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Music production

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Harmonic theory. How to REALLY make DUBSTEP.


My music. Shortcircuit. Simplicity where it matters, complexity where it counts Note: Shortcircuit has been discontinued.


It is now freely available for download, but Vember Audio does not offer any support for it. Sampling is supposed to be fun Prior to shortcircuit it wasn't as fun as it could be. Free VST to try. Recording. Mix techniques. Recording. Daw and vst.

Music Scales and Chord Tools for Guitar and Piano. The Most Popular Keys of All Music on Spotify. Each day, approximately 20,000 new songs appear on Spotify, which now has over 30 million tracks, which is obviously a lot of music.

The Most Popular Keys of All Music on Spotify

As the Beastie Boys once maintained, there are “only twelve notes, well a [hu]man can play.” They were right on the money about that, when it comes to Western music at least (rock, rap, classical, country, and many or most other genres). Unless you count the microtones between what the notes in the genres many of us are most familiar with, there are only 12 notes in all of music. DAWS and Recording. Working on the intro to a new track. Songwriting & Production. Building Complex Melodies: Just Producing.