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Sweet SQL Lass: "I can't take this database offline!" Simple Example of Cursor. Using Extended Properties on Database Objects. In using extended properties, you can add text, such as descriptive or instructional content, add input masks, and add formatting rules as properties of objects in a database or of the database itself.

Using Extended Properties on Database Objects

For example, you can add an extended property to a schema, a schema's view, or to a column in the view. Because extended properties are stored in the database, all applications reading the properties can evaluate the object in the same way. This helps enforce consistency in the way data is treated by all the programs in the system. Extended properties can be used for the following: Specifying a caption for a table, view, or column. Each extended property has a user-defined name and value. For specifying extended properties, the objects in a SQL Server database are classified into three levels, 0, 1, and 2. References to an object in one level must be qualified with the names of the higher-level objects that own or contain them.


New Installation (Reporting Services) Parsing - How to strip all non-alphabetic characters from string in SQL Server. Migrate MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server. Introduction This article describes a few simple steps in order to migrate MySQL into Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Migrate MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server

The technique is very easy, but useful if you plan to move your data from MySQL and upgrade it finally to a Microsoft SQL Server environment. Background Initially, I started my search for an article on CodeProject regarding MySQL->MS SQL migration without any success. I had an old PHPbb forum running, that needed to be upgraded to a Microsoft environment entirely. Setup ODBC Connection to MySQL Database This article will not go through how to setup a MySQL or Microsoft SQL server, but make sure you have downloaded at least the MySQL ODBC Connector from here. For this article, I downloaded the MySQL ODBC Connector 5.1. The setup of this connector is pretty simple: Open your ODBC Data Source Administrator from the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools.

Press the "Test" button to ensure your connection settings are set properly and then the "OK" button when you're done. That's it! 6 Reference Manual. - Forgot that connection string? Get it here! How to Insert Values into an Identity Column in SQL Server. By Bill Graziano on 6 August 2007 | 6 Comments | Tags: Identity, INSERT Identity columns are commonly used as primary keys in database tables.

How to Insert Values into an Identity Column in SQL Server

Best approach to remove time part of datetime in SQL Server. ADO Connection Strings. Overview Generally, one of the first steps when you are trying to work with databases is open it.

ADO Connection Strings

You can find several types of those, and each have a different mode of connection. When you try to connect with your database sometimes, you don't know the correct connection string that you must use. It is for that I wrote this article. I wanted to compile the connection strings to the majority of known databases... ODBC DSN Less Connection ODBC Driver for dBASE strConnection = _T("Driver={Microsoft dBASE Driver (*.dbf)};DriverID=277;" "Dbq=c:\\DatabasePath;"); Note: You must specify the filename in the SQL statement...

CString strQuery = _T("Select Name, Address From Clients.dbf"); Caché - World's fastest high performance object database. - Entity Framework v2 doesn't support sql 2000. AppendText Method. Public static StreamWriter AppendText( string path ) Parameters path Type: System.String The path to the file to append to.

AppendText Method

Return Value Type: System.IO.StreamWriterA stream writer that appends UTF-8 encoded text to the specified file or to a new file. The path parameter is not case-sensitive. Database Design - Introduction. Also available on color tutorial, demo application, and video; for Web accessibility resources and consulting, please see The Enabled Web.

Database Design - Introduction

This third edition of dbDesign is a general update, both to meet legal requirements for U.S. “Section 508” accessibility and to bring the code into compliance with the latest World Wide Web Consortium standards. In the process, I've tried to make the SQL examples as generic as possible, although you will still have to consult the documentation for your own database system. Graphics no longer require the SVG plugin; large-image and text-only views of each graphic are provided for all readers; the menu is now arranged by topic areas; and the print version (minus left-side navigation) is done automatically by a style sheet. The second edition was largely motivated by the very helpful comments of Prof. The original site was the outgrowth of a previous book project, Practical Relational Database Design, by Wayne Dick and Tom Jewett.

Uniqueidentifier vs. IDENTITY. Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 minutes. What is a Lambda Expression?

Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 minutes

A lambda expression is an anonymous function and it is mostly used to create delegates in LINQ. Simply put, it's a method without a declaration, i.e., access modifier, return value declaration, and name. Why do we need lambda expressions? Using Entity Framework 4 with SQL Server 2000 Databases. The Visual Studio 2010 IDE does not support connecting to SQL Server 2000, including not allowing connections from the ADO.NET Entity Framework designer.

Using Entity Framework 4 with SQL Server 2000 Databases

However, the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 runtime continues to offer support for running with SQL Server 2000 databases. Sql - Is there common street addresses database design for all addresses of the world. Internationalization - What is the "best" way to store international addresses in a database. Query to Display Foreign Key Relationships and Name of the Constraint for Each Table in Database « Journey to SQLAuthority. Foreign Keys between databases - Microsoft SQL Server answers. Filtering SQL Server Columns Using Column Level Permissions. Problem I have a table where some of the columns should not be queryable by all users.

Filtering SQL Server Columns Using Column Level Permissions

How can I filter the data appropriately so that not everyone can select the data? Best practices for storing postal addresses in a database (RDBMS) Alter Schema – Move object to another schema.

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