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David Wasser / TV Producer / Resume. Multimedia. The lift to heaven Film about disco polo, a type of dance music which originated in rural areas of Poland.


Though considered tacky by many people, it is becoming popular in Warsaw. Jodie Warsaw seen with the eyes of a foreigner. An American woman lives on the socialist-era housing estate and figures out the way to be happy in Poland. Commuters. Story about a group of friends, who commute together to work in Warsaw, Poland. Recycling of Souls Ekon Association in Warsaw is a recycling plant that provides jobs for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues; who would otherwise find it difficult to get work.

Wika Wika Szmit is 74 years old and a pensioner. Call Centre The best call centre consultants are like doctors - they look beneath the skin of client to determine the best way to sell him a product. LAUNCH Festival March 4th and 5th 2013 - Content Direct - Studios. Content Direct - Broadcast Networks. Leverage multiple monetization options from sales and rental to ad insertion and syndication Create your own experience online, or go Over-the-Top with cloud-based capabilities that deliver HD-quality experiences on-demand Meet your audience on Facebook with live events, Coming Attractions, Behind-the-Scenes looks, and exclusive access to premium content Measure what your audience views, buys, and shares with friends to drive targeted promotions and personalized experiences Engage and reward the loyal fans who love, watch, buy and recommend your programming Online video adds dynamic appeal to static TV.

Content Direct - Broadcast Networks

It travels in your pocket and it gives you everything you want with a search and a click. Content Direct takes you straight to your audience through whatever technology they prefer to use and gives you the tools to sell them what they want, not just give it away. A Series of Strange Occurrences. Feeling Words temp.

Emotional Intelligence | Emotional Literacy Feeling Words / Emotion WordsWords Describing Feelings and Emotions * = Newly created words Thanks to all the people who have contributed new words.

Feeling Words temp

I am sorry but it has proven impractical for me to name them all. A special thanks, though to Bob Myrick at the University of Florida. Ordering Details Click here to make a donation for the list. The requested donation amount is 5 US dollars for personal use. If you want to pay by check, please email at the above email address to see where in the world I am these days! Thanks. Steve. Film Network - FilmMaking - Guide - Related Links: Recommended Watching. WebVoyage Record View 1. How to Showcase Your Web Series On a Web Site — Online Video News. A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August. Film Network - FilmMaking - Guide - Why Make a Short? The TV Writers Vault - Protect & Pitch Your Reality TV Show Idea.

Protecting Your Ideas For Sale To The TV Industry - Visit for time stamped proof-of-creation Preventative Research: Do some reading and networking to get a better grasp on what companies are developing and producing.

The TV Writers Vault - Protect & Pitch Your Reality TV Show Idea

If a person or production entity has created and developed on their own an idea that is similar or identical in theme, subject or nature, to that of your creation, they have a clear right to produce and distribute such a title and project. Only if a company or producer engages you in formal review and consideration of your fully developed project after their engagement or "pitch" from you are they accountable to you as the creator of the project. Read and study industry trades and resources such as or The Hollywood Reporter which detail industry activity and current projects going into production. Our "Mandates and Trends" report also provides general information on project types being sought by networks and production companies. Talentville. Short Short Films - Short Short Films on FILMS short. Vertical Menu with CSS3 There are twenty-four short shorts - all under 5 minutes - over the next six pages to accommodate those who need quick gratification.

Short Short Films - Short Short Films on FILMS short

Pixels by Patrick Jean (2010) (France) (2m) * French filmmaker Patrick Jean had made several short animations before hitting the big time with Pixels. Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer, Funny People) liked it so much that he struck a deal with Jean to turn his simple, high-concept idea into a Ghostbusters-like action comedy. Pixels sees New York invaded by a bunch of 8-bit creatures (such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man) before the pixilation spreads and quickly takes over the whole world. Post-it Love by Si & Ad (2008) (UK) (3m) * Post-it Love, written and directed by British duo Simon Atkinson & Adam Townley (thus Si & Ad) is just about as close to perfection as you can get in a romantic short film.

Autumn Leaves by Saman Hosseinpuor (2015) (Iran) (4m) *