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New Jersey governor Chris Christie's George Washington Bridge scandal confirms the worst concerns about his leadership, and the soul of the GOP that until recently seemed ready to embrace him as its best hope for 2016. In all of 2013, manufacturers added 77,000 new workers. It won't be much better in 2014 unless Congress and the Obama administration get their collective acts together. The December jobs report may be an anomaly. TomPaine.Com - Home
This month's issue of The Atlantic contains a long thoughtful and downcast article about the possible effects of long-term unemployment on the American national character. One section in particular is very much up my alley: about how the shifting job market and how it might affect the Millennial generation. Graduating into a recession, it turns out, can afflict your income for a lifetime. The Narrow Bridge The Narrow Bridge

the Green Party of the United States

the Green Party of the United States Hawkins seeking NY Green nomination to run against Governor 1% photo: ArtVoice Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address highlighted tokens of social liberalism for his working and middle class voter base. But we cannot let that divert us from his very conservative class agenda for his rich donor base. Cuomo touts prosperity but practices austerity. The Green Party calls for progressive property tax relief program based shifting more of the tax burden for both local and state government away from regressive sales and property taxes and on to more progressive personal and business income taxes.
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Remember, these issues represent the tip of the political iceberg. But they are indicative of the corporate domination of the Democratic and Republican parties. Click on any of the issues in the table below for more information the issues that matter for 2008, or find out more about the Nader/Gonzalez position on other important issues, including the environment, social, fiscal, market, labor, political and foreign policy. Ralph Nader on the Political Issues that Matter Shift the Power Political Issues that Matter - Ralph Nader's Views on the Issues Political Issues that Matter - Ralph Nader's Views on the Issues
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