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Bluetooth tech. Hardware & Accessories. R&D [Research & Development] Samsung Tizen based Gear Blink (Glass) to launch in March 2015? These are certainly exciting times for Samsung Electronics and Tizen fans, with release the Tizen based Gear S, amongst other devices like the Gear VR. We were hoping to see Gear Glass, samsung’s rival product to Google Glass, at IFA 2014 this year, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. According to some “industry sources” Gear Blink will launch in March 2015, at the same time as the Galaxy S6.

The trademark number 4020140033123 in the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) refers to augmented reality to create a virtual keyboard that is projected onto your hands when viewed through the Glasses, making it possible for you to type using your hands, literally in thin air. Smartwatch Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know. The battle for your wrist is on, but what should you buy? Or should you wait? From big names like Samsung and LG to upstarts like Pebble and Martian, more than a dozen companies are creating smartwatches to serve as your smartphone companion. While features and designs vary, the main appeal of a smartwatch is to deliver notifications to your wrist (including calls, texts, email and social updates), so you can decide whether it's worth whipping out your phone to respond. In other words, smartwatches can save you time — but there's a lot more to this emerging category.

A number of smartwatches offer a growing library of apps, and some come with built-in fitness features to help you become more active and keep track of your progress. OS and Device Compatibility Because most smartwatches are designed to serve as companions to your smartphone, device compatibility is very important. MORE: Pebble Steel vs Android Wear - Smartwatch Face-off Display: E Ink or Color? Interface: Buttons vs. Pricing. Video Editing By Magisto | An Automatic Online Video Editor.

Appstervan. Best USB Flash Drive and Flash Memory Card | Leef. GALAXY Note3+Gear - Design your life. Open the same application in two windows at the same time and Drag & Drop texts or images with new Multi Window. Open a window as small or as large as you want, wherever you want on the screen. Make daily viewing a delightful routine. Explore where the large screen can take you. Personalize viewing with magazine-like layouts, don't miss out on anything. Click the S Pen over the screen and instantly access the 5 useful S Pen features. Turn your handwritten memos into actionable links:calls, new contacts, To-Dos or emails, web or location searches. Circle the information or image that you want to save, move it into Scrapbook and organize. Search with options detailed enough to locate anything in your phone or the web. Compose and manage your thoughts more easily and quickly. Select the area to be cropped, and the new Easy Clip will remove the background instantly for a professional look.

Write with the S Pen instead of typing; allowing you to experience greater versatility and flexibility. Weather. Côte&Ciel Rhine Flat Backpack | Evernote Market. Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus | Evernote Market. Fiverr. For people. Dragon Mobile Assistant –Mobile Personal Assistant App  | Nuance. More features Learn about the many other capabilities Dragon Mobile Assistant lets you accomplish with a quick voice command.

Location sharing Just tell Dragon to share your location and Dragon will send a text with a link to your location on a map. Or ask Dragon where your friends are to see them on a map. Calendar Events Create calendar events quickly and easily through simple, conversational phrases and Dragon will keep you on schedule. Maps & Directions Never lose your sense of direction with the Maps & Directions feature. Dragon Go! Find a restaurant on Yelp, check out movies times on Fandango, track down the latest viral video on YouTube with simple phrases using the award-winning Dragon Go! Open Apps Scrolling through your library of apps can be quite cumbersome, especially if you're an app addict - so why not use your voice to find it?

Alarm Now you'll have a hassle-free wake-up without having to lift a finger. Landscape Mode. Support.