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Augmented Reality

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‪Infiltrating the Oval Office & Pentagon‬‏ SNDRV - Sander Veenhof. Augmented Reality art exhibition MoMA NYC (guerrilla intervention) Augmented Reality (AR) is the phenomenon adding virtual elements into our physical reality.

Augmented Reality art exhibition MoMA NYC (guerrilla intervention)

These addition are viewable by pointing your contemporary smartphone to the world around you. The phone knows where you are (because of GPS) and with this data it connects to the internet to get the relevant images, visuals, 3D shapes and it puts them into your view. 'AR' technology allows anyone to (re-)shape anything, anywhere! An example: the MoMA building NY will host a 'virtual' augmented reality show on the 9th of October 2010 But, they don't know about it yet.

The infiltration is part of the Conflux Psychogeoraphy festival. Konstruct: Augmented Reality iPhone App. ‪Toyota Window to the world - multimedia system‬‏ Realidad aumentada con la 3DS directamente en tu brazo. Layar Augmented Reality 2010: Discover, Play & Premier of the Floaticons.

AR platforms

Interactive AR Packaging.