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12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers. There are many different sites on the internet that allow you to create your own puzzles and games to use either directly in class, or which can be linked to/embedded into your VLE.

12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers

I’ve been doing some trawling ahead of a training session I am running soon, and here are a few of the best ones that I’ve found. There are others out there, but the focus specifically for my session was KS4 and 5, so these links are aimed at older students. If you have any other favourites, please add them to the comments! 1. Classtools Net Classtools is already one of my favourite websites, home of the Countdown Timer and Random Word Picker. 2. Content generator’s templates allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through our custom software – no coding required. 3. is dedicated to providing technology tools for teaching that are quick and easy to download, learn, and start using in your classroom. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Also worth a look: 8. 9. The best teacher tools for creating classroom quizzes. 101 Shares Share Tweet Email The days of tried-and-tested classroom quizzes are getting shaken up.

The best teacher tools for creating classroom quizzes

Thanks to education technology, we’re seeing a massive influx of entertaining yet useful apps and web tools that make quizzes a bit more engaging. Besides, who wouldn’t like taking a quiz on an iPad rather than with a pencil and paper? In any case, identifying which teacher tools work best is tough. See Also: The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms Since there really is now singular ‘perfect’ app, let’s take a look at some of the options that are quite good. Criteria For Choosing The Best Teacher Tools. 35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes And Collect Feedback From Students. 35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes And Collect Feedback From Students If there is one thing teachers lack, it’s time.

35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes And Collect Feedback From Students

And while using technology to automate learning has been frowned upon by many, using it to automate time-consuming processes or aggregate data automatically is among the many seamless fits technology can make into any classroom. Which is where the following collections of apps and tools comes in. These sites, tools, and apps can save teachers time by allowing them to create simple quizzes that can be taken asynchronously, and make polls and forms to collect feedback from students (content-based or otherwise). Exist slips, pre-tests, student-created quizzes, course evaluation forms, crowdsourcing student knowledge of apps to use in a future project-based learning unit, and more.

Very cool. Quiz Apps. QUIZZES-TESTS-CLOZE. QUIZZES-TESTS-CLOZE. Online testing Create online quizzes free quiz maker ClassMarker. Generadores de ejercicios y cuestionarios. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards. QuizHTML5. QuizHTML5 es un sencillo visor de cuestionarios Hot Potatoes.


Utiliza exclusivamente tecnología HTML5 por lo que, a diferencia de otras soluciones implementadas en Flash, funciona también en dispositivos móviles y tabletas. Resulta una solución muy fácil de utilizar e integrar en un artículo de tu blog, wiki, moodle, joomla o página web. Ha sido elaborado por y se ofrece para su libre uso en cualquier web educativa sin ánimo de lucro. Descarga la aplicación a tu equipo, sube sus archivos a una carpeta de tu espacio web junto con el cuestionario *.JQZ elaborado con Hot Potatoes y puedes insertarlo en tu página web. Características Integración de un cuestionario. Instrucciones Elabora un cuestionario de preguntas utilizando Hot Potatoes 6. Donde en el parámetro src se indica la dirección de la página PHP subida y en ella también se indica el nombre del archivo *.JQZ (sin la extensión) si tiene un nombre distinto a jquiz.jqz. Descarga Descarga de quizHTML5 (ZIP 22 KB) Uso educativo. Create An Interactive, Label-Based Image Quiz!

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing this resource!

Create An Interactive, Label-Based Image Quiz!

ImageQuiz is a fantastic new website that lets users create image-based quizzes with ease. Just upload your image, choose a title, and begin tagging the locations of the labels. Tagging works by drawing on the image to define what the quiz should test people on, and then labeling each of those tags. It is very easy to use and has a basic, simple interface and best of all – no signup required! This means you can get students to create their own quizzes without worrying about them having to create accounts and then forgetting the passwords… For example, below is a screenshot of a quiz someone created about the parts of a bicycle. As you can see, it even keeps score, so you can use it as an assessment in the classroom if you would like.

Happy quizzing, y’all! Like this: Like Loading... Quizzing Tools. Quickly Create Online Quizzes For Free. 45 Powerful Tools To Create Polls And Quizzes In The Classroom. Quiz Builders. Quiz Show. Quiz. 35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes And Collect Feedback From Students.

Quickly Create Online Quizzes For Free. Teacher Resources: Quizinator for Teachers, Instructors, and HomeSchoolers.