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Car Accident - Complete Guide. Hurt in a Car Accident? See If You Qualify for Compe... Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: All You Need to Know. Pedestrian accidents are a common scenario with fatality rates that are quite concerning.

Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: All You Need to Know

Common Types and Causes of Birth Injury. During or around the birth of a child, any injury that leads to the baby being harmed can be classified as a birth injury.

Common Types and Causes of Birth Injury

This could be anything, from birth asphyxia to birth trauma or infection. The injuries incurred may heal over a period of days or leave lasting permanent disability depending on the nature and severity of the trauma. Factors to Consider When Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer. About 6 from every 1000 children born suffer birth injuries every year in the United States.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer

The reasons for these injuries vary, from fractured bones and spinal cord injuries to cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy, and most of these injuries are preventable with proper care during birth. Consumer Protection Laws Everyone Needs to be Aware of. There is no dearth of cases where consumer rights have been violated.

Consumer Protection Laws Everyone Needs to be Aware of

These cases are rampant, with several businesses being secretive and violating the privacy of consumers. Several consumer protection laws were brought in place to deal with the ever-growing cases of consumer rights violations. These laws govern on both a federal and state level. The Federal Trade Commission, established in 1914, is one among several organizations that aim to deal with consumer violation cases with the help of certain acts in place. These laws help you as victims of unfair business practices to challenge it through legal means. Facts And Statistics about Bicycle Accidents. How to Find the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

If you or your loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice or negligence, you are probably wondering what to do next.

How to Find the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

The best way to deal with such instances is to hold the at-fault party responsible in the court of law and making them pay for their mistakes. However, going in alone on the legal battlefield can backfire. It is best that you hire a seasoned medical malpractice attorney to help you navigate through the process. Finding an experienced medical malpractice attorney can become difficult. Truck Accidents Facts And Statistics You Should Know. Guide to Hiring the Right Truck Accident Attorney for Your Case. Truck accidents can be devastating for the victims and their families.

Guide to Hiring the Right Truck Accident Attorney for Your Case

They can have life-altering implications for the victim and leave them with piles of bills to deal with for the rest of their life. In some cases, truck accidents can even lead to deaths leaving the families of the victims to deal with scathing pain and financial troubles. Recovering compensation and bringing the at-fault truck driver to justice can be the only way you or your loved one can focus on the healing process and forget about the financial burden of rehabilitation.

Spinal Cord Injury: Facts and Statistics You Should Know. Spinal cord injuries, irrespective of how they occur, are the most devastating type of injuries that someone can sustain.

Spinal Cord Injury: Facts and Statistics You Should Know

Not only do these injuries disrupt the lives of the victims but also have a life-altering impact on their families and loved ones. Lifelong medical costs for treating injuries, diminished working or complete loss of earning capabilities, a potential loss of cognitive and physical abilities, and loss of companionship are some adverse impacts of spinal cord injuries. Here are some statistics that shed some light on the frequency and the associated consequences of spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can have catastrophic consequences for the victim and their families.

10 Important Dog Bite Statistics and Facts Everyone Should Know. Dogs are a man’s best friend but at times they can become aggressive and bite people.

10 Important Dog Bite Statistics and Facts Everyone Should Know

Most dogs bite people to save themselves, their owners, puppies, or out of pure fear. This does not mean that dogs are ferocious beings and should be banned. Lack of training, abuse by owners, and traumatic experiences in the past can trigger them to bite people. Nevertheless, dog bites can be traumatic and painful for the victims. Nursing Home Abuse: Facts & Statistics. Nursing home abuse can have grave consequences for elders as well as their families.

Nursing Home Abuse: Facts & Statistics

Instances of nursing home abuse can harm elders both physically and psychologically and take a toll on their loved ones as well. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse instances are a commonplace occurrence in the United States. What to Expect During a Personal Injury Lawsuit? You can suffer from injuries due to a variety of reasons ranging from a car accident to slip and fall at the place of work.

