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DroidDraw : Graphical User Interface Editor for Android Cell Phone Development and Programming. Cross-platform Native Mobile Applications Development Tool for iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile - ELIPS Studio - Products - OpenPlug. Products. Pd Documentation 3. Back to table of contents The following are basic instructions on how to get Pd installed and running on your machine.

Pd Documentation 3

More details are maintined online on the site. Pd runs under Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS (10.2 or later). Index. This is very informal documentation for the Smeck guitar processing patch described in the paper, "Patch for guitar" (available as HTML or PDF ) presented at the second Pd convention in Montreal, 2007.


The patch works for guitars having a separated (6-channel) pickup and audio interface so that the computer receives six channels of audio from the guitar. One such interface is the StringPort from Keith McMillen Instruments; this works fine with macintosh computer, and on Linux with a patch to the alsa driver code (write me for that). The Perl Programming Language -