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5 Foods that will Help Prevent Tooth Decay. Tooth decay is a natural part of aging, and something we will all face as we get older.

5 Foods that will Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Yet just because our teeth are prone to natural wear and tear, doesn’t mean you can’t prevent the rate of decay. In fact, with the right diet and food choices, it is possible to prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy and strong. Learning to recognise the good from the bad Everyone knows eating too many sugary foods – sweets, biscuits and chocolate – can accelerate the rate of erosion on your teeth. Reputed to partner with the plaque in your mouth to weaken enamel; every time you eat something sugary, your teeth are left under siege for 20 minutes. 20 minutes, that if experienced multiple times a day on a daily basis can do lasting damage.

However, sugar is not alone… There are, in fact, many other common foods that despite their appearances aren’t always good for your teeth. Food that will Help Prevent Tooth Decay Foods to watch out for. 8 Tips to take care of your mouth after a wisdom tooth extraction. A wisdom tooth extraction is never a pleasant experience – all that tension in waiting for an appointment, then the injections and extraction itself can make anyone nervous.

8 Tips to take care of your mouth after a wisdom tooth extraction

However the pain usually felt in toothache before the extraction can be worse than the removal itself – and with some good aftercare, you can get back into the swing of things in no time. #1. After the tooth is extracted the area will be covered by a gauze pad to staunch the bleeding. This can be removed after about 30 minutes; biting down can speed up the process. #2. . #3. . #4. . #5. Effect of Sugar on Teeth and How to Prevent It. It seems as though sugar is demonised at every turn nowadays.

Effect of Sugar on Teeth and How to Prevent It

Whether it’s the weight gain it causes or the negative impact it has on a child’s mood – it’s hard not to avoid it. The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups - Bhandal Dental Practice. The usual length of time for each dental check-up is every 6 months but some people may need to have more frequent checks and others less, depending on what their general oral health situation is.

The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups - Bhandal Dental Practice

Facts about the Oral Hygiene - Bhandal Dental Practice. Bhandal Dental Practice brings you the infographic that explains the importance of regular dental care.

Facts about the Oral Hygiene - Bhandal Dental Practice

The following infographic explains in detail about the importance of regular dental checkups, types of toothbrushes and toothpaste to use along with other oral care information. A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry. A dentist’s job isn’t just to improve your oral health and treat any problem teeth; they can also help to improve your appearance.

A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a big part of your look and for many people, they feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. This might be because their teeth are stained, crooked or certain teeth are missing. Get Your Smile: What Options Are Available For People With Severe Dental Phobia? If you have an extreme phobia of visiting the dentist then you’re not alone.

Get Your Smile: What Options Are Available For People With Severe Dental Phobia?

Many people avoid visiting their dentist and as a result they suffer from problems such as dental pain, abscesses and damaged teeth. For people such as this, there is a solution in the form of dental oral sedation. By using one of the many drugs available to help patients deal with anxiety, dentists can do their work whilst the patient is completely relaxed. A common reason for the use of oral sedation is for people who are adverse to needles.

Because the medications are administered orally, there’s no need for injection. When you are tense and anxious, particularly when you’re anticipating pain, it puts your body in “fight or flight” mode and therefore makes you very sensitive to every sensation and noise. Teeth Whitening – What are your Options? In this day and age, looks seem to be more important than ever.

Teeth Whitening – What are your Options?

This is evidenced by the fact that the health and beauty industry is worth billions each year. One of the most common things that people want to change about the appearance is the colour of their teeth, particularly when there is excessive staining. With so many celebrities sporting perfectly white smiles, this of course has an impact on the overall culture and makes a lot of people feel self-conscious if they have stained teeth. Yellowing of teeth is down to a combination of the natural aging process, genetics, diet as well as factors such as smoking. Dental Procedures available on the NHS - Bhandal Dental Practice. Any dental treatment that is deemed clinically necessary by your dentist to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free from pain is available on the NHS.

Dental Procedures available on the NHS - Bhandal Dental Practice

This includes: DenturesCrownsBridgesRoot canal treatmentScale and polish (provided by the dental hygienist)Fillings (including white fillings)Wisdom teethDental abscessesOrthodontic treatment for people under the age of 18. What you should do in a dental emergency - Bhandal Dental Practice. Dental emergencies can happen anytime and sometimes for the most innocuous reasons.

What you should do in a dental emergency - Bhandal Dental Practice

You may be eating a meal, doing some exercise or participating in a seemingly harmless activity and then an accident happens. Questions to ask your Dental Implant Specialist. Fear of the Dentist. Many people have a fear of seeing the dentist. Whether this is as a result of a fear of needles or sharp instruments (known as belonephobia), trauma caused as a result of a prior dental experience or a general feeling of apprehension such fear can mean that patients put off seeking help when they have experience problems. In turn this can have serious consequences for your oral health, and can mean that more invasive and aggressive treatment is required. With so many people suffering from these feelings of apprehension you would think that something could be done to make the experience less of an ordeal. Well, something has been done. Do You Need Help Locating Pediatric Dental Specialists?

I need a Good Root Canal Specialist. 5 Great Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Have Dental Implant. Undoubtedly, a tooth loss can make a huge negative impact in your daily life – the way you eat, the things you eat, and even your aesthetics as well. There are stories where a tooth loss has made a significant impact on the self-esteem of the individuals. However, to your fortunate, the advancement in the dental world, technology has come to your rescue for your lost tooth. Yes, you heard me right. Top 10 Tips for Parents to Help Their Children Get Rid of Dental Fears. Does your child get nervous or scared when you take him to the dentist? Well, dentist are like child’s best friends; they are like a cousin of Santa Claus with tooth fairy! Yet, if your child suffers from some anxiety while going for a visit to the dental clinic, the following 10 tips suggested by the experts of the niche will help you to take out all dental fears from your children’s minds.

Dental Anxiety is so typical sometimes Yes, dental stress and anxiety are quite common, particularly when it is about children as they are more afraid of some unknown place or new experience. Though you, as a parent, don’t need to let the fear enter into you, instead simply stay cool and calm. Don’t spread any negative about dentists that you don’t know whether true. Get Your Smile: Teeth whitening – A perfectly safe way to a dazzling smile. There is a common concern amongst many individuals across the globe related to discolored or stained teeth. This factor becomes quite frustrating every time the concerned person smiles. However, this is not something dreadful and definitely has a solution.

Whatever your budgetary concerns may be, or however tight your work schedule is, the only thing needed to be done is finding a good dentist.