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Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools. Discovery Education Curriculum Center. Home - Science NetLinks. Algodoo, a great physics education program! « Scientix blog. Image: Shutterstock/Kletr Algodoo is a 2D physics engine for iPads and computers.

Algodoo, a great physics education program! « Scientix blog

It´s created by a Swede named Emil Ernerfeldt. With Algodoo you can let your creativity flow! When I first saw Algodoo a couple of years ago it looked promising and useful but I didn´t really understand how to get started in the first place. I put Algodoo on a wish list of what I would like to learn and be able to use in the classroom. Today I have used it with my students to explore contents like friction, density, gears and optics. Algodoo is a very creative program and the best way to explore it is to do the first 2 beginners tutorials and then just play around and build things with all the tools available. I will show you in a video how you can get started with Algodoo with the beginner’s tutorials.

In the videos I use Algodoo on a computer but you can also use it on an iPad. Beginners tutorial: If you would like some inspiration of how to use Algodoo I suggest that you search Youtube for Algodoo videos. An On-Line Biology Book. Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science. How fast does the wind blow?

Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science

What makes things sticky? Where do insects live and plants grow? What is the best way to clean up the environment? How do humans measure up in the animal kingdom? So many questions—and so many ways to find answers! Bridge Builders How Fast Is the Wind. Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools. Web 2.0 Science Tools. By Laura Turner The following web2.0 sites would be useful for science educators at the high school and middle school level.

Web 2.0 Science Tools

Some would also be appropriate for higher elementary grade levels. There are many new ‘tools’ or websites that take advantage of the higher speed and bandwidth of today’s Internet. Web 1.0 tools/websites were text based and web2.0 tools/websites are designed for full-motion video, 3D animations and are generally interactive in some manner. Web 2.0 can also be described as the second round of new technology development and adoption. EcoKids This award-winning EcoKids web site is an interactive environmental web site for children, their families, and educators in Canada and around the world.

Experience Math and Science with Gizmos (3-12) This site features 450 interactive simulations for math and science. Exploratorium This site was one of the first science museums to build a site on the World Wide Web. Google. Science for Kids - Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online Games, Activities, Projects, Ideas, Technology. Math and Science. SCIENCE - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives & Games for Kids. Science Videos, Preschoolers, Kindergarten, Primary Secondary school Kids, Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans, K12 Science, Science for every Grade Student, Activities for Kids.

Web 2.0 Science Tools. WEB ADVENTURES — Explore Science - One Game At A Time. Science Resources. Content Resources. Bottle Biology. SCIENCE - General. Moon Madness! I can't think of anything more fun to teach than space.

Moon Madness!

The moon is one topic that I totally love teaching about! There's just so much great information out there. Nothing gets kids REALLY excited like learning about the moon! I have included some great videos, games and goodies (including a freebie) for you to use in your classroom as you study all about the moon! Hope you and your kids enjoy them! You can't do better than Bill Nye! Nice basic video and short! This video is for kids aged third grade and up. This site has great activities about the moon…kids will love it and very kid-friendly! If you need a good game for a center during your moon study, this is the one! This is a great space game for older students! Now for the freebie! If you like the freebie you might enjoy the resource it came from. Science Experiments, Projects & Toys for Kids.

Science. An Animated Look At How A Speaker Makes Sound. We use speakers all of the time.

An Animated Look At How A Speaker Makes Sound

In fact, I’d guess that the device on which you are reading this article has a speaker on it somewhere. Do you know how a speaker works? I’ll admit, I had no idea before I found this awesome animated infographic. Sure, I knew that there was a cone and a bunch of other components that allows them to push the sound towards my ears, but other than that, it was complicated nonsense. Virtual Cell Animation Collection. Science Simulations. Science Videos, Preschoolers, Kindergarten, Primary Secondary school Kids, Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans, K12 Science, Science for every Grade Student, Activities for Kids. No åk F-6. Biology. 100 Awesome Engineering Projects for Kids. By Kristie Lewis Engineering and fun aren't always two things that kids naturally associate with one another, but there are hundreds of ways to make engineering, physics and design fun and challenging for kids.

100 Awesome Engineering Projects for Kids

Here are 100 great experiments that will let kids construct, play, learn and grow, all while they study the fundamentals of engineering. Basics These projects focus on the basics of motion, force and other essentials of physics. Balls and Ramp. Light and Electricity Let kids have fun understanding how to harness light and electricity. Create your own light bulb. Structures Kids will have a blast trying to put together these building projects.

Build a Bird House. Materials Through these projects, children can see how different materials act and work in structures. Create the perfect play dough. Travel and Movement Learn about planes, trains, automobiles and all kinds of movement through these ideas. Paper Airplanes. Harnessing Nature.