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Getting The Best Mobile Phones Outright

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Buy Mobile Phones, Cameras & Accessories - Personal Digital. 10 best mobile phones in the world today. Update: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have entered our list of the best phones in the world right now - but where have they placed?

10 best mobile phones in the world today

Read on to find out! Thinking of buying a new phone? We've got the best smartphones of the moment all listed here - and we've got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus reviews hot off the presses which means both are now eligible for entry into our best phones list. But have they made the grade? Here's the ranking we've spent hours whittling down to a top ten. (If the price is too high, check out our list of the best cheap handsets that won't cost you more than £200). Best smartphone For those in a rush, here you go: the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone in the world. A new stunning design, amazing screen and great camera combined make it for the best phone you can buy right now. Already know your favourite operating system? 10. The best Sony has ever made Impressive camera improvements Premium look and feel Only full HD screen. Contract Phones Versus Outright Purchase: Which Is Best For You? Best Smartphone 2014 - Top-Rated Cell Phones - Laptop Mag.

We use smartphones to check email and Facebook, take pictures, surf the Web, play games and a whole lot more.

Best Smartphone 2014 - Top-Rated Cell Phones - Laptop Mag

But how do you choose the best smartphone for you? The iPhone continues to offer the most intuitive interface and tends to get the hottest apps first. Android smartphones, however, offer larger screens, more features and more customization options. Windows Phones are ideal great for both smartphone newbies and photographers (see Nokia's Lumia line). At LAPTOP, we review dozens and dozens of smartphones per year based on design, features, performance and value to help you make the right choice. Find the Best Smartphone for You By Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief — Last Updated: April 14, 2014 Best Overall Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S5 The Galaxy S5 has its share of exciting new features, including a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor that works with an improved S Health app. Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Best Smartphone Design and Sound: HTC One M8 HTC One M8 Review.

Choosing your perfect phone - How to buy the best mobile phone - Mobile phone reviews - Phones. When it comes to buying the best mobile phone, there's a huge range of options to choose from.

Choosing your perfect phone - How to buy the best mobile phone - Mobile phone reviews - Phones

Our free guide will help you understand these options, focus on the ones important to you, and ultimately choose the best mobile phone. We test mobile phones in every category so you can find the perfect one for you. Take a look at our phone reviews to see the most recent models rated and reviewed by the Which? Experts. Read our expert reviews with a trial to Which? What type of mobile phone do I need? Much of your decision will depend on how you plan to use your mobile phone. Basic, cheap phones If you want a mobile mainly to make phone calls or send text messages, then there's little point in paying extra for features such as fast 3G internet access, video cameras and GPS maps that you won't use. Basic mobile phones range in price – anywhere from as little as £10 up to £60.

Best 4G phones 2014: 10 to choose from. The UK saw its first, belated, 4G network appear for use in late 2012 thanks to EE, which managed to wangle approval from regulator Ofcom to launch an LTE service before the other main providers.

Best 4G phones 2014: 10 to choose from

But since then Vodafone and O2 have launched their new high-speed 4G networks andThree has joined the party in rolling out a 4G network, so your smartphone now gives you quicker uploads and downloads than your home broadband, thanks to these new mobile networks. The downside is that if you haven't upgraded your phone recently you'll probably need a new one to take advantage of these faster connections, as many older mobiles don't have the necessary connectivity to hook into the frequencies used by networks to thrust 4G into your hands. Already got a 4G-ready phone? Find out which is the best 4G network But if you have decided to upgrade, the good news is networks are falling over themselves to offer you a wealth of 4G-enabled handsets these days.

iPhone 5S iPhone 5S review | Compare iPhone 5S deals. Best smartphones: the ten best mobiles. Confused? Let Us Find Your 5 Best Cell Phones. Choosing the best cell phone or smartphone is a complex process, because there are so many different factors to consider.

Confused? Let Us Find Your 5 Best Cell Phones

But you don't have to do it by yourself. Simply answer the following questions about size, battery life, price, Internet access and other features. This tool will return a personalized list of the five cell phones or smartphones that best match your requirements. You'll also be able to narrow your results to U.S. or Canadian phones or to the phones of a specific carrier, such as Verizon or Sprint. It's easier and much more fun than doing your own research. (Note: This quiz was last updated in July 2009, and results include the iPhone 3GS.) Start now with the first question: Question #1: What cell phone size do you prefer?

A) Small. . * Clicking a choice above will bring you to the next question. More Cell Phones Quick Tips.