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R-U-B-B-E-R Geometry (Topology) Base Blocks. Gross Motor Activity to Practice Skip Counting. Instead of sitting at a desk doing worksheets, I like to set up opportunities for my boys to learn through play with gross motor activities.

Gross Motor Activity to Practice Skip Counting

Children are multisensory learners, and when movement is combined with learning children are more likely to retain the information learned. Early this week the forecast was calling for rain, so I set up an indoor gross motor activity for my boys. We do our best to stay active even when we are stuck inside. One of our favorite gross motor activities from last year was our bean bag Shape Toss, Hop, Skip and Jump game. This gross motor activity took me less than ten minutes to set up, and we played with the shapes for weeks. Since the shape toss was so much fun I decided to plan another game using craft tape on the tile. Instructions for Play: JZ (5) threw a bean bag to a numbered square. Then he hopped on each number until he reached the bean bag. He counted by fives as he hopped. Making library pockets. Part-Part Whole Bar Models.

Multiplication and Division Bar Model Instructions. FUNNY2™ - The Odds #1. Classroom on Pinterest. Reflex : Math fact fluency - Problem Solved! Special Effects—Titanic and Beyond. Objective To investigate how geometry plays a role in perspective. copy of "Putting It into Perspective" student handouts Putting It into Perspective (HTML) Distorted Room Template (HTML)construction paper or card stockscissorsgluetwo same-size models (such as plastic toy figurines or photos of people from magazines) up to 1 1/2 inches tall (the taller the better) First stage a demonstration of perspective.

Special Effects—Titanic and Beyond

Have two students the same height stand side by side near the end of a hall. Have one student begin taking steps backward until students begin to notice a difference in height between the two. From where they are, have the rest of the class measure the height of each student with a ruler or their fingers and observe other surrounding clues that suggest a difference in height: How much space is between the students' heads and the ceiling?

Additional Activities More special effects activities for upper-elementary and middle-school students are available on the Web at. TeacherSource . Math . Asia . Tangrams and Fractions . PBS. Activity 2: Tangrams and Fractions (Grades 6-8) The Abacus | Tangrams and Fractions | Take A Trip | Career Connections | More Math Concepts Objectives: Students will learn to construct a tangram puzzle and determine the fractional parts of the tangram.

TeacherSource . Math . Asia . Tangrams and Fractions . PBS

Students will compare the value of fractions and determine the larger fraction. Standard 1: Number and Operation Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, and number systems. Materials Needed: Math. The Math Forum - Geometry Through Art: Hands-On Activities. MATH FACTS - Math Facts: Addition and Subtraction This project is so much fun because, in the end, you will have a very large (approx. 28” x 35”), colorful, summer-themed poster to display in your classroom or at your school.


Along the way, students will work together as a group to create something beautiful all while reviewing their math. This packet includes addition up to 20 and subtraction from as high as 25. Each poster is different so you can do both if you’d like. There are 20 pieces per poster for a 4x5 grid. I have included a digitally colored version of this poster as an example of the finished colors in case you want to use it to show your students on your Smart Board or other projector how this will look in the end. There are 9 different colors used on the poster, so you’ll have to supply them (probably in multiples) to the students. How To Create A Mystic Rose. Have you ever had your students create a mystic rose before?

How To Create A Mystic Rose

It’s a great way to construct various geometric shapes and the design is attractive as well. Here’s how you construct them. Step One. 31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities. I’m very excited this month to share with you some of my favorite math games and activities.

31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities

Welcome to the beginning of my month long series: 31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities. Every day during the month of October I will share with you a new math game or activity. My goal is to hopefully inspire you to try some new ideas in the teaching of math. This is all part of the 31 days series happening over at 31 Days. I’ve even grouped the games and activities into their different math areas. I hope you enjoy following along.

Day 1 – Free Hundreds Chart Puzzles Day 2 – Top 3 Fun Calculator Games. Finding Shapes That Tessellate. Tessellation can be such an exciting and motivating way for kids to learn about shape and space.

Finding Shapes That Tessellate

Fitting colored shapes to make a colorful tessellating pattern seems to engage children, which is one of the reasons I love teaching about tessellation. Rather than just give kids tessellating patterns to color, I thought I’d share some of the other activities I use to teach tessellation. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. M&M Fractions - home.