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Good night lamp. Matt pearson - Everyoneelse. Sebastian Roende Thielke's portfolio. Niklas Roy. Nicholas Zambetti. Kyle McDonald. Peter Kropf. Interaction with RFID and NFC. Director, designer & researcher. Igor Clark. Matthew Chalmers. I’m a Reader in Computer Science at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Matthew Chalmers

My work borrows from philosophy, biology and other disciplines in order to feed into the design and theory of computer systems, especially mobile and ubiquitous computing. I lead the social/ubiquitous/mobile (SUM) group, and we work on theory, infrastructure and applications such as mobile multiplayer games and systems for health and fitness, for cultural tourism, and for ‘seamful’ awareness of the infrastructure one uses and may have ready-to-hand.

My main projects are A Population Approach to Ubicomp Systems Design, an EPSRC programme that investigates a new treatment of software class as a varied and evolving population of instances, and EuroFIT, an EU FP7 project centred on using football fans’ club affiliation to encourage greater physical activity and less sedentary behaviour. Also, I’m always on the lookout for good PhD applications. My work email address is matthew.chalmers at Pasta&Vinegar. September 15th, 2012 | No Comments » Time for presenting summer project outcomes! In July and August, I spent two months in the Media Design Program department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. As I mentioned few weeks ago, the project was called CURIOUS RITUALS: Gestural Interaction in the Digital Everyday and focused on the postures, gestures and habits related to digital devices such as laptops, cell phones, remote-controls, sensors or robots.

Along with Katherine Miyake , Nancy Kwon and Walton Chiu , we produced two things: (1) A book (.PDF, 3.1Mb) documenting current digital gestures (based on a preleminary field study in European cities and in Southern California, with essays from Dan Hill and Julian Bleecker), (2) A design fiction film that speculate about their evolution in the near future. I’ll post more material about the project in the next few weeks (approach, rationale, findings). September 6th, 2012 | Comments Off September 5th, 2012 | Comments Off. About / Bio. Geraldine Juárez : simple.mechanisms. Sansumbrella. .: sermad :. » About. I like to do nice work and have done it in some lovely places.

.: sermad :. » About

BBDO - TBWA – Wieden + Kennedy – Glue London – Holler – Kerb Anything involving creative uses of interaction \ communication design be it on the internet \ physical interaction \ mobile – is really where my head is at. I am also a *massive* record nerd. I ran a record label from my bedroom for a few years…and i’ve been helping running a forum on records since 2000. View my profile on linkedin if you would like to connect. This blog is my voice and no way reflects my employer. If I come across as a bit rude it is because I am aware that the industry I work for doesn’t contribute much to society – filling peoples lives with poor work is such a waste.

I’m British and currently live in New York. Marek Bereza - Interaction/Industrial Designer - Work Blog. James Alliban. Superduper. Andy Huntington Interaction & Sound. Jørn Knutsen - Designing and researching. Einar Sneve Martinussen. Martin Rieser media artist and writer personal website. BERG. McFilter: About Me. About Me It's long overdue really, especially given that I find such pages quite useful when I happen upon other blogs, so I figured it was time to add some "About me" info to McFilter.

McFilter: About Me

I live in Cambridge, England and write software for a living. I moved down here from the North-West to be one of the first few employees of a startup called STNC - we were first to put a web browser onto a mobile phone. I played a pretty big role in the success of the company, initially as a software engineer, then with some project management and finally as software manager in charge of the entire engineering force. When we were acquired by Microsoft, I wanted to get back to some coding, and so led the team writing the TCP/IP stack which has shipped on an assortment of devices including the Sony Z5 and the Amstrad em@ilers. In early 2001 I left Microsoft, and since then have been working for myself - some of the time doing contract work, and some of the time developing my own products. Ian. Chris Heathcote: anti-mega. Turn up and go · 18.03.14 Over 6 months ago, a question came to mind: how far could I get from London for a tenner?

Or twenty quid? Where by going I generally mean by train. And at the weekend, as I’m working at an occupation requiring a fixed number of hours a day. And, crucially for the state of the British train system, where you could just turn up and go. Well, this is a hard problem. The kind of question you want to stick on a map.