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Christien meindertsma wins dutch design award with flax chair. Nov 01, 2016 christien meindertsma wins dutch design award with biodegradable flax chair every year, during dutch design week, the dutch design awards take place, showcasing a platform containing the full spectrum of what the country’s creative minds are accomplishing. the winner of the product category has been designer christien meindertsma, who won the future award with her FLAX chair— impressing the jury on all fronts. the biodegradable chair combines the natural fibers of wool and flax with strong bio-plastic fibers, resulting in a material that can be heat-pressed into unbelievable shapes. video courtesy of vpro(main image) photo by nick bookelaar photo by studio aandacht photo by studio aandacht photo by studio aandacht Save juliana neira I designboom.

christien meindertsma wins dutch design award with flax chair

Facebook. Clever Sign Board for Shop. By Philipp Thonet - I Love Woodworking. By Peter Duus - I Love Woodworking. 10 Modern Products Made From Cork. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. SPACE10, a future-living lab and exhibition space in Copenhagen, wants to change the modern food industry.

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

In September, we shared news of the group’s Growroom – a spherical farm pod that lets you grow food just about anywhere. Now SPACE10 wants people to build their own Growroom right at home with open-source plans for the ingenious design. Grab some plywood and a rubber hammer and get ready to grow. The Growroom spherical garden helps to “empower people to grow their own food much more locally in a beautiful and sustainable way,” according to SPACE10. Last year, people across the globe, from Taipei to Helsinki, expressed interest in getting their own Growroom, but the group didn’t want to create a new way to grow local food just to manufacture and ship the pod across entire oceans.

Related: The Growroom is a spherical farm pod that brings agriculture to city streets Although the Growroom has a tiny footprint, it is capable of growing substantial quantities of food in a small space. Incredible Wood Sculpture. Matt Johnson expose actuellement Wood sculpture à la 303 gallery, New York.

Incredible Wood Sculpture

L’exposition, comme son nom l’indique, est une sélection de pièces reflétant l’abandon en bois sculpté, plié et peint. L’artiste sculpte des pièces destinées aux ordures, tout en préservant leurs fragilité. FLYTE - Levitating, innovative and high-design products for your home – Flyte. Breaking Surface Part 2. Exploded Chair by Joyce Lin. A chair is dismembered and partitioned into clear plastic boxes.

Exploded Chair by Joyce Lin

The superimposition of one chair form over another emphasizes both the joinery of its parts and the form as a whole, calling into question the idea/function of a chair versus its physical reality and ideas about material and permanence. Joyce, 22, is an artist and designer passionate about making interactive sculptures and functional objects as a mode of exploration and play.

Her work is heavily influenced by ideas on interconnectivity, isolation, and the ever-shifting relationship between humans and the natural world. GIULIA DE MARCHI. Photography – Evosia Studios. Laurent Rosset. Pontus Willfors. Vera van Wolferen – Artist, Animator, Set Designer. NICK THOMM - HOLOGRAPHIC SKATEBOARD. Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte Design Studio. Portfolio - dcobco. ORIGINS. Jake Whillans Studio. Objetik. Illustration, Prints, Decor. Bespoke Global - Artisan crafted. Completely customizable. Just for you. New Life. Snickeriet – Frank. The Three Stool par Char Kennedy. Elongated par Emily Rogstad. Erwan Boulloud’s Sculptural Furniture. Rustic bench 1.0 — Mark Laban. Swarm – Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau. Giving new meaning to the word enlightenment, the genius of the Swarm Lamp lies in its ability to attain the feeling of suspended motion, each lamp tethered in a perfect harmony of light.

Swarm – Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Specialty Bulbrite light bulbs that reveal a sculptured pattern of entwined filament are connected to custom-cut wood that resonates with a distinct Scandinavian design quality. The respect for woodcraft in the Swarm Lamp hearkens back to a simpler, pre-industrial time when the creative process was just as important as the end product. The Swarm Lamp, like all Jangir Maddadi products, is designed for individual style: The angle of each Swarm can be adjusted to a road spectrum of positions, and each lamp can be purchased as one, a group of three, or a group of five, giving people the freedom to choose the light in their lives.

The Swarm Lamp brings together three simple materials: glass , wood, and metal, and creates a piece that so organic that it could have been designed by nature itself. Yellow Wiggle – Reuben Margolin. Design for Life. Alex Trenear Thomas. Paul Waller. "In the Bag", 1978, Carl Goldstein. Home. Gerardo Feldstein. Dining table leg ideas furniture details dining table leg ideas 2012 – Home Conceptor. Dining table leg ideas furniture details dining table leg designs – Home Conceptor. Collections @ Fratelli Boffi – Italy.