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Reading Comprehension - Free Worksheets. Home- English- Math - Reading - Research - Keys - Newsworthy - Links - Contact Reading Comprehension, Volume 5: Number 32, Word Meanings From Context Number 31, The Painting Number 30, Word Meanings From Context Number 29, Charity, Poem Number 28, Word Meanings From Context Number 27, Mysteries Number 26, As I Awake, Poem Number 25, Democracy and Freedom Number 24, Modest Requirements Number 23, Martin's St.

Reading Comprehension - Free Worksheets

Number 22, Word Meanings From Context Number 21, Word Meanings From Context Number 20, Word Meanings From Context Number 19, You, Poem Number 18, Word Meanings in Context - Antonyms Number 17, Winter Heat Number 16, Word Meanings From Context - Synonyms Number 15, Word Meanings From Context Number 14, The Presidential Campaign Number 13, Memories, Poem. Fiction Readings with Skills Development. Center for Urban Education: Resources One-Page Reading/Thinking Passages Aligned with Core Priorities FICTION Readings to Develop or Assess Comprehensive Reading Skills These passages are listed at their readability level according to the Fry formula.

Fiction Readings with Skills Development

However, you may want to use a reading from an earlier grade level because the. - A Passage Search Engine for Teachers. Historical Fiction. Read Me A Story, Ink. — Search Read Aloud Stories by Title, Author, Grade Level or Keyword. Goldfieldsliteracy - Charts, posters, bookmarks. LLPLC Resources / Genres. Genres When students understand the unique characteristics of genres, they are better equipped to anticipate the structure of the text and comprehend the big ideas more easily.

LLPLC Resources / Genres

(Tompkins, p 57) Poetry Tompkins, Gail E. Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach figure 8-1 p 261 Informational books form a wide and varied category which employs several forms, structures and styles. ........ Freedman, R. (1992). Informational books do not have to be boring. 4 Characteristics of Informational Texts 1) Accuracy Information must be accurate and complete. 2) Organization The information should be presented clearly and in a logical progression to enhance readability and comprehension. See Expository Text Structure under the Structure category. 3) Design The book should have great visual appeal and be easy to navigate. 4) Style The style should be stimulating enough to motivate the reader to explore further.

The RTI Daily Planning Book, K-6 by Gretchen Owocki - Heinemann Publishing. WW2 Mentor Text: Number the Stars. Today's theme for Collaboration Cuties' Mentor Text linky is Social Studies In history, we've been delving deep into World War 2 - by far my students' favorite subject to study.

WW2 Mentor Text: Number the Stars

There a lot of excellent books on the topic - here's one... Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is an incredible story set in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War 2. The story's main character, Annemarie, demonstrates great courage in the face of adversity and a changing world. The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Immigration Journals...Creating Characters! class is on the tail end of one of my FAVORITE units of the year.

The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Immigration Journals...Creating Characters!

I haven't been blogging about it much because I did do some blogging about the unit last year but... I have to share this. We have immersed ourselves in immigration...we have read novels. We have read informational texts. We have viewed primary sources. To prepare for this amazing learning experience, I put my students into "families" from countries that sent a lot of immigrants to our part of the country. Together they brainstorm and come up with their ideas. Others used iPads to get more detail or to learn a little more about what was happening in that era in that country. All of this preparation served to get the students SO excited for our big day. 1. 2. 3. We started off in the computer lab today with our first entry...and the kids were having a blast writing, conferring with their family members, dashing back to their computers and so on. Text Message Generator: Create Character Conversations. I have written previously about Fakebook, which allows you to create a fake Facebook page.

Text Message Generator: Create Character Conversations

To see that article, click here. has another fun activity that is a bit easier for you to use but can create the same type of feel. the SMS Generator! The SMS Generator gives you the opportunity to create a text message conversation between 2 people. It can be historical figures or characters from a book. You could even have different shapes carry on a conversation! Book clubs. In 5th grade, our students participate in book clubs in at least two of our reading units: Social Issues and Historical Fiction.

Book clubs

This year, I tried something a little different to heighten the level of my students' book club conversations and will definitely do it again next year. This year, in addition to using consistent whole class conversations and partner conversations throughout the school year to strengthen their ability to talk about books, I also formed book clubs for some of our read alouds.

For example, in between our Social Issues and Historical Fiction units, I had the book club groups practice how to prepare and have successful conversations around our read aloud, The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen. Strategies for Argument Based Read Aloud from Mary Ehrenworth. Last week, I had the privilege of going to a full day workshop at TCRWP to hear Kylene Beers speak about close reading and rigor!

Strategies for Argument Based Read Aloud from Mary Ehrenworth

Stay tuned to hear about that this week. Prior to Kylene Beers speaking, Mary Ehrenworth shared strategies for argument based read alouds in the classroom. In our district, we are currently in our Short Text/Literary Essay unit and our next unit is Nonfiction Research/Research Based Argument Essay so I was excited to hear what her focus was for her time with us. Below are some of my notes and take-aways about argument based read alouds in the classroom. Purpose of Argument Based Read Alouds: Increase the intensity and engagement of partner talk Increase skills of using text evidenceHone into skills for evidence based arguments During an argument based read aloud, you are reading aloud the text like you normally would without the students having the text in front of them and having the students stop and jot/turn and talk about the text.

What Impacts our Characters? What Impacts People? Each year, in fifth grade, we teach a character unit in reading workshop and I love it because it really teaches students how to grow ideas about their characters.

What Impacts our Characters? What Impacts People?

In the past, I usually only taught two mini-lessons on character impact and how events and secondary characters impact the main character. What Impacts our Characters? What Impacts People? Is Your Child on Track? by Bonnie Campbell Hill - Heinemann Publishing. Now available: An app for parents of children ages 3 to 11 who want to help their children grow as readers.

Is Your Child on Track? by Bonnie Campbell Hill - Heinemann Publishing

12 Words and Phrases We Get From Greek Mythology. Etymologists (people who study words and their histories) should be very familiar with Ancient Greek language and culture. Latin words make up about 50% of the English language, and the Romans borrowed their mythology from the Greeks. Greek words make up another estimated 5%. So what words and phrases come directly from Greek mythology? Here are twelve! 1. To talk/write tediously and persistently on a particular topic. 2. Someone or something that looks too good to be true, a charismatic devil. 3.

A virus that gets into a computer disguised as a friendly program. 4. Subject to sudden or unexpected changes in mood. 5. Love free from romantic interest. 6. Adventures in Literacy Land: Tackling Text Complexity. I recently attended a literacy workshop where we discussed text complexity. I had a few "ah-ha" moments during the session that I'd like to share with you today. Text complexity is something many teachers struggle with when selecting reading material for their students. We want a "just right" fit, a book that will engage students and provide the appropriate amount of challenge. Grades 3-8 ELA Curriculum: Appendix 1: Protocols and Resources. Popular Topics - Articles & Videos - Choice Literacy.