safe to reduce liability, increase market share. Learning initiatives are not altruistic for companies. Having said that, another challenge confronting instructional designers is to “think outside the classroom” paradigm. Another example is National Public Radio (NPR). It does not mean “shrunken slides.” The impact of informal learning is huge. Thanks, Karl!