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Industry 4.0

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IoT From%20Research%20and%20Innovation%20to%20Market%20Deployment IERC Cluster eBook 978 87 93102 95 8 P. The Industrial Internet of Things. Past event Corporate Members Participants Dr Alison Vincent, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco UK & Ireland Professor Michael Huth, Professor of Computer Science, Imperial College London Chair: Ravi Mattu, Technology Editor, Financial Times Overview While much interest in the ‘internet of things’ has focused on the consumer sector, the ability to digitally connect devices, vehicles and buildings, and to collect data from this network, also has the potential to dramatically transform business and industry.

The Industrial Internet of Things

Four key takeaways from Dell’s industrial IoT play - Dell IoT Gateway. Industry observers have often been critical about the hype built around the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon; some even call the notion of IoT impractical for its lack of foresight and need to “speed to market.”

Four key takeaways from Dell’s industrial IoT play - Dell IoT Gateway

However, unlike the flashy consumer IoT realms such as connected wearables, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is for real and it’s here today. In many ways, the IIoT’s story isn’t new because it’s a natural progression of the legacy technologies like industrial automation and machine-to-machine communications (M2M) that are focused on localization and control, and they’ve been around for quite some time. The IIoT phenomenon turns the M2M black boxes with little data and little control into an interconnected world of sensors, devices like edge gateways, and data analytics tools for optimizing processes and predicting anomalies. 1. IIoT is an evolution of the existing industrial automation systems. 2. Recommended for you

RESEARCH PAPER: Connecting with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) This paper continues the Internet of Things (IoT) market segmentation Moor Insights & Strategy started in the previous research. note, Behaviorally Segmenting the Internet of Things (IoT).

RESEARCH PAPER: Connecting with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Here we compare the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and the Human IoT (HIoT) at and near their end-points. Our comparison highlights near-term IIoT brownfield opportunities. Executive Summary. IERC-European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things. Internet of Things, Services and People - What is new. Industrial Internet of Things - CloudPlugs. The IIoT Connector™ is a dual purpose product designed to integrate standard Modbus devices into the CloudPlugs IoT platform, while also providing local connectivity to a SCADA or Building Management System.

Industrial Internet of Things - CloudPlugs

It is designed for environments in which the field devices and the SCADA or BMS system are in the same facility, but is desired to have the device data available in the cloud for access by other analytics, business or operational support applications. A single IIoT Connector™ can simultaneously manage several hundred Modbus devices, and sets up a secure bi-directional connection over the Internet with the CloudPlugs IoT platform, eliminating the need for virtual private networks, firewalls and complex network infrastructure in the field. Device data and events are sent securely to the platform and control commands are received and executed by the devices. IIoT Connectors™ can be easily configured to connect seamlessly as a Modbus slave device with any local SCADA or BMS system.

IoT content from Electronic Design. Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the same as Industrial IoT (IIoT)?

IoT content from Electronic Design

Yes and no. Yes, both are such broad terms—like the “cloud” and the “internet”—that they encompass almost any connected device, with IIoT leaning toward industrial applications. The challenge is that many applications destined to be categorized as IIoT will fall exclusively within the realm of industrial deployment, such as factory or warehouse automation.

Industrial IoT. Forget smart fridges: the Industrial Internet of Things is the real revolution. Forget smartwatches, smart kettles and garden sprinklers that use Bluetooth; cross-out the first two words from the 'Internet of Things' and you've got a good summary of what that buzz-phrase means so far.

Forget smart fridges: the Industrial Internet of Things is the real revolution

However, the Industrial Internet of Things – or IIoT – is real, and it's changing the industrial world right now. What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? The phrase was a term coined by GE a few years ago as an update to machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, while the German government calls it Industry 4.0, but what does it mean? "It's not new, but the vernacular has evolved," says Mike Troiano, VP, Industrial Internet of Things Solutions at AT&T, which presently has 18.5 million machines connected to the internet. IoT Industry Solutions. Training Certificate Program from Rockwell Automation. Increasing Demand for Network Convergence Skills As organizations recognize the value of converging the industrial plant floor with their IT infrastructure, the gap in the skills that are required to manage such a convergence is becoming apparent.

