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Here is the DEAL! I do not enjoy exercising... like I pretty much never "crave" a good workout! The! End! Sadly, last year's resolution went by the wayside. I didn't gain weight last year, but I did not lose any either. Mrs. Wills Kindergarten Mrs. Wills Kindergarten
Under the Alphabet Tree Hey ya'll!I've been so busy teaching my kids reading, writing and math, that science and social studies has been pushed to the side. I hate this because I remember LOVING science as a kid and I love teaching it. Under the Alphabet Tree
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Here you will find a variety of free Kindergarten Printables. Many of my Preschool Packs and even Tot Packs contain Kindergarten skills, but at times I don't want to create an entire theme pack. This is where I host the files I create with specific Kindergarten skills as my child is working on them. I have 1 in Kindergarten for the 2011/2012 school year so I imagine I will add to this section often throughout this year! <font face="Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" style="" class="size12 Tahoma12"><a target="_blank" href="http://1plus1plus1equals1.net">Blog</a> | <a target="_self" href="/index.html">Home</a> | <a target="_self" href="/RaisingRockStars.html">Raising Rock Stars</a> | <a target="_self" href="/ForTots.html">For Tots</a> | <a target="_self" href="/ForBigKids.html">For Big Kids</a> | <a target="_self" href="/ForMoms.html">For Moms</a></font> 1+1+1=1...Kindergarten Printables 1+1+1=1...Kindergarten Printables
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First Grade Teachers - A free online community for first grade teachers and support staff
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Math Daily Review
Totally Tots Totally Tots You may have noticed that 2013 has been a VERY slow year for Totally Tots. There’s a reason for this. Totally Tots will be taking a bit of a break, and not adding regular new content during 2013. We have enjoyed having writing teams for the past few years and are so grateful for the time many moms have devoted to filling this blog with ideas!
1+1+1=1...Tot Books & Tot Packs 1+1+1=1...Tot Books & Tot Packs <span><a target="_self" href="/BrowBearBrownBear.html">Brown Bear, Brown Bear</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/CHickaBoomTotBook.html">Chicka Chicka Boom Boom</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/5LittleMonkeysTotBook.html">Five Little Monkeys</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/TheVeryHungryCaterpillar.html">Very Hungry Caterpillar</a></span>
The First Grade Parade

The First Grade Parade

The Christmas season is always so fast and furious. We spend days/weeks {months, for those of you who don’t procrastinate} preparing and then it’s over just like that. Kind of sad. So in protest, I’m keeping my decorations up for a bit longer.
Mrs Jump's class Last year I wrote this post about my goal to RUN in a 5K Color Run (click on the pick to read it) I didn't stick with my training schedule (epic fail) and I ended up walking the WHOLE thing. (boo, hiss) Thankfully, I had some friends who walked it with me. Hope and Cheryl put us all to shame. They ran WAY ahead of us! Mrs Jump's class