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Hawaii endemics

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Hawai'i Forestry Extension: 'Ohi'a Wilt. J.

Hawai'i Forestry Extension: 'Ohi'a Wilt

B. Friday, University of Hawaiʻi College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Cooperative Extension Service,; 808-969-8254 Lisa Keith, USDA, Agriculture Research Service, Daniel K. Inouye Pacific Basin Agriculture Research Center;; 808-959-4357 Flint Hughes, USDA Forest Service Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry;; 808-854-2617 Introduction A newly identified disease has killed large numbers of mature ʻōhiʻa trees (Metrosideros polymorpha) in forests and residential areas of the Puna and Hilo Districts of Hawaiʻi Island. Forest stand affected by Ceratocystis wilt. Extent The disease affects non-contiguous forest stands ranging from 1 to 100 acres.

Symptoms Crowns of affected trees turn yellowish (chlorotic) and subsequently brown within days to weeks; dead leaves typically remain on branches for some time (Figure 1). Symptoms of Ceratocystis wilt of ʻōhiʻa include rapid browning of affected tree crowns. Figure 1. Free Resources - Forest Starr & Kim Starr - Starr Environmental. Silverswords being coaxed back from near oblivion. Posted on: Monday, June 5, 2006 Silverswords being coaxed back from near oblivion By Christie WilsonAdvertiser Neighbor Island Editor Silverswords are making a comeback on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea after being reduced to near extinction by grazing animals.

Silverswords being coaxed back from near oblivion

Last winter marked a final full round of plantings of the Mauna Loa or Ka'u silversword, with 1,958 seedlings placed at three sites close to the Mauna Loa Trail by volunteers and Volcano Charter School students led by rare-plant specialist Ane Bakutis. Since 2000, nearly 13,340 plants propagated at the University of Hawai'i's Volcano Rare Plant Facility have been put into the ground at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, according to Rhonda Loh, acting chief of the park's Natural Resources Division. Visitors to the park already can see some of the plantings along hiking trails, and silverswords should become a more common sight in years to come. "They're like ice cream to sheep," Bakutis said. Growing Native Hawaiian Plants: A How-To Guide for the Gardener - Heidi Leianuenue Bornhorst. Of-30.pdf (application/pdf Object) Endangered Hawaiian Plants. Hawaiian Native and Naturalized Flora.

Hawaii's Plants and Animals

2012_silversword_update.pdf (application/pdf Object) v175.pdf (application/pdf Object) Hana Hou: The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines - Current Issue. Story by Janice Crowl Photos by Jack Wolford The sky above MacKenzie Park on the windward coast of Hawai‘i Island is cloudless; drought has plagued the island for weeks. Usually by October the park is a mushroom wonderland. Instead the duff of the ironwood forest floor is dry as shredded wheat. Nevertheless, the mushroom man is undeterred. “Try to imagine thousands of mushrooms right here!” Hemmes says that looking for mushrooms is like going on an Easter egg hunt— you never know what you’ll find. Hemmes often leads hunts at Mac- Kenzie, where most of the vegetation and fungi aren’t native to Hawai‘i. Uphill Hemmes finds dehydrated “earthstars,” mushrooms that have adapted to drier areas.

During the rainy season, MacKenzie Park is bursting with hundreds of unabashedly phallic “stinkhorns.” Young Naturalist Awards. PACSOA - Pritchardia beccariana. Figure 1.

PACSOA - Pritchardia beccariana

P. beccariana trunk and crown. Common Names: Native Plants Hawaii - Viewing Plant : Pritchardia beccariana. Pritchardia beccariana Main Plant Information Genus Pritchardia Species beccariana Hawaiian Names with Diacritics HāwaneLouluNouluWāhane Hawaiian Names HawaneLouluNouluWahane Common Names Beccari's Loulu Plant Characteristics Distribution Status Endemic Endangered Species Status No Status Plant Form / Growth Habit Tree Mature Size, Height (in feet) Tree, Medium, 30 to 50Tree, Large, Greater than 50 Mature Size, Width The canopy width is from 12-15 feet in mature specimens.

Native Plants Hawaii - Viewing Plant : Pritchardia beccariana

Life Span Long lived (Greater than 5 years) Landscape Uses Specimen Plant Additional Landscape Use Information Although somewhat slow growing this loulu can make a nice canopy. Plant Produces Flowers Yes Flower Characteristics Flower Type Not Showy Flower Colors Yellow Leaf Characteristics Plant texture Coarse Pests and Diseases Additional Pest & Disease Information Whiteflies, scales Growth Requirements Water Requirements Moist Soil must be well drained Light Conditions Full sunPartial sun Additional Lighting Information Protect from direct sun in hotter areas. v174.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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Kohala plants focus of talk. The Hawaiian Native Biota Pool.