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Facebook Twitter - Find and share referrals locally. Opportunity Listings - VirtualInterns. Contribute to Startups Today for Cash or Equity. 2076 current jobs in Television (TV) for Apr 22, 2014. Broadcast Employment Job Bank, Resumes, Freelance, Station Information, Salaries, Internships, Discussion Areas, Job Lines, Agents, Streaming Video, Digital Talent and MORE. Choose from 768 live job openings. Careers at Media General.

2,249 SCREENWRITING & WRITING JOBS (Movie, TV, PR… Staff, Copy & Assignments… Pick One) 2,249 WRITING & SCRIPTWRITING JOBS (Staff or Copy or Assignments) Writing & Selling Screenplays is not difficult… once you are inside the industry.

2,249 SCREENWRITING & WRITING JOBS (Movie, TV, PR… Staff, Copy & Assignments… Pick One)

Securing TV staff writing gigs is not difficult… once you are inside the industry. Pitching and Selling new ideas is not difficult… once you are inside the industry. Now, how does one get “inside the industry”? Whether it be Films (Independent or Studio), TV Scripted, TV Non-Scripted, TV Gaming, TV News, Electronic Gaming, Copy, Press Releases, even Technical Writing the key is to (1) get your first writing job, (2) do the job great while (3) simultaneously writing 2-4 Spec (aka: Speculation, write-for-free) Scripts. The question then becomes… “How does one, an outsider, find their first writing job”. CBS Corporation Jobs - Jobs. Jump to Filters 615 Jobs Return to top Sorted by Relevance Sort by Date Filter by Business Unit.

CBS Corporation Jobs - Jobs

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Ten Great Ad Agencies Of 2012. Sometimes it takes more than a village.

Ten Great Ad Agencies Of 2012

Grey Advertising, the giant ad agency which once splintered itself into a collection of small “villages” in an attempt to capture some lightning in a bottle, took top honors as the best all around ad agency of 2012 in a quantitative online survey conducted among agency search consultants, by marketing and search firm Avidan Strategies. It is the first such survey in which the consultants, who have unique firsthand knowledge of agencies, ranked them. Sign In. About blur. Loyalty Marketing Associate job - CPD Energy Corp / Chestnut Marts - New Paltz, NY. Founded in 1981 and based in New Paltz, NY, CPD Energy is Distributor of Motor Fuels representing Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Gulf, and Irving gasolines and diesel products.

Loyalty Marketing Associate job - CPD Energy Corp / Chestnut Marts - New Paltz, NY

CPD is family owned and operated, supplying over 350 fueling facilities in 6 different North East States. Loyalty Marketing Associate Opportunity: The future of consumer rewards is here and there is so much in it for you. ExxonMobil has joined forces with world-class brands from around the US to bring together a new national loyalty rewards program set to launch in May of 2015.

This is a chance to work on the front line of a national promotion estimated to bring tens of millions of consumers to membership in the program. You will work with industry experts to learn about the power of leveraging some of America’s top brands. Partnering with American Express in launching a multimillion dollar marketing campaign at launch, this is an opportunity like no other. Requirements: Velvet Jobs. Applying For Production Jobs? Here Are a Few Tips to Make Your Resume Shine. Sending out job applications for production work can be both tremendously exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

Applying For Production Jobs? Here Are a Few Tips to Make Your Resume Shine

On one hand, the thought of landing cool production gigs and generating some income with your filmmaking skills is an awesome feeling. Glassdoor. Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory. Creative Circle > AboutUs. New York State Council on the Arts. If you are a non-profit organization interested in applying for NYSCA support for the 2014-15 grants cycle; or if you expect to renew your contract with NYSCA during the upcoming contract year: You must be prequalified before you can be considered for a new grants contract or before you can renew your contract with NYSCA; To learn more about the prequalification process and how to register in the Grants Gateway, visit; Prequalification is a two step process: Registration, and then Prequalification!

New York State Council on the Arts

To begin, review the Vendor Resource Manual and User’s Guide posted on the Grants Reform website; If you need help or have any questions, please contact our help desk for assistance; Renewal applicants must also be sure to submit all final reports before applying for new grants. Builder. Internships at msnbc cable - msnbc - Students interested in applying for an internship at msnbc should submit their resume and cover letter at and click on INTERNSHIPS and then N.Y.

Internships at msnbc cable - msnbc -

& L.A. Area. Are you a News Junkie? Do you need a daily fix of Politics and Current Events? Then why not intern with NBC News on Cable 24/7, msnbc? As an intern with msnbc you’ll have the unique opportunity to be a real part of a cable news network. Internships. A+E Networks Summer Internship Program is designed to provide students with exposure to the cable and entertainment industry through a diversified selection of assignments.


The program also serves to provide A+E Networks with talented and qualified students who may choose to become candidates for permanent positions upon graduation. Opportunities are available in areas such as: Programming ▪ Marketing ▪ Production ▪ Finance & Accounting ▪ Legal & Business Affairs ▪ Corporate Outreach ▪ Digital Media ▪ Ad Sales ▪ Distribution ▪ Public Relations ▪ International ▪ Office Services Frequently Asked Questions.

1st AD - Assistant Director (Film-TV) Back to previous menu What you do in the job?

1st AD - Assistant Director (Film-TV)

The primary role of a 1st Assistant Director is to help the Director in the making of the film in the time allowed, dictated by the Producer/budget - but assisting the director in such a way as to allow them as much time as possible to concentrate on the creative process rather than on all the practical/organizational elements involved. FOX Broadcasting Company - FOX Audience Strategy. Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. CBS Corporation Jobs - Jobs. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. The application period for Summer 2014 is now closed.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation

College Central - Job Search Resources and Employer Services. Poptent. California Job Service. Search Production Crew & Find Film Jobs. Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory - television - video - broadcast.

Connecticut Film & Digital Media Workforce. The Film Industry Training Program (FITP) provides graduate trainees with the opportunity to intern on non-union and union productions shooting in Connecticut. Certified FITP graduates who have successfully completed the summer intensive program may apply for internships to work alongside producers, production managers, production office coordinators, department heads and crew members on projects shooting within the state. The purpose of the FITP Internship Program is to provide advanced learning opportunities through practical experience and to help strengthen the skill set of Connecticut’s industry workforce. Internships depend entirely upon the cooperation of participating productions and may take place throughout the year.