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Augmented Reality. Scout Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device by Matt Marrocco » Y. Rip Your Environment Apart Augmented reality!

Scout Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device by Matt Marrocco » Y

That’s what we’re dealing with here. This right here is the “Scout – Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device” and it’s intended to be used by people traveling about, connecting then with local knowledge, wisdom, and GPS information to guide them. It’s a digital compass is what it is. It encourages “uninhibited exploration, discovery, documentation, and sharing.” Can you imagine the games you could play with this lovely little thing? The Scout has a screen, a camera, and a scroll wheel click button. Lemme know what you think about that. Another interesting thing is the information Matt Marrocco has given us! Do you agree with giving up your tools along with the design? Very big questions in this very simple design. Designer: Matt Marrocco. 10 Amazing Augmented Reality iPhone Apps. While Lawnmower Man may have led us to believe the future was a virtual one, it seems that in fact augmented reality (the overlaying of digital data on the real world) is where we're headed.

10 Amazing Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

A buzz technology right now, augmented reality apps are quickly gaining momentum on the iPhone. So to add to the quick overview of six AR apps we brought you earlier, we sort the digital wheat from the pixellated chaff to bring you ten AR apps for the iPhone that vary from functional, to educational, to just plain fun. 1. Le Bar Guide Although the wisdom of getting drunk people to wave their iPhones around on today's mean streets is questionable, if you drink responsibly, as this Stella Artois-backed app urges you to, this could be a handy tool. 2. Another corporate-backed app, this time by Plantronics, is WorkSnug, an iPhone app that finds digital nomads a place to lay their weary laptop. 3.

This star map app will spell out the stars, planets and constellations for you. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. iPew.


Pulse/LiveScribe. 10 Things You Must Do With Your New Mac - Mac - Gizmodo. @drocha184: I find it a bit more useful for the phone than for my computers.

10 Things You Must Do With Your New Mac - Mac - Gizmodo

I have Remote Desktop, which does well for remote accessing my computer at home, but with MobileMe, I rather like the ability to locate my phone, and remote wipe it if need be. @drocha184: Definitely not knocking what Matt's article states, but most people would just like to Plug and Play without having to go on the Net and look for all the apps and free features on the Internet, and most people would rather have everything ready to go out the box and have all of their setting automatically applied to all of their devices.

MobileMe allows for all of those things. Like all things Apple, MobileMe just works with all of your Apple devices such as your iPhone, iPod touch, and all of your Macs. You can even access and manage all of your information on your devices from any computer anywhere. Otherwise it's truly worth it when you have at least two Macs and the iPhone. @drocha184: