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This Is Living. Surf Trip, Surf Vacation Beach Houses for Rent. How To Draw A Wave. This art tutorial, kindly donated by surfing comic strip illustrator and surf artist Bob Penuelas covers how to draw a wave the Wilbur Kookmeyer way!

How To Draw A Wave

If you're like me, then you've probably spent a lot of time in high school class daydreaming and doodling a thousand perfect cartoon waves in your notebook. It's safe to say that ninety percent of us surfers have a habit of scribbling perfect waves whenever a pencil is in our hands. Hopefully the following pointers will help you change your throw-away wave doodles into actual compelling artwork that you want to keep forever. Remember, there are millions of ways to draw a wave and hopefully with these simple pointers you'll find a million more. So, have fun. Drawing a basic wave The following illustrations and captions by Bob Penuelas take you through the basic steps of drawing a wave… Step 1 Sketch in the basic shape of the curl, spray, foam and base of the wave.

Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Add the rest of the flow lines. Step 5 Step 6 Tips… Making a Surfboard for Small Waves Video. Hi, my name is Josh Hall.

Making a Surfboard for Small Waves Video

I'm 28 years old, born and raised in San Diego California. I own Josh Hall Surfboards, which specializes in customed—100% hand-shaped unique surfboards. First step I do is pull in any surf board. I cut the board at length from the deck. Fuck Yeah 4Chan. Happy Valentines Day from FuckYeah4Chan!

Fuck Yeah 4Chan

<3 Include your tumblr address or even a link to your post to get credit (via juiceinabox) Don’t forget to vote for juiceinabox to become a TV star here: (It only takes a second!) Could Surfing Be Coming To The Olympics? Would you watch surfing if it were added to the Olympics?

Could Surfing Be Coming To The Olympics?

What if we had access to world class waves of variable height, length, and shape available to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? What if we had the ability to produce overhead barreling waves in a controlled environment anywhere in the world? Well ladies and gentleman according to this dream is soon to be a reality within the next 5 years, if not sooner. Multiple companies and big names within the surf industry have entered the wave pool race it seems that we could be entering a new era for the sport of surfing. This is one massive step in the direction of surfing’s inevitable Olympic future. Start surfing. Summer Resort Guide. Kickstart your surf trip with a visit to the Forecast page for up to date Global Surf Forecasts, Global Swell Trackers, Virtual Buoys and more.

Summer Resort Guide

Blind trips, too. Sometimes you'll score, but most of the time the only redeeming thing you get out of those kinds of adventures is sympathy. Who is the Surfing Scientist? › The Surfing Scientist (ABC Science) The Surfing Scientist › The Surfing Scientist The Surfing Scientist is really Ruben Meerman and this is a picture of him with his latest love — Black Betty!

Who is the Surfing Scientist? › The Surfing Scientist (ABC Science)

Ruben takes liquid nitrogen, balloons and the laws of physics and does science shows for kids at schools in NSW and QLD (and hopefully soon in other states). He has an arsenal of science tricks up his sleeve - check out the tricks and the lesson plans for teachers. British Columbia holidays: Making waves surfing in Canada. By Michael Hanlon Published: 18:46 GMT, 13 April 2012 | Updated: 13:23 GMT, 16 April 2012 Rhiannon says quietly over the roar of the surf: 'Now paddle.' I do what she says, arms flapping like a deranged turtle, my attempts to propel the board forward fast enough to keep up with the moving hill of foam are surprisingly effective.

British Columbia holidays: Making waves surfing in Canada

After a second I actually start accelerating, just as the wave picks up 16 stone of middle-aged surfing novice (I grew up by the sea, but have never tried this before) and oversized beginner board and propels this ungainly combo towards the shore at what feels like 50 knots, but is, in fact, more like five. Surfy Surfy: More Rad Surfboard Art. RESURFACE - Custom Art on Surfboards. Surfboards for Sale. SURFER - The Hot 100 Movie. SURFER - The Hot 100 Movie SURFER Magazine presents the 2012 Hot 100 Movie.

SURFER - The Hot 100 Movie

Top 5 Wavecation Properties for Surfing and Diving. Surfing, Surf Art, Photography & Culture. JORDY SMITH - TOP 10 WAVES - WCT 2010. DAY DREAMING. Josh kerr surf - Air show. Surfing in the Great Lakes - Red Bull New Wave.

Big waves

Airs. Ny/nj surfing. Surfers. Gonad Man - Episode 1. Surf Exersize. SBS: Documentary: Andy Martin: Top ten surfing documentaries. 6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers. #3.

6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers

Kim Peek Remembers Everything By the time Kim Peek passed away in 2009, he had perfectly memorized 12,000 books, simultaneously making him both the best and the worst person to be stuck next to on a bus. Dmadeo"Anyone up for a stirring monotone recitation of Finnegan's Wake? " One reason he was able to put away so many books is that he could read them two pages at once, one page with each eye, because apparently that's something you can do.

It is claimed Peek had an eidetic memory, or photographic memory, something that people aren't even sure actually exists. Peek's story was also the inspiration for the film Rain Man. In your face, Hoffman. So What's Going on Here? Many assumed Peek was, like the guy in the last entry, an autistic savant, because Americans think "autism" means "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. " Throughout it all, Peek only wanted to share his gift with the world. Richard Green, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare SystemAnd then stole his goddamn car. #2. . #1.