Training Certificate Program from Rockwell Automation

Before organizations can realize the significant benefits to be achieved in quality, safety, timeliness and customer satisfaction, their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) professionals need to understand the significant complexities of the converged environment. Together Rockwell Automation and Cisco have developed a training and certificate portfolio that is optimized for each side of the equation, IT and OT, providing the skills that are required to securely converge the network architecture with maximum efficiency and return on investment, enabling organizations to transform their business and gain a competitive edge. Test: Do you have the right skill set to manage industrial networks? OT Professionals. Training Certificate Program from Rockwell Automation. Industrial Internet of Things by Honeywell. Industrial Internet Of Things - Motorola Solutions. WEFUSA IndustrialInternet Report2015. Untitled. What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Internet of Things More data and information is being captured from systems, machines and devices and made available to IT systems.

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Industrial IoT 2016 - Delivering the Industrial IoT enabled connected future. 230615HoL Waking Up to UK Futuresv2. Markus Lorenz: Industry 4.0 - how intelligent machines will transform everything we know. Industry 4.0: The Industrial Internet of Things - Alasdair Gilchrist. Vint research 3 the fourth industrial revolution. Wolfgang Wahlster - Industry 4.0 - Sensu. Presentation e. U-Meet - Lohse - Industrie 4.0 by University of Twente. Expert Session on “Industry 4.0" Industry%204.0%20 %20full. 29c3f03ebad9458d850a48e8ad17bcdd. 930adc3403ba45269e52a16c3233b7ed. Industry 4.0 - ICES - The KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems. 13.00 Welcome and introduction 13:10 Industry 4.0 – An Introduction and reflection, Andreas Rosengren, Prevas The manufacturing industry is facing a new era of technological development within both products and production processes.

Industry 4.0 - ICES - The KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems

Industry 4.0 is one of many initiatives aimed to boost the utilization of new technologies to strengthen northern Europe as a manufacturing region. Industry 4.0 as a term, encapsulates many hyped technologies and buzz words such as Digitalization, Industrial internet, Internet of things, Big Data, Cyber-physical systems etc. . • What does this mean for the industry? 13:40 Enabling industry 4.0 - Event-driven architectures and smart micro services, Kristofer Bengtsson, Chalmers The increasing computational power makes it possible to collect, analyze and act on data in real time. Speakers - Industry of Things World 2016. Robert Katz, a global cyber-innovator, business-builder, and real rocket-scientist, pioneered many of the early game-changing connectivity capabilities we find commonplace today.

Speakers - Industry of Things World 2016

These include his ground-breaking design and deployment of world’s first systems for the Internet of Things (IoT), GPS tracking, wireless messaging, Internet email, connected cars, and drone-based sensor deployment. Later, he went on to lead numerous cyber, national, and homeland security-related C5ISR initiatives for the Pentagon, and its civilian, industry, laboratory, and academic partners.

Ramsauer 2014 09 19 Industrie 4 0 iknow. Team Oxford – Industry 4.0 — product innovation project. Team Oxford – Industry 4.0 — product innovation project. Industry40 Brochure 2 3mm kl15.15. Industry 4.0. RWTH 10. The Fourth Industrial Revolution 173 INT. I40 Research at German Research Institutes 2016. University of Potsdam - The Transformation of the Factory – How Industry 4.0 brings human and machine into dialogue.