What to Expect During a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

On the other hand, you can also be accused of being liable for causing the injury to someone else. In either case, you can bring a civil lawsuit for recovering your compensation or be called upon to defend yourself against it. Although the accident and personal injury lawsuits can take a variety of forms depending on the cause of the injury, the basic stages and the process remains the same. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the different stages of a personal injury lawsuit. How to Get Compensation when in a Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident? Injured in a bicycle accident where the at-fault driver left the scene before you could get his or her details? Are you confused about how to recover your compensation with no information about the driver who caused the accident? You are not alone. Hit-and-run accidents have spiked across the US in recent times. Top 5 Medical Malpractices in the US. How is Liability Determined in Motor Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents?

Are you a cyclist? Do you also have the preconception that if you are ever in an accident with a motor vehicle the liability will automatically fall on the motorist? If so, then you should know that it is not so. Understand How Much Do Workers’ Compensation Attorney Charge? Irrespective of the industry you work in, there are chances you may hurt yourself due to reasons out of your control. In such situations, you are entitled to compensation from your employer. However, it is possible that your employer may deny your claim or offer significantly reduced compensation for the damages you incur. In any case, the best way to deal with workers’ compensation disputes is by hiring a legal professional. Checklist for Hiring a Car Accident Attorney. 8 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney - The Legal Helpers.

Car accidents can be painful, traumatic, and often difficult to deal with. The situation becomes even more stressful if you decide to take on the responsibility of handling the legal complexities and procedures on your own. Guide to Evaluating Your Workers’ Compensation Claim - The Legal Helpers. Determining the Worth of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Workplace injuries can be painful both physically and financially. When suffering from a workplace injury, you may miss out on time at work, lose wages, and incur expenses for medical treatment. The situation may put you under financial distress. In such scenarios, workers’ compensation covers the loss of wages and medical bills. When you are injured at your workplace, you automatically become eligible for receiving workers’ compensation benefits from your employer’s insurer. Factors that Impact Workers’ Compensation Claim Settlement. What to do When Involved in a Car Accident? Automobile accidents and car crashes are on the rise around the world with car accidents responsible for claiming 1.3 million lives every year.

Is Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Necessary? - The Legal Helpers. Irrespective of what profession you fall under and where you work, there are chances you may get injured or develop an illness while doing your job. These injuries or diseases can be serious, life-altering, and can lead to disabilities. How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case? - The Legal Helpers. Car accidents can be painful, traumatic, and often difficult to deal with. How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case? - The Legal Helpers. Is Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Worth the Money? Being in a car accident can not only be traumatic but can also bring chaos and confusion into your life. 3 Ways to Track Air Cargo - And One More That’ll Blow Your Mind. Tackling Drug Counterfeiting — Barcodes vs. RFID vs. Blockchain. A WHO report1 says poor countries lose over 2,50,000 children to fake and substandard drugs of malaria and pneumonia every year.

Although most industries are focusing on supply chain efficiency, pharma supply chains bring a bigger worry into the picture: patient safety. Evolution in Pharma Cold Chain — Vaccine Vial Monitors to Dataloggers to IoT. Ensuring product quality when shipping pharmaceutical products is a matter of life or death. This led to the adoption of vaccine vial monitors during the better part of the 20th century, which could provide an indication about major temperature deviations that affected product quality. Is Cargo iQ Enough to Monitor Your Air Shipment? As simple as it may seem, air cargo isn’t just about moving boxes in planes. How to Track Your Ocean Container with IoT. Shipping overseas often means no continuous visibility beyond the port.

If you ship overseas often, you’re probably familiar with the difficulty of tracking ocean shipments. How to Keep Your Multimodal Transport Operators on Track. Invest in a Smart Rail Cargo Tracking System — It’s About Time. Invest in a Smart Rail Cargo Tracking System — It’s About Time. How to Track Rail Parcels Using GPS Shipment Trackers. How to Make SAP Returnable Container Tracking ‘Real Time?’

How to Track Returnable Containers Using LPWAN (Nb-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox) Digital Supply Chain — Impact of Industry 4.0 on Supply Chain Management. Are Wireless Sensors Better for Remote Temperature Monitoring in a Warehouse? Is an RFID Security System Enough for Warehouse Theft Prevention? The Hidden Discounts of OpEx for Inventory Tracking. Multimodal Route Optimization - What Makes it Difficult? IoT + AI + RPA = The Future of Digital Supply Chains.

The Cost Breakdown — CapEx vs. OpEx for Shipment Tracking. Nafta Frigo.