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Student Assessment: Tools, Principles & Tips for Measuring Learning. Educational Strategies, Industry News, Teaching Methods & Assessment Tools for Teachers and Other Educators. Teachers juggle myriad responsibilities every day.

Educational Strategies, Industry News, Teaching Methods & Assessment Tools for Teachers and Other Educators

They are charged with managing a classroom and creating a calm, positive and respectful environment where each student feels safe and appreciated. They often have mainstreamed students in the classroom representing a variety of special education needs. They must continuously evaluate a student’s mastery of core subjects, preparing students for assessment exams, which often reflect directly on the performance and funding of the school. Amid all this, they must find ways to reach and motivate each student, trying different teaching methodologies as needs arise. It’s a lot to manage. At, fellow teachers and education professionals share their teaching methods, tools and strategies for creating a learning environment that meets the educational goals of each student, while juggling the responsibilities of evaluating and assessing grade level testing. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Use Formative Assessment to Differentiate Instruction.

Teacher 1: A fraction with the same number on the top and bottom is a unit fraction.

Use Formative Assessment to Differentiate Instruction

Narrator: At Forest Lake Elementary, students are assessed early and often. Teacher 1: Two nights plus three nights plus one night. Narrator: Some of the tests are fun, and most of them employ the latest technology. Teacher 1: Would someone like to share what they put? Student 1: I put A because I added one plus two plus three. Narrator: The goal is to find out where each student is and then devise an individual learning strategy that will help them get to the next level. Teacher 2: Good. Kappy Cannon: I don’t think there's a school in the world where you have a regular classroom where everyone is exactly the same. Student 2: And measure the different level? Teacher 3: Oh, we learned something a little bit different. Tamika Lowe: At the beginning of the year, we do a variety of assessments.

Student 3: I decide I want to be a police officer the two officers came to our school. Everybody: Detective. Untitled. Daily Assessment Of Student Learning Teaching Tips. Rubrics & Authentic Assessment in Collaborative learning environments sourcebook. While not limited to collaborative learning situations, rubrics are particularly suited to evaluating the types of learning products typically created in the course of collaborative learning.

Rubrics & Authentic Assessment in Collaborative learning environments sourcebook

Rubrics are structured lists of criteria for evaluating a piece of work created by students. They are typically used in a transparant manner - e.g. co-developed by and made available to students at the start of a project rather than simply used at the end by an evaluator. Starting points The Authentic Assessment Toolbox is a very useful resource - in terms of theoretical issues, but especially for practical how-to advice.

Rubrics, scoring and grading contains many pointers to good assessment practice, including (towards the bottom of the page) a rubric for collaborative learning. Rubric tools Rubistar is a free online service for creating printable rubrics by choosing options from drop-down lists. Authentic Assessment Toolbox Home Page. To the Authentic Assessment Toolbox, a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox Home Page

Inside, you will find chapters on A good place to start -- In this chapter I identify the characteristics, strengths and limitations of authentic assessment; compare and contrast it with traditional (test-based) assessment. Why has authentic assessment become more popular in recent years? When can it best serve assessment needs? After a brief overview, follow a detailed, four-step process for creating an authentic assessment. Multiple Intelligence Assessment Menu. KIDsmART. New Page 1. Howard Gardner claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences.

New Page 1

These multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened. He believes each individual has nine intelligences: Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence -- well-developed verbal skills and sensitivity to the sounds, meanings and rhythms of words Mathematical-Logical Intelligence -- ability to think conceptually and abstractly, and capacity to discern logical or numerical patterns Musical Intelligence -- ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch and timber.

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