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Google Image Result for. *The Graphics Fairy* Johnny In A Dress: Pretty Up Your Pumpkins {JIAD style} A few days ago I showed you my pumpkins!

Johnny In A Dress: Pretty Up Your Pumpkins {JIAD style}

Today I am going to show you how to make your own! Yay! The pumpkins used to look like this: (They were purchased at Wally World and the Dollar Tree) Some of them had "natural" looking stems - which I like. Some of them had cheap green plastic stems - which I do not like... I started out by gently removing all of the stems (except for the green ones... I gathered all of the little pumpkins with the dreaded green stems and the two larger pumpkins (stems removed) and my favorite Krylon Rut Tough Enamel spray paint and went outside!  After a few coats they pumpkins were lookin' like something I would have in my house! Yay!  While the silver pumpkins were drying, I went inside and cut up little fabric scraps into smaller pieces: Then I got my hot glue gun, placed a dab of glue then stuck a little piece of fabric onto the pumpkin...

Then repeated that like 5,000 more times until the entire pumpkin was covered! .... hot glue... ruffle.... Burlap & fabric. I believe I may be addicted....

burlap & fabric

Burlap and Fabric Rosettes how sweet! I am in Love. I purchased a green foam wreath at Michael's with my 40% off coupon. I think it cost about four bucks. I had left over jelly roll strips from a quilt. Left over burlap from the 2 yards I purchased for my lampshade. Some Hot Glue and several burned fingers later... Super cute. I decided the other day, as soon as it starts to get a little warm out I am going to paint the shutters and the front door a deep navy blue. My wreath is going to look lovely on it. Linking up to. Retro Chic China Cabinet TRANSFORMATION. I have had the most fun with this china cabinet makeover.

Retro Chic China Cabinet TRANSFORMATION

Talk about a transformation. Check out this before and after. I purchased this cabinet along with a matching table and chairs off of Craigslist right after Christmas. The set has a very retro feel to me and I wanted to do something fun. I primed and painted with Valspar Mediterranean. I had to totally take the cabinet apart to remove all of the glass and get the shelves out. Craftaholics Anonymous. Learn how to turn old t-shirts into pom poms!

Craftaholics Anonymous

T-shirt Pom Poms are so much more durable than tissue paper ones. And I think they look loads better! Leslie Graff. I’m captivated by the domestic series of Boston-based painter, Leslie Graff.

Leslie Graff

The images are so pretty and idealized (heels in every image — is it a statement? A wish?). I’m drawn to the strong compositions and I love looking at them. Dress Up a Plain White Shower CurtainHouse & Home. Fall Wreaths Made of Leaves, Flowers, Wheat, and More Natural Elements from Better Homes and Gardens#page=5. A Blog about DIYing our way through Life, Kids and Pretty Things.