“Application Center Industry 4.0”: a simulation platform for new factory models and a learning factory at the same time. Photo: Karla Fritze. “Up to now, a workpiece in a factory has been ignorant. It does not know what it is, where it comes from, and whether it is important,” Norbert Gronau says. The Fourth Industrial Revolution 173 INT. Industry%204.0%20 %20full. Industry: Features: News & events: Linköping University. In the production facilities of the future, the products will manufacture themselves. Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, artificial intelligence researcher and honorary doctor at Linköping University, has a clear vision of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

We are right in the middle of it. The fourth industrial revolution is already upon us, maintains Prof Wolfgang Wahlster, CEO of DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and honorary doctor at LiU since 1998. He is one of six invited speakers at IDA, LiU’s Department of Computer and Information Science, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary with a future-focused seminar series. But what Prof Wahlster shows us is much closer to the present day. Using technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet protocols, QR codes and RFID tags, sensors and positioning systems, it is now possible for a product to manufacture itself.

He gives the following example to explain how such a facility works. Industry 4.0: Manufacturing in the United States. Bridges vol. 42, December 2014 / Feature By Thomas Kurfuss Industry 4.0 stems from the realization that a 4th industrial revolution is upon us. The 1st industrial revolution was driven by the advent of steam engines being used to power production facilities.

This provided a more flexible and powerful energy source for machinery not situated near a natural source of power such as a river. The 2nd industrial revolution was driven by the assembly line, exemplified by Henry Ford a century ago. Untitled. Enabling the 4th industrial revolution - Enabling the 4th industrial revolution - "industrie 4.0" or the "internet of things"? Lastest blog from Professor Andy Neely. I've been struck recently by the range of people talking about new digital and data developments in manufacturing. Of particular interest has been the apparent explosion of discussion about industrie 4.0 (which is extremely popular in Germany), internet plus (which is being pushed by China) and the industrial internet (being promoted by GE among others). Managers, consultants, policy makers and academics are all getting very excited about the potential of connected devices. "Industrie 4.0" dossier in HSG Focus.

Industrie 4.0 - Home. Untitled. New study programme Smart Engineering starting in autumn 2015 In autumn 2015, the Bachelor programme Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes is going to start at St. Pölten UAS. It is going to be the first dual study programme in East Austria. In this kind of study programme companies and universities instruct students together. Untitled. Industrie 4.0 - RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY Cluster of Excellence „Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries“ - English. Industrie 4.0-Readiness-Check. Successful implementation of Industry 4.0 enables distributed, highly automated production. Industrie 2025. Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL. Smart connected technologies : latest trends, challenges and opportunities August 31 to September 2, 2016 Target audience Engineers seeking a comprehensive introduction or update in IoT technologies and applications.

A basic knowledge in embedded systems design, in microcontrollers programming, in signal processing and in communication concepts is required. The course will be given in English. Overview Technological advances in miniaturized, ultra-low power embedded systems, in communication protocols and in data mining techniques are leading to disruptive innovations.

Sensor Data Discovery for the Internet of Things. Project Details. EPFL students connect to the internet-of-things (IoT) Lehrstuhl für Automatisierung und Informationssysteme: Homepage. Lehrstuhl für Automatisierung und Informationssysteme: Homepage. Industrie 4.0. Production units, which have already been implemented according to the concepts of Industrie 4.0, are called Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS). Final report Industrie 4.0 accessible. Smart SysTech. Smart SysTech 2016 Flyer (PDF) Keynote I by Prof. Institut Mines–Télécom and TUM create the Franco-German Academy for Industry of the Future - Institut Mines-Télécom. Industries in Finland - ICT - Internet of Things in Finland. The IoT sector in Finland consists of innovation drivers (universities and R&D institutions) and commercial service developers.

Internet of Things Lab. Industrial Internet - Aalto University. The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Automation and Digitalization Campus to be established - LMU Munich. Bosch Media Service. Institut für Pervasive Computing. Untitled. Leveraging the Internet of Things for Competitive Advantage. The internet of things impact and applications in the high tech industry codex1223.

New Internet of Things research hub announced. The Value Of Partnership In Industrial Internet Of Things.