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Store. Backyard Brains. Teach your Science Students about Sound with TwistedWave. Teaching the concept of sound, pitch, frequency, and amplitude can be a little abstract since sound waves can’t normally be seen. However with the help of technology, students can get a much more concrete understanding of these topics. In Ohio, sound is part of the science curriculum in Kindergarten, Grade 5 and Grade 7. In each case the students are supposed to explore how changes to sound waves can affect the pitch and loudness of the sound.

The Ohio model curriculum encourages teachers to use virtual tools to visualize or simulate these concepts. A great tool to do this is the free Chrome Web App called TwistedWave. This is a free online tool that lets you record sound, play it back, see a live visualization of the sound waves, edit the sound (pitch, amplitude, etc), and see the effect those changes have. Directions Installation TwistedWave can be installed through the Chrome Web Store at Signing In Using TwistedWave Ohio Science Standards Kindergarten.